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  1. I may be wrong though. Still looks like a promising release.
  2. I think that other link in the video still is the steering link?
  3. Looking again at the video I think it's 2wd. There's a quick shot of the front end where you can just see the lack of drive shafts. I don't mind 2wd or 4wd. But I would like: - Better plastics (like on the M-07, TC-01 etc...) - Lipo compatible. - More gearing options than just 2x pinions. - Maybe A slipper clutch. OR maybe it's a DT-04 Holiday Buggy. (You heard it here first)
  4. Wonder what TD could stand for. Or is it a trick and it's really a DT-4? (DT-04)...
  5. Thanks. Wouldn't say I'm a hardened racer but have raced on and off for the last 30 years. Mostly 2wd Buggies and Short Course Trucks. My local shop has a few LD2's. Might pop in...maybe.
  6. I am so tempted to get an LD2 to use at my local track. Used to race a Cougar 2000 when they first came out in '94/'95. Miss those days 🤔
  7. Unfortunately i ended up taking the hop ups off it to use on my Comical Avante and selling the Konghead. Just wasn't for me. I'm cutting my collection down (particularly boxed kits) to just a handful that get used the most. 🙄
  8. One of the best tools I've ever bought. Use mine on every build👍
  9. What a great looking car. Now lets see it in action... And some body off shots.
  10. Kiddy is my local. I will join them again once I've joined the brca but there are no clubs days or races I don't think. They just use the track for national events etc. But once a member you can use the track at your leisure so that's a possibility I guess. When I started racing there in 1991 every sunday was club day and the track was full of beginners and families enjoying racing. Different demographic now I suspect...
  11. @Willy iine Matchbox car looks ace! Although, it needs a wheelie bar...
  12. For sure. I was certain I'd followed the manual correctly and when I put it on the garage floor and tried it, it just did some wicked donuts! Glad it was an easy fix.
  13. I can't quite recall which way they should go, but you should be able to double check the correct direction in the manual. I know, because I did the same thing when building mine a year or so ago
  14. You've put one of the diffs in the wrong way. In the TT02 chassis it's possible to put the diffs either way round.
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