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  1. Yes im waiting on a low profile servo and im gonna instal a simple hobbywing esc and use the 23t superstock type s motor for battery i will use a 7.6hv 5200mah lrp lipo battery
  2. Got some more work done I found out that the dt02 alloy motor mounth fits the tl01 chassis great upgrade if u wanna get better cooling on your engine wich is recomended on a tl01 chassis Tamiya superstock type s Until now its sitting in the box im waiting on wheels tyres paint and steering servo and some alloy kingpins
  3. Yes i got the spacer set with it.
  4. TAMIYA TL-01 REBUILD FROM SCRATCH Bumped into this tl-01 chassis on a local auction last year , the main reason for buying was the lightweight chassis and it was cheap. All torn down, the shafts and plastic bearings were worn out The chassis itself looked very good seems like the car was rebuilded with the lightweight chassis after it was driven for a while since it has minor scratches at the bottom of the chassis After giving it a good scrub with degreaser a toothbrush and hot water it looked very clean the overal shape is outstanding since this is a 20 year old chassis I started collecting hop up options and spare parts to rebuild the Lightweight chassis with al new original tamiya parts. TAMIYA TL-01 HOP-UPS 53331 TL-01 Lightweight chassis 53323 TL-01 Carbon propeller shaft 53322 TL-01 Hollow carbon gear shaft 53418 TL-01 Universal shaft 53324 TL-01 Stabilizer set 53300 TL-01 Turnbuckle tie-rod set 53346 (TL-01,M03) Quick release battery hold 53218 Touring car hard joint cup set 53303 TL-01 Adjustable upper arm set 53569 Clamp type aluminium wheel hub 53342 TL-01 Speed tuned gear set 53345 TL-01 Toe-in rear uprights 53596 Aluminium servo stays (Short) 53571 TRF Damper set Fluorine coated 53523 Aluminum Front Upright Set M03/M04 53301 TL-01 Stainless steel suspension shaft set Full Ball bearing set Spare parts. Tamiya TL-01 Spare parts 50738 TL-01 G Parts 50855 TL-01 E parts 50736 TL-01 B Parts 50737 TL-01 C Parts 50602 Differential bevel gear set 50355 18T, 19T av pinion set 50356 20T, 21T av pinion set 50357 22T, 23T av pinion set 53523 Aluminum Front Upright Set M03/M04 TAMIYA 51421 HONDA CIVIC VTI CASTROL BODY SET Until so far im waiting on some grease because i ran out 😅 to be continued Got the grease Diferrential prepped for lubrication Ultrasonic cleaned screws
  5. Got this done for 99% waiting on my white marker for tyre lettering
  6. Thank you mister mail men been huntig for this many years
  7. Sorry for late respinse 25€ exc shipping
  8. Rare vintage part For sale, Tamiya 53164 carbon hollow gear shaft set. Fits Tamiya ta01, ta02, df01 top force, dirt trasher manta ray etc etc
  9. Avante black special wheels Egress wheels *53164 Hollow carbon gear shaft set (top force upgrade)
  10. Yes they are much lighter and stronger very big improvement
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