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  1. I just cross drilled and put a pin through the hex and the shaft.
  2. I use Savox 1251, great little servo.
  3. Looking fantastic so far
  4. Yes, I choose the Hicaps mainly for the look any childhood love for them lol.
  5. This is another project I just finished. Jamie Booth Egress replica with my own twist.
  6. For the top shaft, I just drill out the spline in the internal ally hex and drill and then machine the outer part of the shaft to take a HPI RS4 spur adapter or slipper, it's a very easy and effective mod. here's a couple of pics of the Dyna Blaster mid and the storm.
  7. You're build is coming along nicely. I built a Dyna Storm mid last year, it's fantastic to drive. I am almost finished building a Dyna Blaster mid with carbon chassis instead of the tub. What did you do to the top lay shaft when yo flipped the box around?
  8. Looks great! Keen to see it finished
  9. It won't be possible to make it fit inside a stock gearbox housing whilst using a large, modern slipper pad. It can be made to use a .6 module, however the availability of larger pinions is very limited and the largest I've been able to find is a 25t. Going to 48p would allow a much larger range of gearing options. I envisage a drop in replacement gearbox, that will appear stock on the outide except for the adjustment nut for the slipper. Much like other Tamiya aftermarket options for example the stealth gearbox drop in for an astute/Kingcab platform. Or like someone recently designed, a gearbox for the Astute that takes Schumacher gearing and slipper, due to the limited availability of the TTC gearbox and the fragile nature of the stock box when using modern more powerful Brushless setups. Presision did a spring loaded spur for the FF01 and the TA01-02, I have both, however, the spring isn't that strong. HPI also did a very small slipper for their RS4 range that went on the layshaft and allowed it to operate on one single belt. i did look at trying to design a drop in replacement spur, but there just isn't the room available.
  10. Hi all, I've been designing a slipper clutch setup and diff upgrade for the TA01-02 platform and have contacted MIP about it. They have shown an interest in it and wanting to see how much interest it has to see if it's a viable project. The gearbox will have a slipper clutch and 48 pitch spur selection. At the moment I have been setting it up with a belt drive, because I don't have 3D computer design and printing abilities to make a gearbox to accommodate an idler gear. This is something that MIP would nut out, I personally think the use of a standard TA03 diff gear with different modern diff outdrives and a modern style slipper is the go. I am wanting the gearbox to appear as standard as possible on the outside. If you have a Manta Ray, or a Top Force and are interested in this project, or have any ideas or questions, please post them up here. Also if anyone has any ideas on where to post this to reach a wider audience please let me know.
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