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  1. My Top Cat is the same as yours, except for the brass bulkhead. What is the benefit of that? I am always open for improvement. If it's worth something, I'm in.
  2. These are my re re Schumacher TopCat, xls and a refurbished vintage ProCat. All with 13.5t brushless system. Therefore also with pro transmission and even more aluminium tuning parts. As soon as there are tuning parts I just can't resist. Bad for the wallet, but good for the mood Unfortunately I can't recommend which buggy is cooler here. Schumacher buggies are fantastic. In the late 80's definitely a revolution!
  3. Today I mounted the wide front arm shaft on my Tomahawk. This was the last modification of the Tomahawk. Now it has the same dimensions as the Turbo Scorpion. This weekend it will be tested The Turbo Scorpion kit has arrived today...I will assemble it for christmas
  4. I may be wrong, when I think that the technigold is the better motor. My estimation is based on the impression I gained as a child. I can't remember how many turns the technigold had. That would be more helpful than subjective opinions.
  5. I had the Bigwig when I was a kid and I was really proud of the technigold motor and its performance. I don't think that the included motor of the re release Bigwig is equivalent. In my rere Bigwig I run a sensored 10.5 brushless system at the moment. The resulting power causes no problem for the buggy and its really fun to have a high performance Bigwig. If you prefer brushed, I would suggest a 17x2. Have fun with it, the Bigwig is really cool
  6. Zerda would be awesome! I would buy one for sure!!
  7. Here is my version of the Tomahawk. It has long wheelbase, 2.2 wheels front and rear, carbon shock towers front and rear, turbo scorpion rear shocks and Dex410 front shocks. These are fantastic! Furthermore it has a RB5 ball diff. This also is really great. Additionally, I have modified the lipo position for the use of a shorty. Finally, I had to cut the body in the rear to fit the long wheelbase. The turbo scorpion will arrive in about 2 weeks. Looking forward to my new legendary series buggy
  8. This is a good hint. It really depends on the surface on which you are driving. The old buggy concepts should also be driven with moderate power in order to guarantee driving pleasure. It is dangerous if you expect a Tomahawk or Scorpion to behave like a RC10 B4. You should not expect that at all. Nevertheless, you can modify a model to increase the driving pleasure. There are option parts that cost a lot of money, but some of them really pay off because they make a respectable difference. My Tomahawk was treated with the same improvements as the Turbo Scorpion. Nevertheless I ordered a Turbo Scorpion and I am looking forward to compare the two buggies.
  9. Thanks - we had the same thought. I have now also converted the Tomahawk to long wheel base. Also carbon shock towers, rear shocks from the Turbo Scorpion, front and rear wheels from the Turbo Scorpion. I love to optimize buggies. Improving the handling of the buggies has always been my goal. And with the Tomahawk I was honestly not satisfied as it was. I have to wait for better weather, then I can try it out. With the Ultima I am completely satisfied. It stays as it is.
  10. Looks like I have to find the answer myself. Just ordered a Turbo Scorpion. Looking forward to it.
  11. Hello guys, I have a Kyosho Tomahawk and I am now playing with the idea of expanding my collection with a Turbo Scorpion. My main interest is driving. Now my question to you: Is the driving characteristic of the Turbo Scorpion different from the Tomahawk? If the two buggies are too similar, I would rather wait for a new buggy from the legendary series. I am looking forward to your answers
  12. Have fun with it! If you want to drive it, you better use a strong steering servo. The Bigwig needs this, otherwise the steering behaviour is not satisfactory.
  13. The salute is principally the same like the turbo optima, only with another body. The optima pro had a different weight distribution with the steering servo behind the battery. Furthermore it had red shocks and t.o. wheels. The optima pro would be an option for me as it is somehow different.
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