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  1. Hello I am looking to for Item 84391 one piece pulley. I am located in Canada. Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the response. Looks great with the stock red springs on them.
  3. Still looking. I will pay fairly. Not looking for a deal. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the reply's. I dont see it yet.
  5. XR311 Hornet Midnight pumpkin Mountaineer Datsun 240Z DF03 Rough rider X2 Fast attack Sonic fighter Terra conquer Street rover Sand scorcher Bruiser Avante Dyna storm Lancia 037 re-re holiday buggy Wild one Grasshopper 2 Blitzer beetle Rock buster sand rover Fox Terra scorcher Dyna blaster Max climber Ford xlt Supershot Vanquish Super hornet TR15T Toyota pick up 3 speed Boomerang Mud Blaster Castrol celica Hotshot re-re blazing blazer x2 Falcon Egress Hummer super champ Bigwig Astute King blackfoot Wild willy X2 swb Lwb Blackfoot King Cab Wild dagger audi quattro 959 Mad cap wild willy2 opel ascona Monster beetle Monster racer Juggernaut 2 Subaru brat Striker Manta ray Mad Fighter Willys wheeler Hotshot 2 Bear Hawk TXT-1 Lancia Lunchbox Super astute touareg Frog Celica grb Top force Tundra Grasshopper Clodbuster Chevy Bush devil Jeep wangler CR01 Pajero Super sabre Top force Evolution Bronco CR01 Hornet Thunder shot
  6. Hello, I have been searching on and off for a couple of days now with no luck. So now I'm just going to ask. There is a beautiful turbo optima on here that belongs to a member. Its painted perfectly with almost a burgundy coloring. I remember others where making remarks on how good the paint looks. And I believe It was said to be backed up with silver. If this is your car or know whos it is I would like to know the color used. Thank you,
  7. Blazing Blazer Lamborghini Cheetah Mammoth Dump Truck
  8. Just noticed this on Tamiyablog. But there it is. has anyone heard anything?
  9. Just saw this The re release of the USA-1 in both nitro and brushless! Although not a true re-release.
  10. I cancelled my order as well for the TFE. Very disappointing.
  11. I believe this statement to be true in my case. I too did not have the same feeling with the re-releases. I blamed the lack of blister packaging , different stickers and in some cases body tweaks. So to capture the original feeling for every re-release that I own I would hunt down as many original pieces as possible before building. 1. Original stickers. ( not repos) 2. some cases original bodies. ( blackfoot, scorcher, MB etc) 3. Original MSC ( both black and brown) 4. Drivetrain pieces to be original. And many other little bits and pieces. But all in all I could not get the same feeling as my original cars and I believe its because I am not the person as I was in the 80s. I tried to get that feeling but it just was not the same. I even went as far as hunting down original boxes as that is the only thing left to swap out for that original feeling in my mind. But just is not the same and i have spent a lot of money chasing this. So my next approach was to slowly hunt down original nib kits and sell off my re-re's. The original nib kits did help with that feeling, But now the feeling of spending so much money is there in its place as guilt.
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