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  1. I just bought the TRF, but they seem too soft .... I have no way to try on the car at the moment, but compressing with my hand the kit springs are much harder.
  2. TRF spring can be fitted on DF-03 damper? #53975 #53974 have specs similar to #49431 (41/16mm & 71/16mm vs 40/16mm & 64/16mm) but they are too soft or too stiff?
  3. I don't trust this solution too much, I'm afraid of making a mess. Thanks, I found a match in the trades section, but it is no longer available.
  4. I need a new (or used) #49431, shipped to Italy. Thanks.
  5. Difficult to find everything... Project aborted, the items I found are now available in the forum.
  6. HI, I have a new sealed 54758, I can sell it for 45€ plus shipping (from Italy).
  7. I have found this item #54178 (black): The seller claims: The set has been sourced from a kit. But searching on internet I can't find any limited edition like that. There is a 2.0 toe in in silver, but nothing in black. Someone has better information?
  8. I have a tble-04s esc and I want add a fan. On the esc there is a little female header, what kind of connector do I need? I can buy futaba servo pins?
  9. Solved, I figured out how to get the right gear ratio. The best way is with rollout. To have a correct gear ratio the rollout must be the same after the tyre change. RO = ( 3,14 * tyre size ) / FDR So for exemple with FDR 10,7 and buggy tyre (87mm) we have rollout = 25,5 Now with big tyres (105mm) we can calculate the right gear ratio: newFDR = ( 3,14 * big dia.) / oldRO => ( 3,14 * 105) / 25,5 = 12,9 At this point we can choise the best pinion and spur.
  10. First post edit: drop in price.
  11. This chart is for Novak motor, if yor motor has different specs you can get warm temp.
  12. This issue is related to my Levant and Super Levant, but I think it's a good topic for all. GOAL: choose the correct pinion and spur ISSUE: The recommended gear ratio for the motor is related to offroad buggy (not for big tyre) I have two motor: a 10,5T for Super Levant (ratio 8,9/11,7) and a 17,5T for Levant (ratio 7,8/10) The internal gear ratio for the (Super) Levant is 3. A buggy tyre is around 88mm, the Levant tyre is around 110, so my modifier is 110 / 88 = 1,25 The math is (Spur teeth / pinion teeth) x 3 / 1,25 Super Levant: (68 / 18) x 3 = 11,33 / 1,25 = 9,06 Levant (55 / 16) x 3 = 10,31 / 1,25 = 8,25 Is this a good starting point for proper gearing?
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