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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone I was starting to think the pinion mesh might be wrong so I'm going to double check that after work today
  2. Hey everyone I just finished building a rerelease Big Wig (never had the opportunity to own an original) and the first time I got to run it off road I have a loud popping/clicking noise under acceleration, it seems to be coming from the rear end. I haven't had a chance to investigate any further but it sounds exactly like a clicking differential on an ORV chassis. Are the Big Wig diffs weak? Did I build it wrong? Apart from that it seems to run great. I saw MIP makes a ball diff kit for the Hot Shot/Big Wig but its $175! That's almost as much as the kit itself. Does anyone have experience with this or MIP diffs?? Thanks in advance!
  3. As the title implies I wanna see all the Bullheads out there. I'm about to build one and I'm considering Tamiyacolor TS-84 Metalic Gold. I think a gold Bullhead would be pretty sweet. But I wanna see your Bullhead, stock, modified, and shape any color!
  4. Thanks for the info! That's kind of what I was thinking, the conservative gearing on the Clod puts less stress on the motors. I think I'm going to pick up a soft case 3s and give it a shot.
  5. I was thinking about using a Hobbywing 860 because it's set up for dual brushed motors and trying to fit a 3s pack somehow
  6. I'm about to build a Clodbuster for the first time, however I want to use the stock motors. From what I've seen Clodbusters running on 7.2 nimh are incredibly slow. I'm not looking for crazy speed but I don't want it to bore me to death. I've seen Clodbusters using the stock motors and 3s lipo and they are pretty impressive! (Obviously using a lipo compatible ESC) But I have been told that running the stock motor with 11v power will ruin them quickly. Can someone speak up for 3s power in a stock Clod? Do the motors hold up? Will a 3s pack fit without modification?
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