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  1. No, #22060 is just for the front of the Astute. The rears fit without any extra parts.
  2. The last of the hop ups in readiness for my BBX turning up. And, some decals I may use for a TD4 body I have an idea for...
  3. Absolutely. Seems a lot of people in the comments like it but I do wonder how many of them would actually drive their TD4 and how many would just pop it on a shelf. In which case I'm sure that front carbon mount would be just fine 😁
  4. Watched that last night. Not something I'd be interested in. I like the lay down shocks. For me it's what makes the TD4 unique. And, I would imagine one roll over and they'd be off.
  5. When this was first announced I knew it would be a fun build. Kinda reminds me a little of the mid 90's 2wd buggies I used to race. Should be a fun and durable runner. Here's what I'm starting with. I'm hoping to start the build over the weekend.
  6. Yep. I was told that in the UK there was an initial boom of interest when it was released and then nothing. Seems UK shops are deciding not to stock the kits and just get them in to order... Doesn't bode well dor future hop ups.
  7. They just replied saying they have no plans to make any TD2/TD4 parts. Maybe there's not enough of a call for them?
  8. Fab. Can't find that anywhere in stock. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Much appreciated. I'll probably opt for the Kyosho hubs. However, the UM721 part number brings up the plastic suspension mount??
  10. I've emailed Yeah Racing to see when they are going to make aluminum rear hubs. I still want to run the silly mudguards.... Otherwise I'd also be doing to above. I think the kit hubs will be ok for general running. I won't be racing this one.
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