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  1. Thanks for the offer, but I've just ordered a couple from Tamico
  2. Does anyone make an 18t 0.8mod steel pinion? I'm planning a Grasshopper build and want to use a 540 motor in it. If not, how close is 0.8mod to 32p? Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I missed that site, but it answers my question.
  4. Back in the day when i used to race 10th buggies I used to discharge all my Nicads after use on a 12v bulb. For the last 10 years I've been using Lipos. However, now that my daughters are getting into RC we've accumulated a few nimh packs to run in our Tamiya cars. Do these need to be discharged after use? Is it better for the battery? I've had a read online and there (as usual with the internet), conflicting views. But, several people seem to say that because nimh's don't have a memory they don't need discharging. What's the general TC view?
  5. I'm in the UK. Would rather post in UK as insured shipping to US would probably be expensive.
  6. @Grumpy pants I think I might. Let me check when i get home tonight.
  7. Good question. I suspect you bin it and buy another sealed motor. However it would take a lot of skims before getting to that point I would imagine...
  8. I've only used this on one motor since i bought it a few years ago. And, as nearly all my runners are brushless I don't think i have a need for it any more. NOW SOLD
  9. @Kevin_Mc I have some WR02 white wheels. £12 posted?
  10. Your Hornet is such a great build. I've bought a Grasshopper to build up.
  11. I'm glad it's not just me that has projects and parts for projects queuing up! I also have notepads and spreadsheets with part numbers on for various builds. It's all good fun, and I find it quite therapeutic.
  12. Jadlam have had the Comical Grasshopper and Hornet at £84 for a while now, and today i see that Modelsport have the Hornet at £84 also. I wonder if they're not selling? I can't remember of another reasonably new kit that has been discounted so much.
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