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  1. fractalife

    Dying hard plastic bodies with fabric dye

    1st time I heard boiled to dye for hard plastic, what kind of look you want to achieve?
  2. fractalife

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    haha, I love to break it down , dip the motor in water and run it, dip the parts with bleach and dish soap, then reapply grease. and repolish the body with silicon
  3. fractalife

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    Had so much fun
  4. fractalife

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    wow!! is it confirmed? what is the date of re-release?
  5. fractalife

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    just curious how much is the price tag?
  6. fractalife

    Blackfoot 2016- Play dirt

    Thanks a lot man, glad you like it!
  7. fractalife

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    Super good looking paintjob!! neat and beautiful Avante!
  8. fractalife

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    Thank you! I still experiment with the camber and toe, like you see on the video, I like to play on local park which is gravel, and to do cornering then kick throttle, and I want to get less side sliding before kick because negetive camber giving more area of tires when cornering, also toe in helping reduce understeer on full throttle cornering. well, that not fix and still playing around with the set, more importantly, having fun :-)
  9. fractalife

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    Thank you @Superluminal :-) here is picture sitting on my kitchen
  10. fractalife

    Glue/Adhesive Question

    Hot glue is my bestfriend, and easy to remove with no residue
  11. fractalife

    My Egress 2013 Build and Review

    The damper looks tougher than Avante!
  12. Just done this vintage, lovely and sexy old lady :-)
  13. fractalife

    Lunch Box FPV

    supercool, I want to see some video footage of it
  14. fractalife

    Grasshopper #2

    So handsome grashopper!
  15. fractalife

    Blackfoot 2016- Play dirt

    yesssss! black foot and old orv chassis always have special place on our heart :-) Thanks a lot!