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  1. That Ok for me, this one seem very interesting ! ( and I can't offer better track ) Just for information. That's not easy to run with crossing section if we are more than 1 car on the track. I don't know how many of us run with others ? I'm ready to run !
  2. Wow ! Can be on option With or Without Guide Line in the survey ;-) I confirm i've achived the 53laps without guide on the Tarmac and i've added the guideline in session with my nephew.
  3. Remind GT Licence session in Gran Turismo 2 with the Guide Line ;-) . That needed for my nephew to understand the needed to be large away from 7th corner get the 8th and 9th straight.
  4. Some run last week with my nephew and his new bodyshell Porsche Rothmans on his TT02 ! Very nice run in front of the house from upstairs. With clay, we write the track in yellow and in green the best "efficient" trajectory !
  5. Back in Business, due to the arrival of a new baby (real human, not RC stuff, in June 2021 ). I can't take time to make some RC run. I love the design of the track of this month, very nice. Some pics of my XV01. And hard to not cross the 3rd point. I need more direction.
  6. Still some inspiration on this page of Tamiya RC Guide Book. Maybe we can adapt the "Parcours Compliqu├ęs" (Complex Track) with U turn and Slalom.
  7. Totally agreed, first time i was on the top, but about the result, that depends on every's configuration car. Congrats to @ryback with is configuration than mine. I was surprise about the amount of NiMH than LiPo battery. And thanks a lot for this session, still very interesting to run without synchronisation.
  8. First Meeting in the North of France : Under wood, with same shadow of Deep Forest Race track on Gran Tourismo ;-)
  9. Totally agree, more easy to run in front of my house than local club ( not registered yet ) and these very technical track are fun to drive. I run my vintage model due to not scratch ( one per run ) and improve the setup.
  10. I keep my TA04 (PRO) to run on carpet. But this chassis is a very good one. Keep attention, that hard to find some parts on this chassis.
  11. Today, I've run for the first time on this round. I've lent the Peugeot 306 to my nephew on his new TT02. But i present to you the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo bodyshell on the same XV01 chassis.. I've change my used slick tires to radial ones. More understeer at the end of the straight. Maybe, i need to set my dampers. The track on Panorama mode. Tomorrow on Monday it's bank holiday in France, I will try to make another session.
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