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  1. @ACCEL Didn't have chance this weekend. I'll try and find time this evening to get it fitted. Probably without the fan.
  2. Me too. My M-07 has been (so far) the most enjoyable Tamiya build I've ever done. The reinforced plastics and allen head screws and a dream. If only Tamiya would use these materials on some of their re-releases... Imagine a TRF Lunchbox with a TA06 Oil Diff!
  3. Thanks very much. The motor is a tblm 15.5t so was going to leave the fan off. However, i like nice tidy wiring so didn't want to have to do it again if i then needed to move the esc to add the fan back on. But i think I'll position it without the fan and try it.
  4. I'm using a Hobbywing XR10 Justock esc in my M-07 and it's a tight fit. I either mount it flat without the fan, OR on it's side with the fan facing the side of the car. Would that cause a problem, with the fan being used on it's side? Anyone foresee any issues?
  5. I can't seem to keep out of this garage at the moment. I'm just having too much fun making stuff. The wheels and tires for the M-07 have arrived. I “borrowed” some card from my daughters craft box and printed the box shapes out first. Cut out and folded. 5mm masking tape give the perfect scale look for 50mm parcel tape. And a quick balsa wood pallet. And some 1.5mm Kyosho panel line tape to look like 15mm metal banding straps. I'll get a calendar up soon, then, honestly, I'll be back on the M-07.
  6. Great suggestions chaps. I'd thought about a hot rod calendar. I'll see what I can find.
  7. Thanks for the comments chaps, it is much appreciated. I'll have to think of a more 'politically correct' calander I think. I'll have a look at what maybe on the walls of current garage workshops for inspiration I think...
  8. Last little things before I get back to the M-07. I'll let the pictures do the describing. And just for @TurnipJF . Thanks very much for the suggestion.
  9. Copy away. I don't lie to over complicate things, so this was nice and simple to make. Wouldn't he just. I'll put a broom on the list of things to make... Thanks for the suggestion. It was a good one and has now been done. See below. Thanks very much. Be sure to post your garage here. Feel free to copy. It'll be great to see more garages on here.
  10. @SupraChrgd82 Did you manage to confirm? I've ordered some 4mm's, but may have to get some 3.5mm's also...
  11. Been after one of these for ages. Spotted one left at Zabawki RC in Poland so snapped it up. They also had a new Fiat 500 Body for the M05. Mmhhh...
  12. A little update already. I just wanted somewhere to put the spare m-chassis tires I've accumulated. That tidies things up a little. All ready to get the M-07 back in here again.
  13. Thank you. Much appreciated. Thanks very much. When ever I make stuff I simply take measurements from a real item and divide by 10. Otherwise things soon start to look out of place or proportion. You're too kind. Probably not PC these days, but I'll stick it on the list of possibilities. Thank you. Ooh yeah. I'll be needing one of those.... This garage is 700mm wide, 700mm long and 600mm high. Previous one was 1200mm long, 700mm wide and 700mm high. With the TV, I used 1.5mm styrene for the surround and then the printed picture was stuck on to some 1mm styrene. Then I used some .7mm lexan as the screen. Here's a pic of my TT02 drift car in the new garage for size.
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