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  1. Phase 1 of the collection complete
  2. barneys66

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    A thousand apologies, especially to @jonboy1, for the time taken to conclude this thread. My WW is home and sat proudly in place in my small collection of childhood dream cars. JJ has done an amazing job on this - part of me wishes I'd had the car delivered to me first, and not straight to him, so I could have seen how bad it was in the flesh. Suffice to say I'm overjoyed at how it came out - we had lots of back and forth on paint finishes, decals, Willy, etc, etc, and it's turned out exactly as I wanted. John has the patience of a Saint, and nothing is too much trouble - I have a feeling he'll have a hand in any future cars I decide to get. If you want any work done on yours I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks JJ. Forgive the rubbish pics (check this thread for the details), but here it is:
  3. barneys66

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Now you come to mention it, it would look good in metalflake stars and stripes.. ..with a shiny winch.
  4. barneys66

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    I'll get you back JJ.. But for now, OMF'ingG - looks frickin amazing !!
  5. barneys66

    Wanted - M38 Wild Willy SWB

    HI - thanks for your message but I've since found one, and you can see it being restored here by @jonboy1
  6. Popped up late Thursday - a dust loft find, boxed, unbuilt LWB M38 for £300; I'd had a crappy day at work so couldn't be bothered to drive over and see it, so didn't enquire. Seemed pretty genuine on face value, declaring a slightly damaged box, but there were no pics other than a stock library one, so I didn't feel comfortable paying over the phone. Hope yours comes good.
  7. Wasn't an M38 WW in Ipswich was it..?
  8. barneys66

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Hey @jonboy1 - superb update, thanks..! Dropped you a pm, but will be black harnesses for me please.
  9. So, this happened..! Not vintage, but far too nice to pass up and can be used and mildly abused without breaking into a sweat. Amazing deal and detailing courtesy of @jonboy1, who is an absolute gent. So much so he's going to be doing me a custom paint job on another body to replicate my Econoline! I have some chrome wheels and tyres ready to complete the tribute. Not only that, but he's also going to be restoring this M38 shorty acquired from Germany.. ..more of which you can see here: Excited is an understatement !!
  10. barneys66

    Advent Calendar - (slowly) build an RC!

    Not wanting to spam this thread daily; here's a quick catch-up: 2nd was a screwdriver and some screws.. 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th
  11. barneys66

    SWB Wild Willy Resto for barney66

    Hey Jon - certainly didn't expect this !! Great work thanks, and appreciate you doing it whilst at Death's door . Junk the decals if you think that's best - I can happily live with repops and I'm sure it'll mean a better overall finish as you say. Brushed metal definitely the way to go Get well soon.
  12. barneys66

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    What a lucky chap..!
  13. barneys66

    What cars do you all drive?

    Yep, that's delicious - keep us posted on the rolling resto!