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  1. Thanks. I suspected as much. I did read through the sticky but it didn't mention approval
  2. I started a thread in the "Builds" section 19 hours ago, and it still says "Pending Approval" Is that because I'm a recent (although paid subscriber) member, or is that just how things are done around here for anyone? I've used plenty of other forums, but have never come across threads needing "Approval" before? *edit: this thread didn't seem to need approving.
  3. Had a Boomerang in '87. Was never really fussed about the Big Wig. But your attention to detail on this build is making me want to do the same... Subscribed!
  4. I built up a TT02 Type S Rally Car recently with the intention of getting a set of drift wheels and switching between the two. But, as I suspected, there is a lot more involved set-up wise in getting both the rally car and the drift car to perform well. So I decided I really needed two cars. I wanted to stick with Tamiya, and I also wanted them both to be 4wd. I have toyed with the idea of getting an XV-01 (which I still may do in the future), but there is just something about the shaft driven TT-02 I really like. I bought a lexan chassis cover for the Rally Car which took car of the off road duties, and picked up another Type S to build up as a drift car. Now, although I wanted to stick with Tamiya I did do some research into specific RWD drift cars just to be sure, and rule them out. The nearest club to me is an hour and a half drive. Had it have been half an hour I may have gone down the route of an MST RMX or Yokomo YD-2 etc. But, as I have a good amount of TT-02 spares, the 2 other people I know with drift cars have well set up TT-02's, and I have a nice large patio with a fresh covering of buttery smooth tarmac (which I intentionally specified to my Wife when we had it re-surfaced last year), I opted to stay with the TT-02. With the background of this build out of the way, let's move on to the pics. Simple start with a nice TT-02 Deck, and Tamiya's alloy propellor shaft and joints. Alloy locker for the rear diff. TT-01 one way diff for the front. This is a lovely piece to build. Super smooth action. And, both diffs installed. I installed this Surpass 13.5t that was for my DT-03, but it'll be removed when I can find where I've put the 10.5t motor I want to use in this. Shock towers added, and I also shimmed the arms to remove any play. More coming soon...
  5. Aah, great thank you. TT02B is something i might have to build.
  6. Are you asking or telling? I'm not sure if they'll fit a tt02b. But they're now sold 👍
  7. Thread cleaned and prices lowered. Happy to do a deal for the lot!
  8. I think what's new is that kind of speed but with 45 minutes of run time.
  9. Had brushless and lipo technology been around in the 1980's who wouldn't have tried to make their Lunchbox or Boomerang etc as fast as possible? I know I would have. But I have less desire now and just enjoy seeing my Tamiyas driving around at a sensible speed... for now.
  10. I had this DT-03 lined up as a winter build but have changed my mind to another build. So, here's a new kit and some hop ups for sale. All prices include 1st class UK shipping. I'm happy to do a deal on the lot. New in the box DT-03 Racing Fighter Kit. £75.00 53927 DF-03 Tuning Springs. £9.00 54561 DT-03 Stabilizer Set. £11.00 54565 DT-03 Aluminium Servo Mount. £13.00 53791 Universal Shaft Assembly DF-02 and DT-03. £25.00 54562 DT-03 Carbon Damper Stay Front. £9.00 54563 DT-03 Carbon Damper Stay Rear. £14.00 GPM DT3008 Aluminum Front Suspension Arm Mount. £10.00 GPM DT3019 Aluminium Front C-Hub. £14.00 GPM DT3021 Aluminium Front Knuckle Arm. £14.00 GPM DT3022 Aluminium Rear Knuckle Arm. £15.00 54564 Aluminum Battery Bar. £7.50
  11. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated and some great info. I've ruled out a RWD drift car as I really want to stick with Tamiya. Plus, that would really be best suited to an indoor drift track and the closest to me is over an hour away. I've got 2 young daughters so time is precious. And, I really wanted this to be a Gymkana style drift car, so it needs to be 4wd. That leaves the TT-02 or XV-01. I really like the TT-02 and as my friend also has one, I think that would be the better choice. There's no doubt that the XV-01 is a great car, every review i read about it is positive but I think I'm going to go for the TT-02. I already have loads of spares and a few hop ups, so that should see me right for now. I have a large area of lovely smooth tarmac as a patio (yes it was deliberate as i wanted a nice drift area), so this TT-02 will mostly be used on there.
  12. Thank you. I hadn't considered that. At least I'd have plenty of spares. I see Tamico do lexan chassis covers. That might be an option. **edit** Actually, if I'm going to have a TT02 rally car, is there a better option from Tamiya as a 4wd drift car?
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