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  1. Hi guys, Just found this thread, I accidentally bought some TL01 LA suspension parts that were listed as TG10R nitro parts. Pretty sure the hubs and rear uprights are the same but they are a different colour, they are grey and the nitro ones are supposed to be black. Arms and rear uprights are NIP I never bothered opening them, front hubs are loose. Was thinking about putting them up on eBay, not sure if there is a market for them. Cheers
  2. WTB TM-2 muffler. Hi all I am new here, not sure if this is how it works but here goes. I thought I would put it out there that I am looking for a new or used Tamiya 41022 TM2 muffler. Need to be able to ship to Australia. I am after this particular exhaust to complete restoration on an old TG10r. If I am unsuccesful in finding one, is anyone out there able to point me in the direction of a good alternative? Please let me know whats out there. Cheers.
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