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  1. Lunsford titanium turnbuckles for the Ultima . Also shock tower and steering looks different compared to the re release.
  2. RC10 graphite would be my favourite. I still need this model!
  3. I totally agree! I had a Bigwig as a kid and remembered that it was heavy, slow steering and not very agile. I wondered how it would work with modern light weight electronics. So I bought one re-release Bigwig and equipped it with strong low profile servo, good sensored lrp-speedpassion brushless system and shorty lipo. This buggy is awesome. It is so much fun to drive!
  4. What motor is in this beautiful buggy?
  5. Original Ultima . Beautiful!!!
  6. https://rc.kyosho.com/en/30625.html/ Option parts online. Spare parts as well.
  7. Finally finished the Turbo Optima! It is fantastic to have both Optima as well as the Turbo!
  8. I am currently assembling my Turbo Optima and am very happy that I bought it after all. Originally I had only bought body and wheels from the turbo for the optima. But with the golden chassis, the golden dampers and the stabilizers the Turbo Optima has more to offer. At the beginning I thought, optima and Turbo Optima are too similar to own both. But now I am very happy about both models! If you don't have one yet, I can only recommend to buy a turbo. It feels fantastic.
  9. Just ordered a Turbo Optima at my LHS and realized it was the last in stock. Happy to receive it this week. Looking at the Kyosho homepage, the Turbo Optima is out of stock and “undecided“? The same for the Optima...
  10. Yeah, Kyosho's re releases are top quality. The Optima is incredibly great. Even the old concept of the Tomahawk is a lot of fun (with ball differential). So I'm really looking forward to the Ultima! I'm also excited about the option parts Kyosho will offer. The prices are high, but I love high quality tuning parts.
  11. That would be more than great! Dreams would really come true there! Back in time I chose the Egress. Now we will get the Ultima and possibly a Mid in the next years...Awesome!
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