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  1. A great looking buggy! Have fun with it!
  2. ..you can use shorty as well as regular size lipos. That's really cool about the Optima/Turbo-O buggy. Unfortunately kyosho didn't incorporate this possibility for the Ultima. Enjoy your Turbo Optima with le mans electronics! It will be awesome!
  3. To be honest I mounted tires from Schumacher CAT xls on turbo optima rims. Unfortunately ott243s do not fit on turbo optima but only on optima or javelin rims.
  4. Have fun assembling it . I look forward to the photos when it's finished!
  5. Out of curiosity I weighed a few buggies (with motor, controller, receiver, without lipo). The Ultima isn't that heavy: Ultima 1290g RC10 gold 6 gear 1245g Top Cat 1236g RC10 graphite stealth transmission 1124g. The lipo makes a difference, of course, since I drive most buggies with lcg shorty, which is unfortunately not possible in the Ultima.
  6. Here's a possibility I've noticed. However, I know nothing about its quality.
  7. Finally built the Ultima. With platinium rear shocks that I have bought when I was young
  8. Now I have it finally, my RC10 graphite chassis! I used the re re worlds car for it. Stealth transmission.
  9. Hi all, How much would you pay for an original unused team associated RC10 graphite chassis? Potentially I can purchase one, however, I think I have to make an offer. Thanks!
  10. Wow! Graphite team car is awesome! Congratulations! I'd love to have one of those. I still have to be patient.
  11. Has anyone driven the Ultima yet? What are the first impressions? I get my Ultima next week. Can't wait!
  12. Sounds great! Do you already know which components you want to install? This buggy has been the dominant vehicle in the racing scene for years. It's fantastic to own one, or even better, several of them!
  13. yes, so all model builders are different. I only have my Tamiya Egress from 1989, which is on the shelf, all other buggies are fully equipped and ready to go at any time. Among them 4 RC10: Edinger A-stamp, RC10 with stealth gearbox and carbon fibre tub chassis and the new editions classic and worlds car. Each is equipped with different tuning parts, so that each buggy has an individual driving characteristic. Driving is simply the most fun for me! Of course, I always take very good care of my precious ones!
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