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  1. Hiya! I know we have the 2CV, Beetle, original Mini etc available, but is there anything out there in a true Vintage style? I'm thinking pre war Bentley, Mercedes SSK, Bugatti Type 33, that kind of thing. A racing Alfa or Auto Union would be amazing too. Plenty available as slot cars or static models, but I don't remember seeing anything RC. Anything out there or are we stricly in the realm of scratch builds here? Would you buy one? I know I would. I loved the Matchbox plastic scale models of the SSKL, Bugatti and Aston Martin Ulster etc as a kid. Owning an RC version would be so much fun. Any ideas?
  2. Cheers folks, lots to think about! Potentially stupid question - I really like the look of the Kyosho Beetle and have always planned to own one 'some day'. How would this compare durability wise to the Tamiya chassis mentioned above? No skateparks or anything daft, just some mild bashing in the local park.
  3. Hiya! Looking for some advice on my next Tamiya build. I have a TT02B and M05-ra which are fine on smoother stuff, happy with those. I also have a Lunchbox, which is far, far more suited to the terrain I have locally and my favourite by far. It has a few upgrades, shocks, Sport Tuned and has a lovely balance of sillyness and speed. I don't want to overpower and ruin it. So for my next build I'd like something 2wd, decent ground clearance and tough enough to handle some light bashing with a mild brushless set up. I've considered the Blitzer Beetle, DT-03 Arquoshot & DT-02 Nissan Titan. Another option is the G6-01, which looks fun. Would these be up to the job? Anythig else you'd recommend? All suggestions extremely welcome, thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone, that's definitely steered me in the right direction. Much appreciated!
  5. Hiya! Just finished building my 2CV Rally project - lovely thing. However, as a M class newbie, I'm bit confused about which oil filled shocks would be appropriate for this kit. I've searched online but seem to be getting lots of conflicting advice as to which shocks will fit,. It won't be raced, but I'd like something decent that gives me bettter handling than the stock pogo sicks. The car is standard apart from bearings and a Sport Tuned motor - will be used on gravel paths and tarmac. Happy to go Tamiya or quality third party. Thanks in advance folks....
  6. Hiya! Halfway through my 2CV Rally build at the mo. Currently standard appart from a Sport Tuned motor and bearings. I've built it with the higher ground clearance settings, as I plan to use it on gravel. Just wondering about the benefits of tyre foams and oil filled shocks on this chassis? I have a TT02b and a Lunchie, both of which have benefitted immensely from some simple upgrades, foams and posh shocks yeilding the biggest improvements. Completely new to the M chassis so all advice welcome. Any other tips for this lovely little build much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Stay safe, Pete.
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