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  1. Agreed. The pre-assembled gearbox would have been a deal-breaker with my WR02C Honda City Turbo, but happily it also comes with bushings so that gave me an excuse to rebuild the gearbox! I genuinely wouldn't have bought it if it had been pre-assembled with bearings! Building the gearbox is one of the best bits!!
  2. I’m still very confused that the TH Trim REV switch doesn’t reverse the direction. Does it literally make no difference which way it’s set, even with only small (ie very slow) throttle positions? Does the ST switch reverse the direction of the steering?
  3. That's weird. As Juggular says, it might need the throttle calibration resetting after swapping it in order to work perfectly, or maybe even to work at all at the ends of the stick's travel, but I'm really surprised that switching TH Trim between REV and NOR doesn't swap the direction of travel. That's the entire point of that switch.
  4. If you're mostly wanting to drive it then perhaps there's something to be said for a modern chassis instead. But if it's the nostalgia, fun of the build, and reliving old memories then I'd say definitely get the Manta Ray! The same logic is why, after I fixed up my old Fox, I ended up with a re-release Wild One, and then a re-release Hotshot! I've got the SR2S - I've never used a wheel and was happy with sticks. I did buy a second one when I got the Hotshot so that I could run 2 at once if I ever wanted, but that Absima is actually made by FlySky and you can get cheap receivers that work with it perfectly. For my third build (a Honda City Turbo - 80s body, more recent chassis) I just bought an extra receiver to bind to one of the SR2Ss. Yes the SR2S uses 8 AA batteries unlike some which are 4, but mine are on rechargeable NimH, so that's not a big expense. This receiver works I believe: eBay FlySky receiver
  5. I think they’re completely different. From memory the Fox/Novafox have all plastic gears. Even the 3 little bevel gears which sit in the big gear are plastic bevels that you slide onto a little metal shaft each. The Hotshot ones are one piece of cast metal making up the little gear and its axle. The Hotshot has metal bevel gears onto each driveshaft too. That’s not to say that the whole thing might not end up being the same size as the Hotshot one, but I think it’s unlikely as every part is different. The Wild One, on the other hand, uses metal bevels which look to me to be very similar, if not identical, to the Hotshot ones. I’ve never compared them side by side though. For what it’s worth I never had any problems with my old Fox’s gearbox back in the day. I wore out 2 motor pinions (one to the point of it slipping with a horrible graunching noise instead of the car moving), a motor, and 2 sets of driveshafts, but never once had any issues with the diff or other gears. i fixed it up recently after probably 27 years rest, gave it some Novafox driveshafts, new steering ball joints, and it lives again! Enjoy yours!
  6. Looking at a download of the rere manual, I’d say you should use the uprights on their own small tree. Not only does the manual not label them as C parts (although I think it’d be C1 - C3 and C4 look like the rear uprights), the C1 uprights are dark grey in the picture of all parts included near the back of the manual. Dark grey means “not used on this kit”. With the E clips, have a really good look as said. I thought my rere Hotshot was missing a small metal tube, but eventually (and I mean eventually- I’d resigned myself to the fact it was missing) I found it hiding around another metal part, where it was almost an exact fit and very well disguised. Not saying they don’t make mistakes, but I haven’t had a missing part yet.
  7. Bind the bearings as in the plastic hub rubs on the bearing outer? If so, could it be fixed with a small washer between the hub and bearing? (Small as in outside diameter smaller than the bearing outer race's smallest diameter)
  8. No, sorry, I don’t know 100%. I’ve never had a vintage Hotshot so I’m just going from a scanned manual online. That does say window net bag as yours does though. When an MSC wears out it’ll be the contacts that go not the spring, so I’d have thought a spring from a used one would be just fine if you can find one. I’m afraid I’ve no idea what other kits might use the same spring in their MSCs, but someone more knowledgable will hopefully come along!
  9. From looking at a manual online, I'd say yes it is important. It looks like that spring is the thing which pulls the contacts on the moving part of the speed controller onto the pads on the circuit board with the right force. Without it there the contacts won't be pulled down and won't make a good circuit. If you know roughly how long and stiff it is/was you might be able to use a spring from a pen or something else? But you wouldn't want it too soft (as it won't make good contact), or too stiff (as it will wear out the tracks/pads too fast). Is it definitely lost? Magnets swept over a surprisingly large area can sometimes track down an escaped spring?
  10. That's excellent news. So you've got 3 re res? I've only got 2... That means I must be at least one short of "normal"..!!!
  11. I built a rere WildOne last year (my first Tamiya since my Fox in the 80s) and drilled the holes for that, which was awkward and not very satisfying (or round!). So for the Hotshot bought this reamer which is SO much better and easier - well worth the purchase. The clean cut out is fiddly - if you're using scissors then don't close them all the way to the tip even when you're snipping into a sharp corner. I've got a couple of tiny cracks in my body which I noticed after painting and, once I'd googled for it, realised are probably from fully closing them. Still - now that I've got the reamer AND learnt how to use a pair of scissors, I guess I'll need to build another at some point to see if I can do it better next time!
  12. Looks Good! We really were in step - I finished my Hotshot on Friday! A few pics (although I know I'm kind of an imposter on a Super Hotshot thread...!!)
  13. Enjoy your first Tamiya once it's working!
  14. From the TBLE-02S instructions here it looks like you should be using ESC yellow for motor + (yellow on the motor) and ESC blue for motor - (green on the motor). Orange then shouldn't be connected. I know my re-re HotShot manual says to use ESC red or orange for motor +, not yellow, so I assume your Grasshopper manual might be the same, but I guess they don't know what ESC you're going to be using and the kit manual is trying to be generic. Not helpful though!
  15. Haha! One of the reasons why I’m building a Hotshot right now, not a Super Hotshot!! 😃
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