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  1. I'd say that everything that is 'expensive' shouldn't necessarily be considered as 'for competition'. If it's as nice to put together as my M-07 it should be ace.
  2. My first 2wd buggy race for 16 years!
  3. I saw that about the rear dampers. Must be a bad translation maybe??
  4. The Egress is probably my most favourite looking 4wd buggy from 'back in the day' What are your plans for it? Racing?
  5. Big bore dampers for the rear as well.  I'm a sucker for such things I suppose..:rolleyes:

  6. Thank you . That's really good to know. The video is an hour and a half long! The youtube translate is pretty poor, but good enough to get the gist. Apart from when they start talking about "the cat's panties" or "please choose your appropriate dongfeng" etc etc...!
  7. I watched the video on youtube with the 'translate to English' setting on. He was basically saying that depending on which battery you use (more about the weight than the capacity etc), you may find the 4wd front springs too stiff, and to use the 2wd front instead. So, as they were only $7 per pack I thought I'd try them. I like to play around with the dampers on most of my cars. I was planning on using the 54993 TT-02/DF-03 dampers I'd bought, but they went on my Super Hotshot. So, I was about to order another set for the TD-4, but then when I saw those Big Bores, I thought they looked fab.
  8. Yep. I got the info from here: https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-one-piece-ball-thrust-bearing-53136-00020393
  9. Magic, thanks. I also think that the stock plastic parts will be quite durable. I'll decide about the alu parts when I see the price!
  10. I've ordered: 22028 Assembly Universal Shafts ( 2) 22029 Differential Nut and Screw Set 22030 Aluminum Servo Stays 22031 TD4 Slipper Clutch Set 53823 5mm Aluminum Hexes Will probably order (when they are released): 22032 Aluminum Steering Bridge 22033 Aluminum Steering Arms 22034 Aluminum Crank Arm I've got a 10.5t Tamiya TBLM motor. Not sure on which esc or servo yet though. I've sold a couple of my build vehicles to put the money in to this one. Really looking forward to it. What about you:?
  11. Phew. Spent all night adding stuff to baskets, and removing it, then adding it again. I just wish they would do English subtitles on these videos. Would be so much easier... and cheaper. Thanks for your help. I really like the blue TRF turnbuckles but he never showed the part numbers or lengths... So they can wait.
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