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  1. Looking forward to this one. I've got a newly built Tundra on the shelf that i really ought to get round to finishing. I do like hop ups, so this might give me the inspiration i need to finish it.
  2. Wild One spares have been drying up for a while. I suspect it's close to being discontinued.
  3. If you google "Ampro Engineering" you'll see his 'Shapeways' page. You can order from there.
  4. I'm after two sets of WR-02 wheels. Don't mind which colour as long as they're new and NOT white or yellow. Paypal waiting. Thanks.
  5. Aah i see. Are you doing that to front and rear or just rear?
  6. Are you using it in a gf01or wr02? I'd like to try some in my wr02cb to stiffen the diff up a little.
  7. Hmmm. I can't see what else it could be. I guess you're running bearings rather than bushes? If so, could be a dodgy bearing. This doesn't sound right either. It definitely point to something with in the the diff unit itself. Maybe open it up a 4th time. Are there any burrs on any of the idler gears?
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys. Very helpful. Seems there is some love for the MF01. I'm still deciding on my next build Rather than just picking something at random I'm trying to look at where i actually run and which car might be best suited. So, still not 100% decided on this one yet.
  9. Thought it might interesting to see what your 'go to' runner is. Which car/truck do you usually pick up to run. Here's my most used car. My Re-re Wild One.
  10. Does it do it when the wheels are off the ground? If so, take the drive shafts out and try again. If it still does it you'll know for sure it's something inside. Is there anything floating around inside the spur gear cover?
  11. What are spares like? I see it came out 13 years ago!
  12. I have also wondered this. I've not owned a 4wd since my Procat in 1991. I keep looking at the Super Hotshot but as they are out of stock everywhere, I then started looking at more modern options too. Seems the DF-03 and TT-02B are the most recent but both have their issues. I wish Tamiya would bring some new stuff instead of re-hashing old parts into new kits. It's forcing me to look at other brands, which I don't really want to do. Especially RTR's... I hate that idea...
  13. I'm about to build to build up a Neo FIghter so I'm interested in this also. I looked at the Fastrax Turf Rippers, but they're out of stock also.
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