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  1. Looks great! I think I will do the same
  2. This is an option that not only strengthen the front, but eliminates the free fall of the suspension and ensures control by the shocks in both directions.
  3. For all who want to make their TopCat stronger. Look at: http://www.racing-cars.com/pp/New_Cars_and_Parts/TOP_CAT/U7599.html
  4. I didn't know about these trinity gold sensor wire. ...good idea for the Turbo Optima!
  5. On Kyosho europe you can see the new turbo optima parts like body + decals, wheels, gold aluminium parts...unfortunately I cannot upload images. I will try later.
  6. That's great! I always liked the full spike tires from Schumacher!
  7. That's good to know, thank's a lot for the information!
  8. Optima tires are 1.6 and Turbo Optima has 2.0. A combination of 1.6 tires on Turbo Optima wheels will not work. What size are Egress tires?
  9. Yes, optima mid, yz-10 and cat xl(s) are fantastic buggies. In both my re-re schumacher (cat xls and topcat) I use the pro transmission . With this upgrade it is pure pleasure to drive. Actually, I hope to get my hands on the Turbo Optima soon! I also think about building it with ball differentials...
  10. There is a video from Kyosho on YouTube showing the turbo optima, however, to be honest, I don't like it 100%. Anyway, I want one!!
  11. Looking at the tech data from brushless le mans 240s 15.5t and 19.5t, respectively, I am confused with respect to rpm...why have these two variants nearly similar rpm values?
  12. Most of my buggies are equipped with sensored brushless motors in the range of 8.5t to 10.5t. To keep motor temperatur low, I use ratios about 9:1. Speed and torque are high, but not exaggerated. I'm not familiar with 15.5t sensored brushless. Which ratio would you recommend? Would it work with the 51t spur and a 30t pinion?
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