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  1. Thanks, but I found my original 480g. It was in another buggy that was forgotten.
  2. Thanks guys. It was the servo not being centered at neutral trim. I can't believe I did not check that. I assumed it was. Did a few light runs and all is good.
  3. Looking for 480G or another vintage kyosho motor thank you
  4. The antenna is all good. I wish it were easier to work on it without having the two halves to deal with. It is a pain to me to not be able to work on it like a normal chassis set up. Especially when adjusting anything with the running motor while on the bench. If you have any tips on how to make it easier I would be grateful. thank you so much
  5. BEC is being used. All the wiring is like new as are plugs. This car was all original and the car itself was run once or twice from the looks of it. I did check servo horn, that is fine as well. A servo with stripped gears; I never thought of that and I will check that out. To be honest I forgot to check servo center issue. I hoped it would not be that off and slight trim adjustment would fix that. Did not want to disassemble it so I was hopeful it would've been fine. That could be the issue. Guess I'll strip it down again and check. thank you again
  6. Adjusted the exponential on ch 2 to negative 41 and its in neutral now. So it can work like that , but I don't have to set the others like that. Still confused. Not a fun rig to work on with the chassis in 2 pieces. Very annoying. Have mostly matched my vintage ones with their reissue counter parts. Was looking at a Nova Fox to pair with this one, but having second thoughts because of this awkward chassis set up. I'll probably do it anyway
  7. Correct, I run a modern receiver with the vintage msc. Yes, that is how the servo ch 2 for throttle was connected as were motor cables. It would go crazy. If I pulled throttle trigger a bit it would move msc to neutral. Tried to adjust trim of the servo but no help there. The msc is perfect. when I move it manually it works as it should. Wonder if I have some other issue. The switch seems to be of concern as it would turn off , but if it was on and throttle was going turning it off did not shut it off. I had to disconnect battery. Thank you Walter for helping me out. I've never had this issue with any other of my vintage rigs.
  8. Seem to have an issue with the throttle. I have 20 plus vintage cars I have restored. Most have all original electronics and MSC. What I do, so I can take them on light runs, is I leave all the electronics in the cars and use a modern radio(fly sky). I just put in the new receiver which is tiny and it always has worked perfectly while allowing the car to be all correct. Now to the issue. Plugged it all in and throttle goes wild. Steering is fine. I even switched the channel and both servos work fine. Played with all ch. 2 trim adjustments but no resolve. I can half throttle to stop the motor but when I let up it screams. I realize it does not matter that it is a Fox, but is a pain because of the way you disassemble the chassis to access electronics. Maybe I should take out pinion. Was hard to stop it and disconnect batter when it was going wild, wide open. Whats funny is I set spa and end point and thought I had it, but no. When switch is on it does it, and also when off. Any ideas? thank you
  9. Looking for super champ rear bumper (and also swing arms). thank you
  10. Have the one on the truck but was broken when I received it. Can't seem to find a fix. It is for display only, but would still like to find one. Thank you
  11. Thanks Juggular. That was it. I cannot believe that I missed that. I didnt't notice the difference in the bevel gears. I need to pay attention more! Thanks again
  12. Rebuilding the fox and have a problem. I Broke it down , ultrasonic cleaned all parts, bolts, and everything. Looks great. Finished assembling and the diff works smooth but when I try to roll car or turn wheels together it is not budging. I noticed the counter gear seems to have been rubbing against gear box cover. There is a slight groove in plastic on inside of cover where it has done this. When I loosen gear box assembly screws it moves a little. I have built many rc cars but this one issue has me stumped. It is all original except I installed ball bearings. Can anyone help with this? I have taken gear box apart 5-6 times and always same result. It does it without motor installed also.I ghave to be missing some small detail. My manual is in Japanese so the pics are all I have. I've done quite a few as I've said so I am baffled. Thanks guys
  13. Looking for vintage complete manuals for brat mk1, fox, and rough rider. Looking for the boxes also. Anyone have any of these items to sell? thank you
  14. I just got bought the vintage front end parts. I guess I'll have to look into fighting buggy rear end. I only see the bumpers around. I assume rcchannel rear end should work.
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