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  1. Hi I have an original stadium thunder and this came with a 13t pinion gear and a rs540 black sport tuned motor. I want to upgrade the motor however in the instructions do not give an option for any other size pinion to be used. Can I put in a 27t dirt tuned motor?. Also the standard rule I thought was to use a pinion gear two teeth below the motor so for 27th this would be paired with a 25t gear. With this rule in mind why would tamiya use such a low gear for that motor?. Also if I put a brushless 15t motor in could it handle it and again what pinion would you use? Thanks
  2. Evening This is my first post so go easy on me and I apologise for the questions I am a noob to this hobbie. I am after some advice I was lucky enough to get a top force 're issue kit and was wondering if the tamiya stock bz motor would be suitable for use in it. I need some advice on what pinion gear to use for that 23t motor. Also do I need to upgrade the differential gearing from the aluminium ones to stronger plastic ones?. If anyone can recommend some hop up / upgrade parts that are easy to get hold of I would be greatful. Thanks Tim
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