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  1. @J@mes @BJoe76 I wasn't going to do a build thread as I'm just struggling for time at the moment, and might not get to start it for a week or two. So, I was just going to build it. However, I guess I could do a build thread... just might take me longer to build. I built a Comical Grasshopper last year, that turned into a Wild Willy 2 and now I miss the Grasshopper. So, I've also got that to build. I seem to have a real liking for the Wheelies and enjoy driving them a lot!
  2. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing the body on. Just about to embark on a similar build using a Comical Avante as a start.
  3. There was a thread about this I was reading the other day:
  4. Ooh lovely. Don't forget a build thread too
  5. After thinking about this thread for a while I doubt Tamiya will make a return to off road racing anytime soon. Even if they do produce a competitive 2wd or 4wd buggy, how many people that currently race a Schumacher or Associated would switch to Tamiya? And how many hobby-ists would buy an expensive TRF kit to bash or put on the shelf? Not me. I would, however, buy a modern WW2 or updated Lunchbox or Wild One on a new chassis. And, I think many more people around the world would do this also. I think the golden days of off road racing are long gone, and Tamiya should put money into producing some new chassis's that are good performing and scale looking. Although hoovering up re-releases is great for nostalgic reasons, it's not likely to push Tamiya into producing some new vehicles/platforms.
  6. Were we supposed to think this was the Tamiya Ford Ranger re-release?
  7. I personally wouldn't bother with a TRF buggy UNLESS it was competitive. I quite fancy starting 10th off road racing again (used to race years ago) and would buy a modern Tamiya buggy if it was any good on the track. I would however, welcome a new off road chassis that was "scale" like Tamiya used to do in the 80's. Imagine a 2021 Grasshopper or Rough Rider. Now that would get my attention. Definitely not interested in all the 6s or 8s rubbish around at the moment, but a modern scale looking buggy on 2s would be superb... for me anyway.
  8. @J@mes I don't think you can use the servo lowering guard with the gf01cb. It interferes with the plastic side guards. Seems they dropped that hop up when they revised the gf01cb list: GF01: http://d7z22c0gz59ng.cloudfront.net/cms/img/usr/inst/parts/GF01_PARTS_CATALOG.pdf GF01CB: https://d7z22c0gz59ng.cloudfront.net/cms/img/usr/inst/parts/GF01CB_PARTS_CATALOG.pdf I only know this cause I'm also waiting for some blue goodness for a GF01CB Wild Willy 2 4wd build.
  9. I think you get sent the details of being a paid subscriber once you register for free: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/paymentinstructions.asp?rt=f
  10. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll give it some more thought. I've got an SW-01 Lunchbox to build up for now, and may return to the idea of a Dancing Rider in the future. They do look funny though..
  11. I keep looking at the Dancing Rider, and thinking it might be a fun little build. I already have an M-07 that I use most weekends, and thought it might be fun to take a Dancing Rider along also. Are they as fun as they look, or are the a frustrating drive. Any hop ups needed out of the box? Thanks very much,
  12. If you're a Tamiyaclub paid subscriber then email Joanne at Fusion for your own discount code for 10% off. If you're not a paid subscriber you'll get 5%.
  13. Best tool I've ever bought. I now shorten all the servo wires in my builds. I got mine from Hobbyking a few years go. Make sure you get the ratchet type though👌
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