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  1. I put the buggy into the grass and was very curious to hear the noise that can be heard when driving off. Quieter than I expected, more subtle and somehow cool. Acceleration was great and to my surprise the final speed was very high. Wow, I thought, it is **** fast! Already here I had the impression that the drive train runs very freely. And then came the most impressive thing, the one I least expected: in neutral position the buggy ran completely free - a real pleasure! I was prejudiced before this ride. I thought that the chain is an old system, with a high resistance in the drive train. But this is not so. The buggy runs extremely free! The motor stays at a comfortable temperature! (Note: I have the same settings on the esc for all my buggies)
  2. Today I could finally try the Javelin with chain drive and 13.5 motor. Wow! Just great! I have been using belt drive in the Optima and Turbo Optima from the beginning and I didn't think the chain drive was that great. Much better than expected. The Javelin with chain drive is awesome!
  3. I wish that Losi would finally bring a re release to the market! I have 15 Team Associated buggies, and recently purchased my first Losi buggy, an XX. Great condition, never used. That means I now have the Losi line in my collection...
  4. All right! Already looked it up. Gonna be interesting...
  5. I recently bought a losi xx in mint condition. It hasn't arrived yet, but I am really looking forward to this buggy. Can someone please explain to me what hydra drive means? Thanks!
  6. In principle I prefer ball differentials. They are lighter (advantage with rotating mass) and give a great driving feeling. For example with the Kyosho Tomahawk I changed to ball differential after a few weeks. The result was like day and night. Unbelievable how better and cooler the buggy drives with it. I also thought about the ball differential on an Optima, Turbo Optima or Javelin. But the gear differentials work quite well here. For the maintenance of the ball differentials you would have to disassemble the Optima quite a bit to get at it...that's the only reason why I haven't converted it yet. Nevertheless, it is very tempting to install a ball differential here as well. Just to see how the driving characteristics of the buggy change.
  7. I had a Bigwig as a kid. With the Technigold motor it was fast, but the steering was a disaster with the weak and slow servos of that time. In addition the overall high weight of the Bigwig made it sluggish. Especially compared to the Kyosho Optima or Rocky, which were in the neighborhood. But nowadays the Bigwig can be made very attractive with modern components. Good steering behaviour, reduced overall weight, agile handling... the disadvantages of the Bigwig from the past can be eliminated. This buggy is really fun. The new terra scorcher certainly is too! To choose between both is a difficult decision.
  8. I'm just trying it out. Just like back then... we tried a lot (and broke a lot of things...)
  9. I have an Optima and Turbo Optima, both belt driven. I ride both buggys with brushless system (10.5t and 13.5t respectively). Now the family is extended by the Javelin. This one, however, I will drive with chain drive. Is a 13.5 motor too powerful in this case? Is there a motor limit for the optima series, depending on whether chain or belt drive? Thanks for the feedback!
  10. A great looking buggy! Have fun with it!
  11. ..you can use shorty as well as regular size lipos. That's really cool about the Optima/Turbo-O buggy. Unfortunately kyosho didn't incorporate this possibility for the Ultima. Enjoy your Turbo Optima with le mans electronics! It will be awesome!
  12. To be honest I mounted tires from Schumacher CAT xls on turbo optima rims. Unfortunately ott243s do not fit on turbo optima but only on optima or javelin rims.
  13. Have fun assembling it . I look forward to the photos when it's finished!
  14. Out of curiosity I weighed a few buggies (with motor, controller, receiver, without lipo). The Ultima isn't that heavy: Ultima 1290g RC10 gold 6 gear 1245g Top Cat 1236g RC10 graphite stealth transmission 1124g. The lipo makes a difference, of course, since I drive most buggies with lcg shorty, which is unfortunately not possible in the Ultima.
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