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  1. My FF01 chassis with a Parma Vectra BTCC car. I got the body around 1998
  2. When I was a teenager I always wanted a Audi Quattro rally car shell. At the time I never knew about the original Tamiya version or the Carson 1/10 body.
  3. Ok in order of the runs I made. On the yellow phone everything is in MPH. The sky rc gps device is in KpH first run was a 46mph/74kph TL01 Second run was my sons car that was 19mph/30.5kph Third run with a detuned tl01 with a brushed Tamiya sport tuned motor 29.2Mph/47KMH Final run with the FF01 clocked 49MPH/78.85KMH I need to make a new front splitter for the Vectra as the local plod turned up and wanted to see how fast it was. So I changed the front wheels and tyes to ones that would hopefully grip more but it meant it was slightly lower. Flat out aver a smooth gutter and it shattered 🤣 on the upside plod was impressed
  4. Yeah in page 92 I had posted two videos. One of My TL01 clocking 46MPH and one of my lads TT01 doing 19MPH. So places 15 and 29 on the list. On the upside I have done some work on the FF and managed to add another 2Mph to my precarious speed and no rolls 🤣
  5. I have another entry onto the lists. This time its a FF01 with the motor and esc from my last attempt with the TL01. Quick spec FF01 chassis Brushless motor 3S lipo 66T spur gear 98 Beetle body shell https://youtu.be/f1ONPikAKUI https://youtu.be/giM8PX8NLy0 I also done a run with the TL01 again but somewhat detuned from the 46mph run it last done Quick spec TL01 chassis Tamiya sport tuned motor Tamiya ESC Speed tuned gear set 23T Pinion 2S lipo battery 2000 Mercedes CLK DTM 2000 body and wheels https://youtu.be/BeFwohaq0VU
  6. I love these old 90’s Tamiya kits. I keep looking at them on eBay and talkiymyself our of buying more 🤣
  7. I can’t complain. It was a Facebook market place bargain that had hardly been used and I don’t think the women who was selling it knew what it was
  8. Cheers. The TL chassis was not the car I was planning to use for speed runs but as the other chassis I was planning on using is waiting for parts I slapped all the stuff into the TL.
  9. When I fort got into Cars was around 1996. I wanted a Tamiya Escort RS but they where £££ at the model shop. They had another car that was on sale for £75.00. I didn’t really want it as it wasn’t what I was after and it was apparently old. The car I bought was a Toyota Celica GrB. At the time I didn’t know much about it other than it had special bits on over others. Sadly it got used and abused and it’s not till recently I’ve seen how rare that are ☹️
  10. I’ve had another go and now upped my speed to 46MPH with my TL01. Video below Quick spec, 9T motor 2S LiPo 23t pinion and speed tuned gears https://youtu.be/J9aXjyX92Uo and also ran my lads TT02 and got 19MPH with a standard out of the box Tamiya motor and esc but with bearings, 25T pinion and 64T spur https://youtu.be/SycsQ_Z8Qqc
  11. Well this evening I decided to have a go at a speed run. Inspired by the videos on YouTube so here is my first go. Car Tamiya TL01 (XB series) running a Sky Rc Leapard 4370/9T motor standard 7.2 Nihm battery , high speed gear set and 23T pinion standard suspension contact foam tyres TA03 ball diff in the rear Full set of bearings Audi A4 STW/BTCC shell from TA03F Speed achieved was 41MPH recorded with an app on a old Nokia1020
  12. I’m using a A4 STW shell from my old TA03F on a TL01 and it fits fine. So I would imaging one of the newer shells from a TL01 would retro fit into a TA03F no problem
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