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  1. I know this is an old thread, but i just wondered if you had ran this and how it performed? Just about to embark on a similar build!
  2. It's Rally Time! All items are unused, new, and include UK postage. Tamiya TT02 Lancia Delta #58570 - £SOLD Tamiya TT02 Impreza '99 No ESC. #58631. £89.00 Mitsubishi Lancer Body Set. #50927 £29.00 XV-01 Universal Shaft Kit. #54515. £SOLD Rare Impreza 18 Spoke Wheels. #10444123. £13.50 Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC '97 Wheels. #10445676 £SOLD Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC '97 Wheels. #10445676 £SOLD Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Mesh Wheels. #50741. £SOLD Tamiya White Rally Dish Wheels. #51021. £SOLD TT02 Type S Kit Wheels and Tires. 24mm. With inserts, Un-glued. £SOLD Tamiya 54861 Rally Block Tires/Tyres (Soft) x4. £SOLD
  3. Much appreciated. I'll grab a pair to try 👍I'd forgotten about the FF03 too. edit* just noticed that those hubs are 4 degree. That ok?
  4. Thanks. Started it a couple of years ago. Needs some weathering next 👍 Thank you. Already trimmed the front arms to get a similar drop to the rear ones.👍I've got the 55mm 42102 shocks which seem the maximum length without using longer shafts so I'll stick with these. I've got 26mm of clearance under the centre of the chassis so I think that'll do. Especially as it will double up as a drift and on road car. Which alloy c hubs do you recommend? Seems like either the TA05 or TRF416 hubs would fit but not sure enough to order yet. But you're right, the kit ones are super flexy....
  5. I've wanted a rally car for some time now. Having looked at various options I settled on the TT02. This will be a rally car, an on road car, and a drift car also. I spent some time reading up on the TT02 and it seemed to tick all the boxes. I opted for the Type S which has some tasty upgrades over the standard TT02. So here we go. I started with the wheels. I'm still waiting on the wheels to put the kit on road tires on to. I'm sure you've all seen the TT02 chassis a million times before, but I haven't, and i like it. This is my first 4wd car since my 1990 Pro-Cat! I knocked this little piece up. Any guess as to what it's for? A little guard to keep stones out of the steering. More coming soon, thanks for looking.
  6. I suspected that this was the case. Thank you for confirming so quickly, much appreciated.
  7. I'm just about to start building up a Type S and want to upgrade the plastic steering to alloy. However, I'm confused. Part number 54752 is the whole set up but it says "not suitable for the TT-02 Type S" This is the kit I've ordered and as It's just arrived, I noticed that It's not for the Type S. This is 54752: So, i looked in the manual for the correct parts, and it says 54574 and 54575. But when i looked at these two parts, it seems that they are the same as in the kit 54752. Can anyone confirm why the kit I've ordered won't work, before I order the above two kits? Thank you. And here's 54574 and 54575
  8. Thanks. I guess that's what I suspected. Just hoped I could get it to compete at club level. Thanks for the info. My original thought was a Cougar KC, so that's where i'll probably end up. Thanks. I've raced M05's for a few years on and off. But 10th off road is where I have most fun. Thanks. Not too fussed about the TRF so i'll probably go with a Cougar KC I've already built up a Frog for my vintage racing fix, so the DT03 was going to be for the club 2wd class. But i'm beginning to see that won't be a good idea... Thanks for that. I've raced 10th off road on and off for 20 years but just coming back to it after a couple of years off. I just fancied a different challenge but suspected it may be a lost cause... Thanks. I may just do that. Hmm. I'm beginning to see that's the case. Thanks. I'd just buy a Cougar KC to be competitive. Thanks. I can see that. Cougar KC it is then. Thanks. I'm in the UK. Thanks, I suspected as much, Thanks. I'll probably just go for a modern buggy. Thanks but i'm in the UK
  9. I've got the bug, again, for 10th off road racing. I've been looking at the crop of modern buggies, which seem prevalent and the track these days, but i would quite like to stick with Tamiya. I know they've kind of turned their back on racing, and only really offer the DT-03 now, but i like a challenge... i think. So, my question is this. Given that modern 2wd buggies are so fast and have a massive range of set up options, do you think that i could get a DT-03 to be reasonably competitive at club level racing? I'll mostly be racing at Kidderminster, Telford and Coventry which are all astro turf track. I have read that it's not great on this surface, but i'm sure some adjustments can be made to make it better? I'm not looking at national champs here, just close competitive club racing. So, do i just admit defeat and get a Cougar KC etc, or do i have a go with a DT-03 for a year? Thanks for your comments.
  10. Crikey, sounds fast! The brace is actually a suspension link from an old Axial crawler kit. They are 106mm long so I had to cut about 3mm off, but works great. I found the part number for you: https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/216455/
  11. Thank you. The wiring did require a little patience, and figuring out where to put everything, but it's all in now.
  12. Last few night I etched primered the 2 mounts for the Frog gearbox, and finished them off in flat grey. I'm just waiting for the paint to properly harden before re-fitting them. And whilst in between the coats I also painted the rear wing black. I also added a front shock tower brace, as they tend to bend in a roll over. Even more so on the track I would imagine. So, hopefully this should take care of it. Next up will be assembling it all back together and installing the electrics.
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