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  1. Thanks. I guess that's what I suspected. Just hoped I could get it to compete at club level. Thanks for the info. My original thought was a Cougar KC, so that's where i'll probably end up. Thanks. I've raced M05's for a few years on and off. But 10th off road is where I have most fun. Thanks. Not too fussed about the TRF so i'll probably go with a Cougar KC I've already built up a Frog for my vintage racing fix, so the DT03 was going to be for the club 2wd class. But i'm beginning to see that won't be a good idea... Thanks for that. I've raced 10th off road on and off for 20 years but just coming back to it after a couple of years off. I just fancied a different challenge but suspected it may be a lost cause... Thanks. I may just do that. Hmm. I'm beginning to see that's the case. Thanks. I'd just buy a Cougar KC to be competitive. Thanks. I can see that. Cougar KC it is then. Thanks. I'm in the UK. Thanks, I suspected as much, Thanks. I'll probably just go for a modern buggy. Thanks but i'm in the UK
  2. I've got the bug, again, for 10th off road racing. I've been looking at the crop of modern buggies, which seem prevalent and the track these days, but i would quite like to stick with Tamiya. I know they've kind of turned their back on racing, and only really offer the DT-03 now, but i like a challenge... i think. So, my question is this. Given that modern 2wd buggies are so fast and have a massive range of set up options, do you think that i could get a DT-03 to be reasonably competitive at club level racing? I'll mostly be racing at Kidderminster, Telford and Coventry which are all astro turf track. I have read that it's not great on this surface, but i'm sure some adjustments can be made to make it better? I'm not looking at national champs here, just close competitive club racing. So, do i just admit defeat and get a Cougar KC etc, or do i have a go with a DT-03 for a year? Thanks for your comments.
  3. Crikey, sounds fast! The brace is actually a suspension link from an old Axial crawler kit. They are 106mm long so I had to cut about 3mm off, but works great. I found the part number for you: https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/216455/
  4. Thank you. The wiring did require a little patience, and figuring out where to put everything, but it's all in now.
  5. Last few night I etched primered the 2 mounts for the Frog gearbox, and finished them off in flat grey. I'm just waiting for the paint to properly harden before re-fitting them. And whilst in between the coats I also painted the rear wing black. I also added a front shock tower brace, as they tend to bend in a roll over. Even more so on the track I would imagine. So, hopefully this should take care of it. Next up will be assembling it all back together and installing the electrics.
  6. Finally finished the wiring. Added my transponder, fitted the on/off switch and soldered on the battery wires. It was a very tight fit, but everything is in place. And, also managed to finish off the details on the body. I've not gone to town on the paint job as this will primarily be just a track car, but i'm pretty happy with the finished result. Hopefully next up will be some pics from the track. Stay tuned...
  7. Thanks. I fancied a contrasting wing. It's not turned out too bad.
  8. Thank you. I'm confused too They are stock 1.5" Sand Scorchers wheels and tyres with some alloy wheel covers i bought on eBay. The fronts just fit the same, and the rears use the same wheel hubs as found on the Fast Attack parts tree. Like these:
  9. The sand blaster tyres fit the FAV wheels, but the FAV wheels will not work on the Wild One unless you use the wheel adapters that come on the FAV parts tree, then they're a straight fit. The sand blaster tyres won't fit on the Wild One kit wheels. Hope that helps.
  10. My dad and I have done a lot of RC together over the years, from comp crawling and scale trucks to short course racing and Tamiya builds. So, when I mentioned that I was building up a Frog for a spot of Vintage racing, he said he'd like to have a go too. So, as he's only got a stock Fast Attack and Midnight Pumpkin I said I'd rebuild my 5 year old Wild One for him to use. So, before the strip down, here's a few recent photos of it in action. The first thing I decided to do was to swap out the stock Wild One gearbox for a Frog gearbox. While I've only had one previous issue with the stock gearbox, I had a spare Frog gearbox so thought I'd have a go. I brazed up a simple mount that bolts to the stock upper Wild One mount. Here it is in situ. I'll etch primer it and paint it black. As I had to install it upside down compared to how it fits in the Frog, it left the upper part of the gearbox redundant. I've seen some people cut the top mounting holes off, but as I wanted to keep this one complete in case I needed it as a spare for the Frog in future, I decided make up a simple rear wing mount to try to hide it a little. The wing is from an RC10 B4, but I did trim it quite a lot. It'll be painted gloss black. That's that time consuming bit done. Now onto the rest of the rebuild. The original chassis had developed the popular crack where the rear suspension mounts bolts to the chassis, so the first thing will be a chassis swap. I may look at trying to fabricate some sort of brace to try to stop It happening again, however, I was pretty hard on it so hopefully racing won't cause the same crack to happen again. Thanks for looking, and more coming soon.
