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  1. Vintage for me, but then I don't run mine much so they're more part of the 'display' (currently a bit crowded but plan on a cabinet when I move..)
  2. That's very generous of you, thanks so much !! I'll pm you my address
  3. Hey GP - it's not an exact match but can you confirm the dimensions are roughly 135 x 65mm, if so it might work so can you pm me a delivered price please Cheers
  4. GP I think you're right - many thanks for digging these out, I'll check asap and confirm back..! Thanks also for the aerials but I'm now sorted there, but the RHS cover is definitely of interest. Cheers
  5. Evening all - can anyone help with either or both of these, as I have a couple of transmitters in need: Battery cover for Acoms AP-227 Mk3 - holds eight batteries, approx 135 x 65mm Antenna for Acoms AP-227 Mk2 - approx 9mm wide first section, female thread Many thanks
  6. Just to bring these into the thread, the HS2 is finished - from this.. ..to this
  7. Wubble. Gumph. Kyuk. JJ you rock. The wheels worked tying in the body colour in my noggin, but admit they might be a garish in real life - might have to tone them down a touch; perhaps a more pastel, matt colour, or leave them for running after dark when unlikely to cause offence Can't wait to get this one back (and an SRB back to JJ..)
  8. Too late @jonboy1..!! Just had to get one of these, as it's the car I had as a kid whilst I lusted after all the other ones. Not sure I'll send it to JJ for resto, or just run / tinker / fix / run, just like I did back in the day Photo from the eBay listing, as there's no room for it on display just yet..
  9. Nice job! I have one coming too..
  10. Ahem, and the Hotshot II, Wild Willy head, F150 Ranger, Sand Scorcher and custom Econoline Lunch Box body..
  11. I likes pictures I do. That hide means a lot to me - I hunted, wrestled, married, ate, wore and slept on that thing whilst backpacking through Norwich. Tough times. Is it finished yet JJ..?
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