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  1. Can you still get those Carson braces?
  2. So I bought this CVA damper set to fit to my DT02 Holiday Buggy to replace the friction shocks. Assembly is simple enough, instructions are here: http://www.tamiya.de/CommonFiles/Dickie-Tamiya/PDM_Products/Tamiya/300058587/300058587_Daempfer-Set.pdf However, the pistons seem to be solid and 1 piece metal piston, and I've seen different CVA sets where you make the piston using the rod and 1-3 hole piston, and people have recommended the 3 hole piston on the front of the DT02 to make the suspension softer, due to the fragile shock tower The set does include the 1,2 & 3 hole piston But why is that? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just trying to get some idea of how this all works
  3. Beatties Sheffield City Centre, then... And up until recently... Doesn't seem a very lucky location... It too, had a train set running around the shop
  4. Yeah when I first saw it I thought SRB. It wasn't until I read Juls's comment I realised it was indeed a DT02
  5. Don't think so, must be custom fitted
  6. Saw that for sale on FaceBook Marketplace a few weeks back. It was also in one of the RC sales groups, and not surprisingly the admins turned off comments...
  7. Tamiya released a TB01 Evo VI, model number 58257 but I don't know the part number for the bodyshell They also released the TB01 as an Evo VII There's a TL01 that was an Evo IV, not sure an Evo 5 was ever released?
  8. It's a Blackfoot chassis, and the Blackfoot and Monster Beetle were re-released. Do they share the same parts perhaps?
  9. If this goes wrong too, do you have another ESC you could try? Do you find that the performance is the same with both batteries?
  10. Think it depends on the kids really. The box states they're not for kids under 14 but my 5 year old is more than happy helping with maintenance and even my 2 year old will try and help if it means he can use a screwdriver
  11. Bought these for my DT02 Holiday Buggy The standard friction dampers don't seem all that great
  12. Hi User4, do those HobbyWings ESC's have the Lipo cutoff?
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