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  1. Exactly. It's a lovely build so far. Never got round to getting an XV-01, had a TT-02 instead, which was great.
  2. I've been excited about this since it's announcement. I loved my TT-02 rally car, which eventually got turned into a drifter and was considering putting it back as a rally car when Tamiya dropped the XV-02. A few months later, and here we are. I didn't think Tamiya could produce a more complex chassis than the M-07, but this is amazing! It's nice to see hex hardware, and Tamiya's recommendation to use thread lock. I wish they would update a lot of their vintage kits to include these new plastics.... End of step 1. I usually love hop ups on my build, but this chassis doesn't really need anything. However, I have added a few cheeky bits of blue. Here's the first. Next up are the diffs. The manual call for 3000 weight oil for both, but I'm adding 5000 to the front to stiffen it up a little. I'll see how that works and make changes from there. Front suspension arms. I know Tamiya are bringing out some alloy mounts for here, but as I don't plan on adjusting the angle, I'll leave the plastic ones for now. Next hop up are the centre universal shafts. The kit dog bones look fine, but I'd ordered these way before the kit pics were released. So, these will be going in. I'd also ordered the rear XV-01 suspension mount option parts so that I can adjust the rear toe. They fit a treat. Last of the hop ups... for now. The two pins that are required to hold this assembly together are less than a milimetre apart in length, so it's real easy to use the wrong one. My TT-02 rally car had a 10.5t Hobbywing motor which was a lot of fun. So, I'm using Tamiyas TBLM-02S 10.5t brushless motor in here. Another hop up that I usually buy for my builds are universal shafts. It's nice to see these included. I forgot to take pics of the front hubs, but here's the rears. And here's where I'm up to so far. Next up the dampers.
  3. Build thread is coming👍. Probably later tonight when I can upload the pics. Only hop ups to begin with will be alloy universal centre shafts and rear alloy suspension mounts. Doesn't seem to need anything else for now.
  4. Today I have finally started my XV-02.
  5. According to the Option Parts sheet, you'll need the XV-01 XJ #54379 for the rear mount, along with #54884. Not sure if that's correct if they are bringing out #22055. https://d7z22c0gz59ng.cloudfront.net/cms/img/usr/inst/parts/xv02_PARTS_CATALOG.pdf
  6. The beauty of all the holes is that it also lets the debris out of the chassis. I have one of each for a couple of Wild Ones I'm planning on building in the next couple of months or so: They look quite nice using the silver parts from the Blockhead kit:
  7. Aah. The legend that is Alvin Steele...
  8. The reason for the slipper on the XV-02 is for when you are running the optional 40t gear set in either the front or rear, therefore creating overdrive/underdrive. The slipper (or the optional centre oil diff) should be used to prevent the front and rear wheels turning at different speeds from wearing out or putting extra load on the transmission/centre shafts. I don't think the slipper will be needed if you are running the same gear sets front and rear.
  9. I am using the Tamiya TBLM02S 15.5t motor on 2s lipo. It's plenty fast enough and the gearboxes to very happy. I don't think they'll give me any trouble. There's no real need to elongate the holes. The cage fits just fine, it's just a touch wider at the base than the kit which is why I made the spacers a little wider. You'll see what I mean when you build it, but it's not a big deal at all.
  10. Thanks very much. It's a joy to drive. I have had a play with the front springs and oil. I used one of the springs from the DF-03 setting spring set (53927), but can't remember which, and the oil I used first was too thick. So I used some thinner, but again can't remember. I have them both written down, so will have a look and let you know. It's still not perfect, but a lot better than before. Good luck with your build, and be sure to do a build thread on here...
  11. They look like MK2 Escorts to me 🤔
  12. I like that idea. Let me know if it works as my daughters need a hand to tidy up sometimes 😬
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