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  1. Yeah it did with the stock CVDs so I switched those out for the frog floating dog bones, haven’t had an issue since.
  2. Well a little update, my sons RC adventures have expanded immensely, we now have 4 Slashes one 2WD and three 4WDs. You guys were right the stock Beetle body basically cracked in half amongst losing all of its add on’s. Anyway I’ve made a few changes with more to come. I added Traxxas Slash big bore Red striped springs, they fit the CVAs perfect and now I actually have rebound in the rear. My son asked if he could use the Castle setup in his HCG 4WD slash, basically his Go to basher. On 13/54 tooth we got 57 MPH with a 3s. Pretty quick!! So in turn I got the leftover VXL Velineon 3500kv motor and ESC. It’s not as quick as the Castle setup but still waaaay fast enough for this chassis. Also added 55 mm titanium turnbuckles to the steering. Now I’m looking to add the aluminum shock tower. Forgot to add I picked up the Lexan body too!!
  3. I was thinking about that because I’ve already begun to kill this stock beetle body, which is also why I haven’t put the stickers on it yet. It handles really well though, I have the shocks dialed in pretty good, running T-Maxx springs in the rear with 50 wt oil and the three hole piston. The fronts have 50wt oil three hole piston and long springs that came with the Tamiya shock kit. The only time it flips is if I give it too much throttle.
  4. Had these RCs in 1988 now my 9 yo son has gotten me back into it. So I seen the Beetle was rereleased and figured what the heck, I’ll build it the way I want to. I bought from ebay a new frog grey chassis and skid plates, the 50520 shock kit so I can adjust the shocks the way I like. I bought from Ampro center steering and knuckles. A Traxxas 2075 servo. A bunch of aluminum mounts and wheely bar from eBay, I stretched a set of lunchbox tires on the Beetle wheels. And a MIP dif. So I really wanted it to be FAST so I got a Castle Creations SCT speed control and Castle 3800 KV motor running on a Traxxas 5800 2S lipo. Well it’s FAST almost too fast, rolling along at half throttle then nailing it wide open just flips it over. I’m happy with it though.
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