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  1. I likes pictures I do. That hide means a lot to me - I hunted, wrestled, married, ate, wore and slept on that thing whilst backpacking through Norwich. Tough times. Is it finished yet JJ..?
  2. I have bribed you with vintage Tamiya stuff, disposed of the body and taken 'that' video off You Tube - what more do you want ?!?! Hurry up and get started before I buy something else (in need of restoration..)
  3. Thanks! Make it so - will be pleased to hear what you think of this one as the resto progresses, to see if it invokes those childhood memories You know it !!
  4. Thanks so much for this! I couldn't see anything obvious embossed, but it has lead a hard life (as have I, so my peepers may not be up to the job) - would it be visible whilst fitted..? I must admit to being a box art fan, so (cover your eyes) it might (might) end up with a tubular bumper guard.. Must admit I feel a bit out of my depth when it comes to 'concourse' correct restos, especially with these, but then I've not done any research. Found out a few bits about my M38 that helped, but only once the resto was underway - the correct orientation body clips for example. I'm sure he's reading this, though he's probably already fully conversant with the model(s), but @jonboy1 may well be in touch for any peculiarities! Again, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks - yes will be keeping them original. I'm a bit of a stickler for that on my 1:1 cars too, wherever I can. Do you mean the HS2 bumper that's in the box, as that's got a split in it but seems to be the same as the one on the car? Appreciate the tip on the boxes too, and agree on the Techniplus - nice job there! I like to display my cars along with a period controller - all part of the fun I think.
  6. And as for the up-sell.. The guy who sold me the HS2 had a nice collection he was downsizing, and even though this model was never on my wish list he made me an offer that was too good to pass up. These will go into the bottom of the cupboard for a while, but once I've got some spare cash to chuck at @jonboy1 then the SS will be restored to box art spec, and the Ranger just given a clean up as the body is wonderfully original. Both chassis will be given a full, sympathetic resto.
  7. I take it you guys have both got one (or more) of those now..? It's also the details that got me - I remember my uncle's 205 had thin indicator / wiper stalks, so when I bought mine it had to have them too (the early, Phase 1 model). Same with the M38 - I remember the the circular bracket of the SWB, and so it had to be
  8. Ha! Thanks @Baddon, but in truth I'm a thrifty old miser and will wait for months until, as you say, the right bargain turns up and then pounce. The collection still needs a Hornet, then the had / lust list from my childhood will be complete.. That said, the guy who I bought the HS2 off has managed to up-sell me, but more details on that later..!! Hey @Hibernaculum, thanks; the Lunchie is a rere, as it will probably be the one I use without fear, and the MB shows its age nicely up close. You're spot on - it was a neighbour (Nathan Crips, where are you now) who had a WW when I was seven or eight, and I remember being insanely jealous of it..! Funny how memories like that stay with you, bit like with my Uncle who had a new 205 GTi when they first came out, and I had to get myself one of those thirty years later too! The HS2 for some reason was painted on the outside, so it'll be great to see that stripped and refurbished - I'll be sure to post up the pics here once done, and / or hopefully @jonboy1 will run another resto thread as he did with Willy.
  9. New arrival alert !! Found on Gumtree complete with original box, radio gear, new set of tyres, numerous spare wheels, etc, etc. Shabby but with zero signs of damage, I've sent out the Bat Signal to @jonboy1, to book me in for what should hopefully be a simple resto and repaint. Compared to Willy at least. Going to need a bigger shelf..
  10. You're not wrong - not tried an iPad but it's a constant frustration not being able to use my android phone..
  11. Hey Bod - firstly you can't do it from your phone (App or otherwise), the Share symbol only comes up on a PC
  12. A thousand apologies, especially to @jonboy1, for the time taken to conclude this thread. My WW is home and sat proudly in place in my small collection of childhood dream cars. JJ has done an amazing job on this - part of me wishes I'd had the car delivered to me first, and not straight to him, so I could have seen how bad it was in the flesh. Suffice to say I'm overjoyed at how it came out - we had lots of back and forth on paint finishes, decals, Willy, etc, etc, and it's turned out exactly as I wanted. John has the patience of a Saint, and nothing is too much trouble - I have a feeling he'll have a hand in any future cars I decide to get. If you want any work done on yours I can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks JJ. Forgive the rubbish pics (check this thread for the details), but here it is:
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