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  1. Maybe I have an item somewhere, I have to check and I'll let you know.
  2. I know. Maybe someone prefers the YR adjustable motor mount and has a spare to sell. The picture comes from Tamiya, I think, but now they have replaced it with a different color chassis. #54558 is the item number for the motor mount... but the old and the new version share the same code.
  3. I'm searching for the aluminium motor mount, the new version.
  4. My little stadium truck needs some new tires. These look good: #54117. Are they good for bashing around, or are they just for trail? The wheel rim is lovelly. Alternative: #54598. Straight from Ford F350... Or: #51717 from BB01. Are they worth it?
  5. vodka


    Is it possible to mount a TB-01 in the truck version? Like a TT-02T or TA-02T. The only concern I have is with the suspension arms, which are short and could cause the big wheels to touch the chassis. For the damper stay I would use the buggy version from the Mad Spirit. Any hints?
  6. Hi, I need some hopup for my Levant: #53414 suspension mount #53365 Aluminum Steering and anything I can fit... like #53378 or so on. Thanks.
  7. I want a new look for my Levant. The Levant Body is very nice, but the rear wing break easilly and I want something unique... I already had the Sandshaker body, nice, but not my first choise. I love the Thunder Stadium, but I can't find it. The last chance seems the Stadium Blitzer, it looks good. Otherwise there is the Monster Beetle body, it's not in lexan, but can be a good choise for some mods. Alternatives? what's your favorite body?
  8. The club is small and these are hard times, so my idea is to have two classes, novice and advanced both with a look to the budget: novice class with stock car and torque-tuned motor and no upgrades (only bearings and so on), so the budget to start is very low, and advanced class with all the upgrades allowed and torque-tuned or 21.5t motor, so a beginner can switch to advanced class hassle-free.
  9. Oh, yes... it was not a criticism, I just wanted to know your thoughts better. For me "slow" is not "bad". A good upgrade the box motor. They are comparable for your experience? Perfect. The question now is: if you want to have a money-friendly club race, is 21.5 the best choice? A driver can race with the stock motor and if all the other drivers go up to 21.5 he is still competitive and is not obliged to make the leap to brushless. Can it be a valid thought?.
  10. So you are on the "slow side". More power less fun? Carpet or outdoor? 13.5 is it only suitable for an experienced driver? LOL you are off the scale.
  11. same here with @Easy_man
  12. What is your favorite motor on an m-chassis? 21.5 17.5 or 13.5? Some m-chassis have a torque-tuned motor, so is the 17.5 a good target for similar performance? For Tamiyausa in their rules it is allowed to use torque-tuned or 21.5 (16000rpm vs 12000)
  13. I just bought the TRF, but they seem too soft .... I have no way to try on the car at the moment, but compressing with my hand the kit springs are much harder.
  14. TRF spring can be fitted on DF-03 damper? #53975 #53974 have specs similar to #49431 (41/16mm & 71/16mm vs 40/16mm & 64/16mm) but they are too soft or too stiff?
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