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  1. I think I'm the only one (apart from the Japanese ) to use lifepo4 batteries. Graupner produced two models of lifepo4 batteries (one rounded 3000mah as a perfect fit for vintage models and one squared 4000mah), but now it's in bankrupt and I don't know where to get new batteries ... do you have any information?
  2. It seems a simple tble-02s update, with 75A and no lipo support.
  3. Nice work! What changes have you made to the chassis? I see 2 servos with custom mount, maybe custom wheelbase, but I can't see the propeller joint.
  4. Use aluminum foil. With these small parts it's a little bit tricky... but you can restore it.
  5. @isomer1 sorry for the late reply... after some research I'm switched back on the levant route and I've grabbed everithing i could find on ebay. The tt02b is a good option (there are some exemples here), but you must adapt the body and the chassis do not offer so much protection from dirt & c (on tb01 you can use the rally shell protection and w/o the chassis guarantees enough protection) With XV01 you must try all possible combination, ThunderDragonCy has already given you some good tips, but for me it's the "long way" and I've abandoned it. After some upgrades now I have a Levant and a Super Levant
  6. tt02, tb03 & 04, tb-evo 4 & 5, and ta05 are compatible with battery strap #53884 or with the plastic one from #51253
  7. Can't see why it would need to be a separate part and not an one block design.
  8. It's for the front only.... but fit on rear too, any issue on every day usage?
  9. I think the picture is a fake/error or just a not original item. The TRF414 servo stay #53308 is silver and TB01 #53596 is silver too. Only the old #49092 is blu, but it's made for the first TG10 (and TA01/03), so I do not know if is a perfect fit for the TB01...
  10. I know...but i think I lost too much travel... No issue on the fornt, so for the rear I can swap a TRF version
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