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  1. That is so beautiful, now I'm sure to make mine ...
  2. Happy about my result for my first participation. That so great to see some buddy have very very good skill and result. I'm already ready in starting block for the next round
  3. Hey, I've just submit the test for the Google Form. We can make modification. That great. But at the end, maybe you need to add some format about weight and Best Lap , for example, in europe, we use Kg and comma for decimal time. It's good, if it's easier for you to get results.
  4. I've got some spare parts come from other cars. @Teddy Ruckspin, that's these parts on the left with metal insert into the main gear ?
  5. if you need some more mesurement, feel free to ask.
  6. @blofeld, please find below some dimension. Sorry for that poor drawing. ( all are in Millimeter )
  7. Yesterday, again a new session. with my nephew who come @ home. That fun for him to try with his Neo Fighter and after that to discover how is different with road chassis as TA03FS ;-)
  8. We are agree about the PS15 color, that not suit to this model. My Dyna Blaster have great color with Pink Fluo and PS16 Mettalic Blue.
  9. That a great stuff to put a pink motor into your Dyna Blaster. Firstly, when i'm searching some livery idea for my Dyna Blaster, that be great to be close to my Dyna Storm, and your first bodyshell was close to it. But finally, i'm sure that Dyna Blatser need to be BoxArt to keep is value. But you can order another Bodyshell as stadium truck to make runner bodyshell with other variation of the original livery. What do you plane for this model ? Queen Shelf or Runner ?
  10. I've run this weekend for the second time. Much better sunny weather with 15°C ( -4°C a week before with freezing finger ). It's actually holiday for children, and some are with me during the session. Firstly with the Peugeot 206 WRC TA03FS , that great and i improve my drive around this tight track ( first round isn't easy ) Maybe i can improve my chassis to this track or chosse another model ( as Mini Copper on M-01 ) After, i tried as @TurnipJF to run my KongHead on the track with 4WS to make close round. But too much grip and i roll over twice. I've no lap counter for this moment on my KH. Can be interested to compare 6wheelers ! That the only pict i take ! (but a "biker" cross ) and into shadows you can see my supporters ;-) `
  11. @Teddy Ruckspin, @Quattro 83, @moffman, I've just saw that you have a Top Force, For my project French Hummer as Crawler , I need to get size/dimension/measurement of the upper frame of a Top Force, to design the chassis frame. , if you or anybody can give it to me that great. Thanks in advance.
  12. I've asked to a friend about the alignement. That definitely not parallel between the drive shaft and the upper frame. Somebody can give me the mesure/dimension of the upper plate ? Thanks in advance.
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