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  1. It'll go straight in, and nicely wake the Lunchbox up. Just swap the pinion over from your current 540.
  2. @mud4fun Exactly. I've just been sat here thinking about this for a while. And I think part of the issue for me is that none of the modern buggies look real. They are specific tools for a competitive job. And, while I get that they've evolved this way to be faster, lighter, more efficient etc etc, I think they've lost some of the appeal (read Fun) for me. I doubt racing will ever be like it was and there's no point me turning up expecting it to be. My local club is a BRCA affiliated club with a purpose built off road mixed surface (mostly astroturf) track. I've raced there on and off since I was 13 (now 43). Back in the day there was always 10 - 20 people for a club meeting on a Sunday morning. it was ace. Nowadays, although the track is kept up to date, there are no events (other than Nationals) held there. If you join you get the gate code and can go when you want to. Which although that's fun, I do miss the Sunday morning club meets. There doesn't seem the volume of people willing to help organise these days. Time change I guess...
  3. I thought I'd update this, as I've found the issue, but can't figure out how to fix it. So, this evening I tried a few other of my cars that are all using the Futaba 4PL. And guess what, they ALL do the same thing! Every single one. The issue is with the radio. However, I've been through all the mixing options and they are all turned off. I just don't understand it. Even If I had accidentally turned the mixing on for a particular vehicle it wouldn't have affected every other vehicle too. So, I can only suppose it's a fault with the radio itself. It is 10 years old! On a positive note, It's my Birthday in 4 weeks. Perfect timing for a new radio I'd say! I'd like to keep this one for one of my Daughters to use, so if anyone has any suggestions as to a fix, let me know. I'll try a master reset once I've transferred every car to the new one.
  4. This ^^ However, I raced 2wd off road from 1990 to 1998 and loved it. I tried to return to it a few years ago and was amazed at just how competitive it had become. People had different cars for different surfaces! So, I then decided I'd try my hand at a spot of 'Vintage' racing. But alas, that was even worse. I built up a Frog and to be fair, it was pretty capable. However, the class was just full of RC10 Worlds and Losi JRX's that had been hopped up to the max, brushless and Lipo etc... So, I stopped. Maybe I'm looking at the early days of RC Racing through rose tinted glasses, but it no longer seemed to be the fun day out that I remembered. Each to their own I suppose. Now, I just enjoy a morning, or afternoon running a few different vehicles on my own or with a few friends. That's not to say that I wouldn't re-visit some form of racing in the future though...
  5. Aah, no I haven't. Although it doesn't do it on the other 1060's I use with it. And, I have tried a completely new spare profile on there, and it still does it. I will try my wife's 4PL and see what happens. I'm suspecting it's a dodgy esc though.
  6. Fab thanks. I'm stumped too. Normally i can just stand back, think logically and work it out. But not this one.
  7. 3 months. I do have a few others i can try but it means un-soldering it and soldering the new one in. Last resort if the other suggestions above don't work. I have about 5 or 6 other cars with a 1060 in. Only this one with the issue as far as I'm aware.
  8. Futaba 4pl. Had it for 7 or 8 years. All my cars use the same radio and same model receivers. I've unplugged the servo cable from the receiver completely and it still does it. I'll check the mixing again but i don't think it's that as it was a new model memory space i used wheb i set up the Willy. I'll check again though. Thanks. Done that a few times. 😬
  9. Thanks. I'll try that later tonight. However, i did try it with the servo completely unplugged. Wouldn't that do the same as lowering the end points? Or would the receiver still receive a steering input signal with the servo unplugged?
  10. I'm having a bit of a strange issue with the 1060 brushed esc in my Wild Willy. In summary: when I turn the steering full lock left the motor starts (very slightly) to turn forwards. Not a massive issue when driving. It just means you can't reverse when you've got any left lock on. Throttle trim is set to zero and 100% forwards and reverse. What I've tried so far: - A Different receiver. Still does the same. - Unplugging the servo from the receiver. Still does it. - Another full charged nimh. Still does it. - Reversing the throttle direction. Still does it, however, now when you turn right. - I've tried all the options for the removable plugs (nimh, lipo, f/r f/b/r etc). Still the same. Does anyone have any ideas? Or something that I've overlooked? I guess the next step would be to try another esc, but as this one is soldered direct, it's my last resort. Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. My local club runs indoor on a Thursday night. I don't go for the same reason. Not getting home till after midnight! They said that the school hall is booked up by other people the other days, and a local church uses it on a Sunday. I guess that's what happens when you use someone else's venue. When I raced as a kid it was all out doors on a Sunday morning. However, most clubs (certainly near me) have sold up land etc, and moved to school halls, even for off road buggies)
  12. Hopefully they haven't been assembled with plastic bushes!
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