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  1. Thanks Juggular. That was it. I cannot believe that I missed that. I didnt't notice the difference in the bevel gears. I need to pay attention more! Thanks again
  2. Rebuilding the fox and have a problem. I Broke it down , ultrasonic cleaned all parts, bolts, and everything. Looks great. Finished assembling and the diff works smooth but when I try to roll car or turn wheels together it is not budging. I noticed the counter gear seems to have been rubbing against gear box cover. There is a slight groove in plastic on inside of cover where it has done this. When I loosen gear box assembly screws it moves a little. I have built many rc cars but this one issue has me stumped. It is all original except I installed ball bearings. Can anyone help with this? I have taken gear box apart 5-6 times and always same result. It does it without motor installed also.I ghave to be missing some small detail. My manual is in Japanese so the pics are all I have. I've done quite a few as I've said so I am baffled. Thanks guys
  3. Looking for vintage complete manuals for brat mk1, fox, and rough rider. Looking for the boxes also. Anyone have any of these items to sell? thank you
  4. I just got bought the vintage front end parts. I guess I'll have to look into fighting buggy rear end. I only see the bumpers around. I assume rcchannel rear end should work.
  5. Have a bunch of parts to make a rest mod out of a SC that is a pile of pieces. As I am tying to find vintage rear spring /damper arms for my "correct" SC I am thinking of taking the "pile" of an SC and building a rest-mod. Can I use the rear damper arms from rc channel on an original? Would definitely use for the rest mod SC and just as a temporary fix on the correct original SC. Also, will I still use the zip ties if I am using the rc channel arms on both? I am just wondering as the fighting buggy does not. I am confused as what in the rear suspension geometry is different that would not require the zip ties. 1. For the rest mod I have the following ideas(feel free to add anything I might be missing or would improve it: 2. Aluminum chassis/upper plate(had these given to me by a buddy) 3. New tires/wheels(have a bunch of sets already) 4. Custom steering rods ?(have a bunch already) 5. Ball diff( I have but might not use it) 6. Bearings(have tons) 7. New here body set(need to get) 8. Pipe clamps instead of ties for rear cage(need to get) 9. electronics (lots lying around) 10. Rear swing/damper arms(from rc channel or rere, will they work and will I still have to use ties if they do?) 11. New axles(need to get, from rere, will they work? ?) 12. Rear bumper( rc channel or bay/china, need to get) 13. NewShocks( opinions? I have some rc4wd old man emu 80mm from some scale crawler builds, or ? what is the size of the front shocks?) Any advice would help. thanks New left and right lower front arms(need to get from rere assuming they will work) Plastic or aluminum gear/motor covers, anyone have an opinion(need to get)
  6. Looking for super champ rear spring/damper arms, bumper, rear arms, plastic gear/motor covers,and any other parts you may have.would be interested in a complete super champ also. Had some great vintage buggies and parts stolen out of my car at a vintage swap/race meet. Please let me know if anything is out there. Going to try to build on an old SC parts car that I had lying around. thank you
  7. Looking for Turbo Ultima wheels and tires. Anyone looking to sell some? Thanks guys.
  8. I placed an order but cannot seem to get the payment done. Will not direct me to PayPal?
  9. Thank you guys so much. I'm looking for the only part I need now which is the elusive Super Champ post. thanks all again...If anyone sees one point me there:) Cheers LJT III
  10. Anyone have a part number for the super champ post or the fighting buggy(rere) post? These seem hard to find. Haven't found any for sale. thanks
  11. Ok Thanks, I read something about a vintage RR post in the conversion which confused me because it would have used the sand scorcher saver. So I need vintage Super Champ post or a re-re/fighting buggy post. thank you guys so much, LJT III
  12. Hi there, I have an ad looking for parts to do conversion on my re-re scorcher. I got a good bit of slop out with stiffer rods and dubro connectors. It seems that the stock servo saver hits front cross bar at full right turn and limits it. I have read about this conversion on this site so I plan on doing it. I am close but want to make sure I get every part required correct. I plan on keeping radio box so I will have to travel the body post mount "route" for the conversion. Parts I need are: 1. Vintage Sand Scorcher body post 2. Super Champ servo saver set up 3. Vintage Rough Rider body post As I understand it the vintage SS post goes right on top of vintage RR post, servo saver installed as per normal. How do the post stay together? Am I missing any part of this conversion. Thanks guys for any advise, Regards, LJT III
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