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  1. It does have a wider track width when using the same wheels and hexes on both vehicles. GF01 uses 39mm drive shafts and the GF01CB uses 46mm shafts. Don't think there are any other differences other than the wider arms. Also the comical versions has the faux 'nerf bars' on the side instead of the chassis rail sides like the wild willy 2. But these are interchangeable between the two variants.
  2. Yep I'm good thanks. Well in to Tamiya rather than scale trucks but still have one of the Hiluxes I built. πŸ‘
  3. Hello Sir, hope you're keeping well? Glad you found your way over here. This will be an interesting build for sure.
  4. Today I've spotted the tire wear on my M07. Got to get some spares ready i think.
  5. I think so. Hopefully mine will be here next week🀞
  6. I no longer have a TT-02, so these are surplus. I'd prefer to sell this as a bundle. SOLD 54874 54558 54500 53792 (X2) 54559 54574 54575 54977
  7. Indeed. I thought it would have the "hard" type chassis like the M-07. But, maybe the M-08 doesn't need it. I'm yet to find out.
  8. I know. Been waiting to build an M08 so ordered one that's hopefully coming this week. Also ordered a few hop ups that will effectively make it and 'R' spec. But might have waited for the proper 'R' box etc if I'd have know this was coming...
  9. From Tamiyablog.com: Our popular M chassis series welcomes a new addition: this time, the M08R chassis kit. This chassis uses various types of optional parts such as ball differentials and CVA oil dampers to get you ready to race ball differentials and CVA oil dampers to get you ready to race. About the model – Use 5x11mm hard hex head ball connectors to increase suspension configuration. – Stickers and exclusive carrying case are also provided. – Compatible with M-07 Concept Hop-Up option parts such as aluminium rear uprights (item 54781) and aluminium rear suspension mount (item 54760) and M-08 Concept Hop-Up Option parts such as aluminium front suspension mount (0Β°) (item 54907), aluminium steering arms (L/R) (Item 54891) and aluminium steering bridge (Item 54892). Included – 42143: 4 mm aluminium sprocket nut (4 pcs/blue). – 42357: Cross seals for low friction universal joint axles – 51000: High torque servo saver (black) – 53509: 0.6 aluminium pinion gear with hard fluorine coating (20T/F201) – 53642: 5mm aluminium ball connector (blue) – 53823: Aluminium clamp type wheel hub (5 mm thick) – 53851: 46 mm titanium coated suspension axle shafts, 2 pcs. – 53917: 2.6 mm titanium-coated suspension axle kit – 53968: Ball head socket with hard hexagon head, 5Γ—5 mm (5 pcs.) – 54183: Reinforced freewheel axle set with M chassis – 54868: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (medium/8 pcs.) 54869: Reinforced open face reinforced adjusters 5mm (medium/8 pcs.) – 54869: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (long/8 pcs.) 54869: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (long/8 pcs.) – 54906: M-08 Concept aluminium axle set – 54969: 33 mm lightweight aluminium pivot shafts (2 pcs.) Required accessories – Remote control with receiver, steering servo, 7.2 V NiMH battery pack, charger, paint for polycarbonate body. – 540 motor, electronic speed controller, tyres, etc.
  10. Sounds like you're describing me there 😬
  11. That's lovely that is. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
  12. Ooh hadn't thought of that. Be yes, it certainly would. A Tamiya Tipple Tankard...
  13. I have a pen pot full of them. I guess there must be 50, maybe more.
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