  11. While the paint is drying properly, I decided to start the next little job I have in mind. As this is going to be a racer I wasn't too happy with the 2 steel antennas. But, I wanted to keep the look of the buggy, so I thought a while and came up with this. I got a couple of 2mm stainless steel mountain bike spokes and put a bend in. Then a second bend. Then cut the pieces of where I'd measured them to be. They perfectly screw right into a regular antenna tube. Easy to replace the antennas if they get damaged. And here they are in place. Next job planned is the decals.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Well, after deliberating for some time I decided to go with my original plan and paint the body green. It was what I intended to do from the start, but almost got swayed when I had a look through the unopened paint cans I have. So here we are. I'll leave it a few days to dry properly before I add the decals and details. The first vintage race I've entered is at the end of the month so I think I've got plenty of time to finish up. My transponder arrived this morning, so I'll need to add that in to the chassis somewhere. Although, next on the list is to put a Frog gearbox in my Wild One for my dad to use in the vintage race too. So, that'll probably be the next build thread.
  13. Had a little time tonight to start masking up the body ready for paint. Normally I'm not a particularly patient person when it comes to painting, but the last few builds I've done I've forced myself to take my time, and it definitely pays off. While I was filling in the join of the driver I also did the lights. They've not turned out too bad. All masked up ready for the black, hopefully tomorrow night. Still not 100% decided on the colour. If this was to be a shelf queen, then I'd probably opt for box art, but I think the Frog was born for the track, so It'll have something fresh. Any thoughts? More coming soon...
  14. Thank you, I'm looking forward to driving this. A lot... Thanks. How is the MIP diff working out? The shocks came in a pack of four, but I only used the 2x 70mm's. The 90mm's will just go in the spares bin for now. The 3racing part number is: #DT02-01/V2/LB. The springs seemed a little too stiff, so I put some of these on: Gmade Shock Spring 15x46mm Soft Green 2pcs For Gmade RSD 90mm Shock #GM0020069. Thanks for the kind words. This community does seem very friendly and I love that. Thank you.
  15. I'm a new member here, but not new to RC. I've always had a few Tamiya vehicles and as this seems to be a really friendly place I thought it was about time I joined. I started with a Boomerang back in 1988, then a Midnight Pumpkin the following year, and since then I've always had some sort of RC's. The last few years I've been into building scale Crawler trucks, and having just finished a Toyota Hilux I suddenly developed the bug for a spot of racing again. I raced 10th 2wd from 1990 to 2000 ish so naturally looked at modern 2wd buggies. But, apart from being expensive I just didn't like the look of them. Then I noticed that my local club do some rounds of vintage racing. So, instead of just buying an RC10 Worlds, I opted for a Frog to make it a bit more of a challenge! Always fancied one as a kid, but never got round to racing one. The plan with this one was to bring it up to date where I could without taking anything away from the look, character and feel of the buggy. I decided to use the MIP ball diff, 3Racing rear shocks, Holiday Buggy wheels and a 17.5t brushless motor. Apologies for the long first post, so on to some pics. I started prepping the driver by filling in the join and the screw hole in the back of his head. The lovely MIP ball diff I then spent a fair amount of time shimming all the gears to remove any side to side play/wobble. It now spins beautifully. The Hobbywing 17.5t motor wire pointed out from the chassis. I wasn't happy with this, so decided to switch them round so all the motor wire were covered by the body. Next up was to put the servo in the centre. I just re-drilled some new holes. Also added a piece of lexan on the base of the chassis so I could get the ESC as low down as possible. It's a tight fit, but everything is squeezed in ok. And it's finally a roller. Next up will hopefully be to paint the body. Thanks for taking a look.
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