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  1. If you have a charger for nimh you can force the battery to be charged. When the Voltage is increased you can finish the charge with the standard lifepo charger. This do not guarantee the battery is usable anymore like a brand new one.
  2. I have a Tamiya 16T (around 2400kv) from the Levant or I can searching for the 8T (3000-4000kv)... a standard 540 is enough?
  3. Low friction damper set for TXT-1 are very hard to find (and I do not like txt-2 version, no blue no win), I need 2 box set, so why not build a TNX damper from scratch? Spare parts are few, but they are not that difficult to find on ebay or in some online stores.
  4. Hi, I'm still searching for 1 or 2 #53492 damper set. Maybe even a pair of #53493.
  5. Hi I need some Tamiya hop ups: 1 pair TXT-1 cantilever 1 or 2 pair TXT-1 damper set 1 or 2 pair TXT-1 axle guard I can consider something else.
  6. For the drive shaft this is a solution: https://tamiyabase.com/articles/53-how-to/134-cc01-driveshaft-extention cc01 is not abused like a txt, but it can works..
  7. Thanks for the hints, but the goal of this project is to build a racing monster (for fun) and I want to be sticky on tamiya parts, specially if the tamiya item exist. @87lc2 The txt-2 chassis is nice and without side plates is light, but I have a txt-1 lightweight chassis: nice, lighth and blue. @Mad Ax I have found some cheap shaft on aliexpress and I undestrand your point of view, the Traxxas is cheap and good despite the design is the same. @MadInventor I have seen your original post, very nice work, but I want to try something similar with Tamiya items, I want just give a try... if this drive me crazy and poor I buy a Traxxas shaft. For the motors (due the esc) we have max 25t support (with 2s battery). I can manage 2 brushless motors with 2 esc, but for now is not necessary. I read somewhere (clodtalk maybe) that someone managed to add a slipper clutch... this can be interestig. Hints here?
  8. I've been thinking about it for a while: I'd like to set up a "competition" monster, something like a TRF project. Nothing really new, but I do not like projects where the only original tamiya item is a sticker. I would like to start from a txt-1 and use Tamiya hopup where possible, this is my idea: servo on standard axle guard (like original Tamiya design) front and rear sway bar hex screw 2 27t motors and brushed tamiya esc 106BK txt-2 plastics parts (battery tray etc) txt-1 body (I love the Agrios body, but the original txt-1 is more iconic) clod wheels Main questions: for increased wheelbase and lower ride height I wan't use traxxas drive shaft (or similar) so machining a longer tamiya shaft or adapt universal or something else? 8 oil damper (like txt-2) or cantilever? (cantilever is sexy, but txt2 style damper is better I think) wich servo? the tamiya one is very weak... Suggestions? Hints?
  9. I think I'm the only one (apart from the Japanese ) to use lifepo4 batteries. Graupner produced two models of lifepo4 batteries (one rounded 3000mah as a perfect fit for vintage models and one squared 4000mah), but now it's in bankrupt and I don't know where to get new batteries ... do you have any information?
  10. It seems a simple tble-02s update, with 75A and no lipo support.
  11. Nice work! What changes have you made to the chassis? I see 2 servos with custom mount, maybe custom wheelbase, but I can't see the propeller joint.
  12. Use aluminum foil. With these small parts it's a little bit tricky... but you can restore it.
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