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  1. I finally got this little buggy out for a quick spin this morning. It was only around my garden, and 99% of it was fantastic. Especially with how smooth the BBX transmission is. However, the major issue was the steering. It was junk. I knew I had a spare M-05 steering set up from my Super Hotshot build a year or so ago. So, I thought I'd have a go at fitting it into the Wild One. However, after a quick look, it became clear that it would mean stripping the chassis completely and then relocating all of the electrics. So here goes: After a 15 minute strip down, here's how the original steering looked. This is just for my reference in case I want to get another to keep in the spares box. Bare chassis with the servo and steering arms removed. If I fitted the M-05 steering in the usual place, there wouldn't be enough room for the shorty lipo. So, I flipped it around and mounted it at the front of the chassis. Seems like it would work just as good. Holes marked and drilled. And a test fit. It would also mean making up some shorter steering arms. Really happy with how this looks and works. Now to figure out where to squeeze the servo in. This spot will do nicely. And just enough room for the battery. I just need to add in a couple of posts to support the front of the Lipo. I just used some 8mm delrin bar I had lying around. It's strong and takes drilling and tapping threads. I just cut off two short pieces and put an M3 thread in one end. Another test fit. Spot on. Electrics are tucked in nicely, and the steering works a treat. Feels like a modern 2wd buggy now. And all done. Now I'm really looking forward to running this one.
  2. Sure thing. I'll update once I've given it a few nice runs.
  3. First time out wasn't very successful. It was running amazingly. It's fast, easy to control, doesn't tip over and pulls nice long wheelies. Then I managed to hit a concrete post. At first, it looked like I had just broken the plastic servo saver. But, once I got it back home, and on the bench, it turned out that I'd also broken one of the UK Monsters delrin suspension arms. These are the version 2 arms. Luckily I still have the version 1's, which I've now fitted back on. It's all back together now. So, hopefully the next run will be a little longer lasting.
  4. Welcome, and sorry to hear about your brother passing away. That looks like a great project. I'm definitely going to follow along with your progress. Did you ever have the tank running as a kid? If so, that must have been ace!
  5. It's on their site: https://www.associatedelectrics.com/teamassociated/cars_and_trucks/RC10T/Team/ edit: I think this is an old link.
  6. I doubt it. No one else seems to be doing much, if any, discount. So I suspect it's not going to be discontinued.
  7. I just used 7000 in the front and 5000 in the rear. The oil will lubricate as well so no need for both. Grease OR Oil.
  8. Bump, and a little price drop. Hoping these will go to someone who will enjoy using them
  9. Broke my Ultimate Lunchbox first time out. Will update build thread later on, but it's now all fixed 👍
  10. That's a great endorsement for Tamiyaclub, and I couldn't agree more. It's certainly the most friendly forum I've ever been part of. I got into RC crawlers in 2016 and back then there were a few forums still alive where people were starting to create scale garages and I took the idea from them. I certainly wouldn't consider my self a 'modeller' as I tend to lack patience and want things done too quickly. But, making scale stuff out of bits of wood etc and trying to get them to look real and in proportion for photos has become a little side hobby.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the final colour. I've really enjoyed reading your comprehensive build thread. I wish there was a club close to me that offered vintage off road racing. I've already messaged a few that are about an hour away, and am waiting for replies. So, hopefully I'll be able to take my Mid racing. See yours come together had made me wish I'd gone for a LWB build using the EXO conversion. However, I now seem to have amassed enough spares to possibly build another one. So, we'll see what happens.
  12. Here we are at the shocks. I'm not a real fan of the gold shocks, so I picked up a set of the gun metal shocks from the 60th anniversary Mid. I'll keep the gold ones as spares. Kyosho also supply these little tools to aid assembly of the shocks. A lot of people say these plastic seals are tricky and easy to damage, so I took my time installing them. All completed. And here they are installed on the car. A little thing I do with all my builds is to just make a note of a few important settings so I can make changes at a later date. Wheels and tires next. These will just be for on road running. I haven't decided on off road tiers yet. Penguin undertray fitted. I think this is a must if you are running your Mid. And, finally a roller. Just need to decide on a colour for the body now. It won't be box art though.
  13. Thank you for your kind words. Glad you like the scale garage. It's been an enjoyable (long term) project. I'm hoping to give the Lunchbox a run tomorrow, weather permitting.
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