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  1. Christmas is only a few days over and the Turbo Scorpion is already built and ready to go. This buggy looks incredibly great! Once again I had the great experience of building a legendary series buggy.
  2. Do you use the mechanic speed control which is visible on a photo above?
  3. Salut! What is a fat cat xls? I am curious...
  4. The Hirobo Zerda has fascinated me since I was a child. I always wanted a Zerda or Kyosho Optima back then. Finally I got the Tamiya Bigwig and was also very proud of it! Should there really be a re release of the Zerda, I'm in The buggy looks really great and was technically top at the time! https://www.hirobo.jp/zerda/
  5. Wonderful buggy, wonderful bodies ! With alloy eccentrics and pro transmission - yes Great job!
  6. Not a fan of the Vanquish or vqs, but wow, yours looks more than great! Fantastic! Congratulations!
  7. I did not wait long and ordered the bulkhead. Looking forward to test the buggy...when the snow has finally melted
  8. My Top Cat is the same as yours, except for the brass bulkhead. What is the benefit of that? I am always open for improvement. If it's worth something, I'm in.
  9. These are my re re Schumacher TopCat, xls and a refurbished vintage ProCat. All with 13.5t brushless system. Therefore also with pro transmission and even more aluminium tuning parts. As soon as there are tuning parts I just can't resist. Bad for the wallet, but good for the mood Unfortunately I can't recommend which buggy is cooler here. Schumacher buggies are fantastic. In the late 80's definitely a revolution!
  10. Today I mounted the wide front arm shaft on my Tomahawk. This was the last modification of the Tomahawk. Now it has the same dimensions as the Turbo Scorpion. This weekend it will be tested The Turbo Scorpion kit has arrived today...I will assemble it for christmas
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