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  1. You can use only nimh (7,2v) or lifepo4 (6,6v) battery. If you want to use a lipo (7,4v) the tble-02s can manage the voltage, but you can not set the cutoff voltage, so you ruin your battery sure at 100%. You can add a lipo buzzer or something similar to alert you when the voltage is low and you must stop the car.
  2. The Olympus is small, but not so small... Is easy to get tired. Try to search an head (or shoulder) mount similar to one used for action cameras. If yuo look in tyhe right direction you are always in frame, even if climb a rock with your crawler. (yes, you can look a bit weird.. but you can upgrade to a cheap and lightweith action cam)
  3. When you move to do the right stunt the shot is ruined and the added weight in my opinion is not pleasant in the long run. Why not a cheap tripod?
  4. The size is 25*47*138mm (around 80A continuous current), but consider the shipping cost, ordering a single battery pack may not be convenient.
  5. Etop power produce 2s lifepo4 pack (soft or squared hard case), but the MOQ is 10 batteries. If someone is interested we can arrange an order (I need around 4 pieces). For 1 battery 6,6v 3800mah 20C hardcase (25*47*138mm) the price is 21.2 USD.
  6. Yes, all item listed and I can ship to UK. I wrote you a private message.
  7. To finance future projects and to make room: TB-05 PRO, full optional, better then R version, brand new 350€ TT-02B hop up, damper and frp, brand new 50€ TT-02 hop up, essential alluminium item, brand new 100€ TT-02T Nissan Titan, small racing truck, brand new 100€ [SOLD] TRF ball bearing, various size, brand new 65€ Ask for more photo or the shipping price. TB-05: all plastic part are carbon reinforced front spool two suspension mount set ( CC for low grip and 05F for high grip) item for two rear diff (so you can fill with different oil) steering set aluminium servo revisited motor mount (one piece item) lower bulkhead limited edition x2 carbon fiber for chassis standard alu damper Double Cardan Joint for front (used) damper stay low profile (front and rear) titanium screw set full ball bearing some spares 4 wheel for indoor esc HK 10BL60 brushless TT-02B: frp front and rear df-03 damper rear hub TT-02: Motor mount servo mount propeller shaft Speed Gear steering set battery holder 4 braccetti (alu rear, steel front) TT-02T: carbon damper stay front and rear tble-01 + 16T 2480kv titanium screw set rear bumper full ball bearing nissan titan body TRF ball bearing: 1510 x6 (4 items opened, but new) 1050 x7 (5 items opened, but new) 1060 x4 (2 items opened, but new) 1150 x2 950 x1 (item opened, but new) 950 flanged x1 (item opened, but new)
  8. Because I think TB-01 is a better solution. It's a capable off-road chassis, with the Levant you have already alu motor mount, a brushless motor, big tyres and a nice truck-like body-shell. If you do not like the shell you can change the body mount and pick a better body. The downside are the spares, theay are rare...
  9. Search for a TB-01 Levant, it's fun out of the box and you can add some (pricey) hopup here and there.
  10. Tamiya suggests to use 2 hole piston on TT02B and 3 hole piston on DF03 for the rear, and 3 hole piston on front of the TT02B and 2 hole on front of the DF03. Why? 3 hole pistons will be stiffer on track, so I think this is due because the TT02B weight is more forward shifted. Right?
  11. From Tamiya Usa: In any case it is slightly low..
  12. If you have a charger for nimh you can force the battery to be charged. When the Voltage is increased you can finish the charge with the standard lifepo charger. This do not guarantee the battery is usable anymore like a brand new one.
  13. I have a Tamiya 16T (around 2400kv) from the Levant or I can searching for the 8T (3000-4000kv)... a standard 540 is enough?
  14. Low friction damper set for TXT-1 are very hard to find (and I do not like txt-2 version, no blue no win), I need 2 box set, so why not build a TNX damper from scratch? Spare parts are few, but they are not that difficult to find on ebay or in some online stores.
  15. Hi, I'm still searching for 1 or 2 #53492 damper set. Maybe even a pair of #53493.
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