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  1. They are sweet packs. If you shop around, they are usually a bit less sometimes. I think I paid like 35 Euro for mine. As for overcharging? Nah. As long as your charger is properly set up, it's quite safe. What you can also do, is run them as a regular LiPO rather than a LiHV. That means you get virtually the same performance as regular LiPO packs, but in a pack that only takes about an 85% charge to reach that level. That means they will last a very long time when only charged to 4.2 volts per cell rather than 4.35 as is the case with LiHV packs normally. This also means they are virtually impossible to damage during charging. I have had my packs for almost two years now, and they perform flawlessly - and I run them in LiHV mode. They are worth every penny in my book.
  2. Yup, that's often the case. I run these in anything that needs a stickpack. Awesome packs.
  3. DK308

    Slash 4x4 heat on 3s.

    Don't bother. I think Castle is the most overrated brand in RC electronics. At any rate, there's nothing to gain over the TP Power motor. Here's why. TP Power makes a much better motor of a higher quality - and that "little" 3630 is quite a bit more powerful than the Castle 1415 motor. As we say in the RC boat racing community. TP Power is the best kept secret in the RC world. Comparatively the TP and Castle motor are priced about the same. The prices on the TP site is in Euro and in Europe, so no additional VAT or fees. Stick with the Hobbywing ESC. I've yet to see a Hobbywing ESC go up in flames, but I've seen a few Castle ESC's do it. If you want to drop the KV I'd choose the TP Power 3640 6D. When ordering a TP motor for this application, remember to add the flat spot on the shaft.
  4. DK308

    Slash 4x4 heat on 3s.

    If this is the case, it sounds like you also need a better ESC. If you want to set it up for 3S and run it hard like an 1:8 scale, I'd do the following. Hobbywing EzRun Max 8 or Quicrun 8BL150 esc. TP Power 4030 6D motor. You can also step it down a notch, and go with the following. TP Power 3630 6D Hobbywing EzRun Max10 120 SCT esc Don't let the small size of the TP 3630 motor fool you. It's almost as powerful as a Leopard 4074 motor. If your ESC has gotten hot enough to melt the plastic, you will not change anything by just installing a larger motor with lower KV. It will still draw the amps as the motor is more powerful, which in turn means that the ESC gets too hot.
  5. DK308

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    It's Japanese. It needs Hello Kitty stickers.
  6. I have used a bunch of these in the past, and sometimes still do. They perform well and take a charge nicely.
  7. DK308

    What 2s lipo fits egress/avante?

    The pack i refer to is actually a tiny bit shorter and not wider nor taller than any of my old NiCd or NiMh packs.
  8. DK308

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Well, it's actually between gold and pink. I was thinking to make ti flip between gold and orange.
  9. In that case, I'd go with this in a 6D. ESC
  10. DK308

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Cool. Any thoughts on what PS-47 on PS-42 would look like?
  11. DK308

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Are you talking about using the flipflops and ano paints behind translucent colours?
  12. DK308

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    I saw a candy red bullhead years ago with monochromatic flames. Basically flames done in silver, grey and black. It looked absolutely amazing.
  13. DK308

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    It's basically just sparkling metal flakes in a clear paint.
  14. DK308

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Thank you. That's the kind of info I needed. I guess it's a no-go. I would think that the effect of the flakes would be ruined as the ano paint will obscure the flakes. I used lame flakes with clear red which was very cool, but that's a smooth clear surface the flakes can be seen properly through. The flip paints and the ano paints will probably make it hard to even see the flakes.