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  1. vodka

    AlexKyriak’s TT02B MS* (*Monster-y Something...)

    ...or maybe design something like this for Fibre-lyte?
  2. vodka

    Rally car - TB01 or TT02 Type S?

    There is a proper tt02 cover shell from tamico
  3. Tamiya 51359 Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R r35 45€ + shipping (worldwide)
  4. vodka

    Servo Saver #51000

    I have some spares High Torque servo saver, but I have not the Q4 part. I can use only a washer/spacer to lock the servo horn?
  5. vodka

    Ultimate TB01 Slow Build.

    Full code is #19804237 (for Levant, TT02 etc)
  6. vodka

    Ultimate TB01 Slow Build.

    Which gearbox joint? #54477 #04237
  7. Take a look at Tamiya #54587 (wr02 servo mount) from manual it seem just a little bit longer...
  8. I do not think you can find a servo mount for lunchbox, but probably some hopup (for tt01 or wr02) can be a direct fit. Servo saver Tamiya #51000 is a good option.
  9. vodka

    motor mount alignment

    Yep, but I did not get usefull result. Yes, but with paper all seems good, maybe the paper test is not so much precise to spot this issue. Yes, the motor has 6 holes, I will try.
  10. On youtube The 8-Bit Guy deal with this stuff for his restoration. Take a look.
  11. vodka

    xv-01t buggy conversion

    My goal is to follow the same path of tb01 and build a modern off road truck. Spare parts for tb01 are out of stock or hard to find, so I'm investigate alternative ways (in addition to tt02b).
  12. vodka

    TRF damper for rally

    I have standard Thanks for the setup. I have TRF big bore shocks, so I will try the #54221 spring set. The setup suggest 2 holes, I have pistons with 3 holes, but I thinks the size are different, bigger for rally car, I'm right?
  13. vodka

    What was the first RC that you ever purchased?

    You are right... I did not remember well.
  14. vodka

    What was the first RC that you ever purchased?

    My first RC was a DT03 after some years of mini4wd, But my first rc ever is this beauty: