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  1. Scary thought, I would have been about 4 years old when this website started #50613 checking in
  2. No wheels i'm afraid they are tires only.
  3. Grasshopper (?) gearbox with a crack in it, turns perfectly smooth and has all the gears. 2.2" beadlock wheels with a 12mm hex 6 monster truck tires, not sure what they're from but they're 2.2". All have foams. I will be a bit cheeky and ask for a random paypal donation of whatever you think they're worth plus postage. All else is free. I also have a bear hawk manual that's up for grabs. Bit tatty but its perfectly usable.
  4. I got annoyed with batteries not fitting in my Mock Force, so I designed these They are just a smidge longer than the stock ones but that extra 5mm makes a lot of difference.
  5. Busy day for uploading! Top force battery holders that let you use longer 2s stickpacks https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4265873 And my Blitzer series arms, both solid and lightened https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4266211
  6. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4265568 Falcon Hubs are up if anyone needs em
  7. Downehill Brakes Nev-R Rite Fuel Gauges Bore & Ring Dampers E-Z Peel Decals Shift Flap Mudguards Flat Out (of the) Box Lipos Clutterware Storage
  8. I love things like this! None spring to mind right now but I can see this being a great thread. In a similar vein I have been thinking about how brilliantly ludicrous Tamiya wing slogans are & trying to come up with some that sound in keeping but are actual nonsense.
  9. I don't like inflicting my ugly mug on others, and being practically deaf in one ear I can't always keep up with group calls/face times (has made for some interesting work meetings in the past ) That said however, I'd be interested in any kind of groups for chatting, messanger or discord etc.
  10. Well, there's a Boomerang chassis nice and flat packed. I am looking forward to playing with it! I need to order some darker filament for the printed parts and I am finally running out of 1150 ball bearings. I will be ordering a repro body from penguin bodyshells soon I am still wondering what the best way to go with decals are. I was wondering how to colour the blue parts to remove any happiness or joy from the car's palette, after a bit of back and forth I settled to just do as a 10 year old would do and just rattle can it the colour I want I plugged the bores in the rear hubs with bushings (finally a use for them!) and this worked quite well. I busted out some kobra grey spray paint and gave it a few coats. Pretty pleased! We shall see in time if it flakes. Pretty happy with the look!
  11. That's one of those "technically yes, practically not really" questions. It's possible on high end machines, for example those with dual extruders (or cheap ones with careful part orientation and lucky filament changes!) It's almost certainly eaiser to paint after the fact than fuss about trying to set up multiple colours.
  12. All I'm hearing is you need to buy at least one more body shell
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