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  1. Rare vintage part For sale, Tamiya 53164 carbon hollow gear shaft set. Fits Tamiya ta01, ta02, df01 top force, dirt trasher manta ray etc etc
  2. Avante black special wheels Egress wheels *53164 Hollow carbon gear shaft set (top force upgrade)
  3. Yes they are much lighter and stronger very big improvement
  4. Best delivery ever Dyna blaster for me one of the rarest tamiyas ever
  5. Yes on one side it smaller
  6. after I broke my differential from my top force last week, To much power on these splines I decided to replace them right away with the correct TA-03 replacement I realy enjoy running this one its holding up real good i only drive 11,1v with 4300kv and its been taking big jumps highspeed crashes and holds up good
  7. Another great delivery Schumahcer fireblade evo Brand new just dusty
  8. Yes it wil see action Installed a ezrun 4000kv Still waiting on radio. Its painted tamiya ps-6
  9. Just build this kyosho beetle.
  10. Some small upgrades perfect looking rc jazz aluminium rear gear box J12 fix Added a full titanium screw set
  11. tamiya juggernaut 1 NIB willing to trade for : dyna blaster avante 2001 dyna storm
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