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  1. finally looked at my vintage midnight pumpkin I bought a year ago. Replaced broken front shock, fitted body mount pegs, removed perished tires and replaced with brand new ones. Just needs a radio and should be a runner. Although, I've lost all my bearings, so am waiting on a new set to ball race the whole thing. Also fixed my Chevy S-10 rear sway bar/dog bone. It keeps popping off and this dropping the dog bone. Fitted a bigger screw this time so it holds. Tonight, hoping to fix servo saver on Overlander and check out electrics on vintage blackfoot, she stutters and farts and goes haywire. Home alone, in the sun shine, with some bourbon, working on me tamiya, a nice way to spend a friday evening.
  2. nice find. Never get those in NZ. Wish I'd rekindled my Tamiya obsession when I lived in London.
  3. 1/ original scorcher restore to runner, but not as basher 2/ falcon x2, restore, get working to shelf 3/ Pajero 58044. Restore. In pieces, broken gearbox, paint and decal bod 4/ lunchbox, finish gearbox rebuild 5/ Clodbuster, get working. Twin MSC not working, smoked on two attempts, might need new one. 6/ Subaru Brat Blue special edition build 7/ Finish Monster beetle build, final body attachments and decals to be done. 8/ Stadium Blitzer, source original or lexan body to return to box art. Find quiet solution for gearbox 9/ Chevy S10, have one running, have second chassis and body to build another, although will build with wider arms for more stability and bashing. 10/ Hornet originals x 2 to restore 11/ Hornet rere with a scorcher body, finish body mounting, thus far 2 efforts have failed the roll test. 12/ King blackfoot - lost drive last time out, needs gearbox strip and restore I suspect 13/ Midnight Pumpkin, got new tires, but needs a full restore, including the body. 1
  4. actually, just watched a video on youtube, seems they are just noisy gearboxes.
  5. I bought number 106 a few weeks ago, secondhand here in NZ. Finally got round to giving it a go today, gearbox is noisy as..a really noisy thing. I greased up the pinion and main gear, still noisy, so I removed drive shafts and poked some tamiya grease in there too. Made zero difference. Smoother maybe, but no quieter. Its not clicking, its just...noisy. Like perhaps the gears are worn, although I would suspect it might slip or click if that were the case. The previous owner did state it has always been noisy, if it was me I woulda done something about it, but judging by the spares, he's been through several rear tires. Are these just notoriously noisy gear boxes or is there a hush puppy upgrade? I've got some that are a bit whiny, then ones like my wild one that a whisper quiet, but this takes the cake. cheers
  6. try some oil filled shocks maybe? my vintage blacky still has stock, but my king blackfoot has oil filled, at the rear only at the moment, and it is much more planted now. But then I predominantly only play on a dirt track so the shocks soak up the bumps and jumps so much better, as well as getting the power down off the corners.
  7. I had one for about a month, the front end was soggy, so I replaced the springs, only to find they were soggy from factory. The upgraded shocks are a good idea, but then they wouldn't be a vintage stryker. The plastic drive shafts put me off, so I sold it, I didn't like the look or the way it drive. But I gave it chance, it was one I wanted in my vintage collection, but not enough to warrant keeping it.
  8. the scorcher has arrived. Need to finish my other project then start the cleanup.
  9. I've been in a tamiya limbo for a while. The wife and I separated in February, so i moved in with a friend (wink wink), the problem is there isn't much space to work on my cars, or display them, thankfully just enough storage. I semi completed my lunchbox a couple of months ago, a little rough, but turned out ok. I'm also working on a new build, trying to go completely non box art. And I bought an OG Scorcher last night, it should be here next week, can't wait for that one, i'm hoping a clean and a new eye is all it needs.
  10. I know what you mean. Having dashed and bought anything I could initially, I'm trying to be more selective too. I too have an old dunger to restore, a Mitsi Pajero, the non metal top, the wheelie machine. Although that will be a long long restore as I don't actually have any interest in it. Also have a Falcon to restore, and I did buy a striker a few months ago, it was a runner, but awful paint job, I was going to strip and repaint but I don't think it will increase its value, so I might just sell it as is. I did acquire a new car this week, off these forums actually, now got me a TXT-1, not for restore mind, but to bash, it is more fun than I thought a big truck could be. Need to get it down the beach this summer for some fun in the dunes.
  11. nearly done, but couldn't resist the urge for a quick run out back. I did have a go in the cul de sac but I was worried about rolling her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khYbq8FPrFU&t=11s
  12. nearing completion. Still want to try something with the paint surface, and need to attach the scorcher exhaust to the gearbox aswell.
  13. that looks really good, that mounting is brilliant. I thought mine worked out ok but I measure and drilled my holes without the nose on, so of course once I painted and attached the bits and bobs, it fricken hits the front of the chassis. So I'll have to come up with a new mount this weekend, or cut the front as you did, although I would prefer not to, but I think for the body to sit over the wheels properly it might be necessary.
  14. some updates to the paint. Need to build up the rust effect and add some dirt, and some dents, if my brush skills extend to that. Then I I'll be ready to start adding the bits and have it completed.
  15. I will have windows, there is enough space underneath for hands to remove body from mount, in fact I didn't even do it through the window at all, too tight. I will paint the ends of the mounts in the same powder blue as well, though how long that will last I don't know. I have some magnets for the front that I might do instead of using the standard pin retaining system. And thinking a simple central upright to support the roof in the case of the inevitable cartwheels.
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