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  1. Thank you. I missed that site, but it answers my question.
  2. Back in the day when i used to race 10th buggies I used to discharge all my Nicads after use on a 12v bulb. For the last 10 years I've been using Lipos. However, now that my daughters are getting into RC we've accumulated a few nimh packs to run in our Tamiya cars. Do these need to be discharged after use? Is it better for the battery? I've had a read online and there (as usual with the internet), conflicting views. But, several people seem to say that because nimh's don't have a memory they don't need discharging. What's the general TC view?
  3. I'm in the UK. Would rather post in UK as insured shipping to US would probably be expensive.
  4. @Grumpy pants I think I might. Let me check when i get home tonight.
  5. Good question. I suspect you bin it and buy another sealed motor. However it would take a lot of skims before getting to that point I would imagine...
  6. I've only used this on one motor since i bought it a few years ago. And, as nearly all my runners are brushless I don't think i have a need for it any more. £120 posted.
  7. @Kevin_Mc I have some WR02 white wheels. £12 posted?
  8. Your Hornet is such a great build. I've bought a Grasshopper to build up.
  9. I'm glad it's not just me that has projects and parts for projects queuing up! I also have notepads and spreadsheets with part numbers on for various builds. It's all good fun, and I find it quite therapeutic.
  10. Jadlam have had the Comical Grasshopper and Hornet at £84 for a while now, and today i see that Modelsport have the Hornet at £84 also. I wonder if they're not selling? I can't remember of another reasonably new kit that has been discounted so much.
  11. You will have to re-bind each time you changed TX's. You can't bind more that one TX to a receiver, but you can bind many receivers (as long as the model memory is big enough) to one TX.
  12. I'm gonna get either the Hobbywing Quicrun or SkyRC Ares. As i don't want the sensor lead coming out of the back. I'd rather it come out from the edge of the endbell if that makes sense.... Probably just me.
  13. Thanks @Busdriver I do have a few TBLE's and a Hobbywing 10BL60 but no 13.5t's. Only 10.5t's. I'm quite happy to get a 13.5t though.
  14. That's what i was thinking. Just wondered how it would run on nimhs i guess. Probably smoother than brushed with slightly better tun times?
  15. I'm just about to start building up a Comical Grasshopper and can't decide on which motor to use. I'm defintiely not going to use the stock silver can as i want something a little quicker. The options that I already have are: Tamiya 23t BZ with 1060 esc. Hobbywing 10.5t Quicrun with 10BL120a esc (i think this will be a little too fast) Hobbywing 10BL60a esc and buy a 13.5t motor. I will be using nimh batteries in it also. I've never ran brushless on nimhs before. Do they work ok? I prefer the idea of a brushless motor that's more efficient and easier on maintenance etc... What motors are you using in your Comicals?
  16. Rallying isn't for me. This is a TT02 Type S with upgrades. It comes with original box, manual, decals, pinion and some plastic trees (see pics). I've only used it a few time, and it's been meticulously cleaned after the last time. The wheels and tires included are Tamiya Lancia white rims with new unused Ride 26mm tires. They are NOT glued on yet. Also included are some Tamiya Impreza wheels with Rally Block tires glued on, and the original unused Torque Tuned 540 motor (not pictured). Upgrades over the standard kit are: Yeah Racing alloy adjustable motor mount Tamiya alloy steering Tamiya alloy centre shaft Styrene stone guard under the steering Titanium turnbuckles Tamiya blue alloy steering turnbuckles I'll also include a nice Citroen Xsara unused body complete with “Rod Bull” livery. SOLD SOLD SOLD Pics:
  17. This thread is a great read. I'm just about to start my comical Grasshopper. Lots of useful info for me to steal
  18. I'll take all 3 please. When you say 'new other', I take it to mean unused? PM me your PayPal details please.👍
  19. Anyone try the 'soft' option tires yet? I have some on their way to try.
  20. It's just sat waiting for paint. I've been working on a tt02 drifter in the meantime. Plus, having 2 young daughters means time is limited 😬
  21. I've had a little bit of a break from RC's, but am back to it now. So, I started on the body. I had a few different colour ideas but went with my original plan – pink. I masked off and painted the side window surrounds, and the hood black. Then I matt clear coated the hood. However, when it was dry, It looked way too much pink. So, I masked up the outside and painted the roof and boot lid black. Much happier now. I'd had a Yeah Racing intercooler for a while and it just fits this body perfectly. And here we are all done... apart from chopping the body posts down, and an interior and roll cage. Thanks for looking
  22. The 2wd comicals are 12mm hex and the same wheel front and rear. I can only assume that the gf01cb will use the same wheels.
  23. Nope. I quite fancy the rear tires for my Grasshopper... if i ever build it.
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