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  1. My own personal Holy Grail - an original SWB M38 box, have been after one for a couple of years now, and another SS from the same vendor to complete my box-to-car collection:
  2. A new addition to my small collection linked above is this purposeful 205 GTI, bought to compete next year (hopefully..) in local Targa Rallies. I've been marshalling targas ever since I started competing in the autusolos in my white 205 and always thought it looked like a whole lotta fun, but my white one is way too nice/low for mixed surfaces. So, this 'previously enjoyed', built for purpose car is much more suitable and I won't be crying if it gets more bumps and bruises. Which it will.. Here's hoping local motorsport can return to a bit of normality next year..!
  3. You had a GN at high school?! Amazing - looks in great condition too. All stock..?
  4. Shameless plug for my leftovers - happy bidding !! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284049674411
  5. Wait, what, no! And some idiots in the UK pay to bring that stuff over here!
  6. Shall we leave it there and call it Patina..?
  7. Thanks! @jonboy1 did it for me before shipping, so I'll let him comment on the specifics
  8. JJ - your pic above was actually the 'before' shot; we decided to do exactly as you described to finish it off perfectly:
  9. @jonboy1 I think the original owner ran out of stickers before he could cover up the abominable paintwork.. Chassis looks amazing of course and come on, admit it, you must have giggled like a schoolgirl at the prospect of turning that sow's nostril into a thing of beauty. @ruebiracer good spot, but that's another SS not mine, so I wait JJ's screams of indignation / tears of frustration..
  10. Gathered the troops in preparation for moving them to my new house. Transmitters and boxes out of view. No idea where they're going to end up yet, but have got a shelf in mind for temporary storage!
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