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    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I picked mine up off Ebay built and it has Associated B4 48P spur on it. I can't tell if center hole is reamed slightly or not, almost looks like it is not but it works fine. Using stock Astute slipper metal parts and the AE slipper pads. Have run it a bunch bashing around with 13.5T no issues.
  2. RCvet

    Vintage 4wd racing

    First car I ever won a trophy with was a YZ10, I recall as a kid with low budget and not the best batteries always struggling to finish a race in 4wd, matter of fact that race they had dumped on the last lap and I came across the finish line like a snail but just made it for the B main win. I never had any issues with my YZ and it was a great car. First car I ever put on a track was a Turbo Optima Mid Se. I really liked this car and the track I raced it on was tiny by today's standards and it was great. I recall servicing of this car to be more complicated having to tear apart a lot more to get to various components. All in all, battery time in 4wd was always my biggest issue then, not the car. I raced a Topcat around this time as well and it had it's share of issues but battery time I was OK. Did not have experience with Tamiya back in day, looking at my current top force I can see how it would be more fragile than either of the previous mentioned buggies but also a contender. Now on today's mega jump tracks all of them would get destroyed which I hate.
  3. RCvet

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Give in to the temptation!
  4. RCvet

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Please add a garden train to complete this utopia.
  5. RCvet

    What do collectors prefer?

    How about 2.5. I used to do the beater resotrations and end up with way more in them than if I just bought a clean one to begin with. Whether it a runner or not just seems the case for me. Or maybe I am just getting lazy in my old age, yeah that's it.
  6. RCvet

    TA-01 Turning Yellow

    I'm tuned in.....
  7. RCvet

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Best RC video ever! So as not to turn the Super Astute thread into an old guy rant about proper offroad racing, I'll just say I agree with the others. TIred of mega jumps, traction rolling on overly sticky, well I failed not ranting
  8. RCvet

    Anyone race at Worksop Schumacher Indoor Cup?

    I struggle to drive mid engine cars as well. That said my local is black carpet and if you want to be fast rear engine has become very tough. I was never very competitive to begin with. I liked when they had astro turf, it was a bit more forgiving. Black carpet has basically made me feel like I need on road touring car precision which I simply do not have. Oh well.
  9. Are you going to run it?
  10. RCvet

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Awesome, 1st car I ever raced on track was a Turbo Optima mid Se, but close enough. Gold shock availaiblity is awesome.
  11. RCvet

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    Of course, it's just the pool of people get smaller.
  12. I am sure this has been discussed but I cannot find, anyone know the process or person / persons who came up with all the classic driver names? Vanessa, Ramblin Ron, Jay Lynch, etc. etc.
  13. RCvet

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    I doubt it, it's always about your own childhood. 30 years from now a 45 yr. old is 15 now and into whatever the current car is, he/she could care less about 1980-1990. No different than I treasure real car's of the 80's and think it crazy what people paid for cars of the 60's and you see the shift in the market. The 60's muscle cars guys are frankly getting really old and dying off and cars of the 80's and 90's are now going up. My dad looks at a Sierra Cosworth and does not get it the same way I look at a 1967 Camaro (his dream) and do not get it. Always been the case.
  14. RCvet

    Driver Name Origins?

    It does not answer the question per se about the mysterious inner workings of Tamiya business decisions and where the names came from. Some of the ones like Ivan Stewart that were real people of course but the fictional ones? Who were they, was it a committee that came up with them, was it a secret seal team?
  15. Looking for these two chassis stays part of the metal parts bag. Two missing posts that go here between the two chassis plates. PM me if you have.
  16. That was easy, thank you Naushad.
  17. I sent you a PM, thanks.
  18. RCvet

    Driver Name Origins?

    Funny stuff.
  19. RCvet

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    I hear ya, I just think it is often difficult to establish true value. We are a dedicated bunch but relatively small by comparison to other collectibles I think. Or let's say the stars align and I decide to give some guy $1000 for a NIB whatever because I want it then and there. And some guy comes along and says I overpaid or the seller is dishonest. I might feel at the time it was the right move and be OK. Exposing dishonest people is a great idea but deciding value for someone else is difficult at best. I may think the Dynastorm is the end all be all and will pay anything for one and another guy has zero attachment to it and thinks it is worthless. Whose right? Me of course
  20. RCvet

    New red edition Lunchbox on the way 47402

    I want an MS spec race version
  21. RCvet

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    Lie or not I am not sure why he would even think that would add value. Presumably every NIB original kit was bought by someone new. Unless you are a famous RC persona or driver who cares.
  22. RCvet

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    Another forum focused on vintage RC10's has a long standing policy of not asking "what is this worth". It is enforced and I like it. Like all things, ask the price you want, if someone pays it that was the value at that moment in time.
  23. RCvet

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Finished my TT02 RR for upcoming TCS race. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133154&id=50253
  24. I did the Maisto body on an M04L. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133104&id=50253
  25. RCvet

    Wild One shock upgrade

    Yes, and I am that guy helped!