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  1. Hi, I'm after a rough rider/buggy champ body UK based. Any condition is fine, looking for cheap as possible to test out an idea. I know they're not exactly expensive or hard to find but save a few quid here and there adds up. Cheers!
  2. More stadium than trophy but still semi relevent
  3. I'd check your throttle trim is neutral. Also make sure you're doing a slow ramp into reverse, it's not always instant like forward. You almost have to find the bite point.
  4. Depends, are you going to suck a few hundred amps for minutes at a time? I would imagine not. If you've got 1/8 scale electrics then yes, 90 is probably the way but for virtually all 1/10 uses xt60 is all you need.
  5. Early Rough Rider with a few upgrades/non stock parts it looks like? If it's in good nick under the body shell, around the 200 mark on a good day but as previously stated it's only worth what someone will pay. Basically it's worth a bit if you're not in a hurry to shift it then set a price and let people come to you.
  6. I packed up a DF01 chassis I'd sold after deciding I needed to slim down on junk ready for posting. Was thinking what I was going to do with the extra £65 and shelf space until I realised we were well beyond E in the car and filled my tank up, £63.47 Maybe I could buy some body clips? Ah well such is life. I also dug out my chopped blitzer chassis and did some work on it. Aluminium shocks and fitted a decent motor, got battery layout etc. I'm aiming for some early 90's stadium truck goodness so brushed setup and some decent NiMH cells hopefully. I'm tossing up what wheels to use - neon stadium thunder is the current favourite Wanting to first clean it up then rebuild the shocks and fit new front springs. I might consider making the rear A arms from aluminium or delrin. The ESC will be replaced with a nosram when it arrives.
  7. Excellent stuff! Love the car and the story. I hope you've got an ESC if you're planning to go lipo, I'd hate to see your pride and joy go up in smoke.
  8. That's a very beefy motor! What pinion are you going to be using for the 5mm shaft?
  9. I can probably sort you out with a blitzer chassis if you would like a project and are UK based? Sorry to hear about the seller trouble.
  10. Oh I'm in Dublin in a couple weeks! Might have to check this out.
  11. Xt60 for small things like cars, xt90 for big RC. Handle the current well, they're cheap and easy to solder to. I used deans years ago, also good connectors but xt are neater to wire up and I've had some issues with the leaf spring deforming over time which leads to intermittent contact. This may be down to cheap/imitation deans because totally genuine ones are silly money a pair. I do not rate Tamiya connectors really. Flimsy and outdated. I think they're a bottleneck unless you're on low discharge NIMH and silver can motors. I've always found ec5 very good but I never got the hang of putting them together - again perhaps due to cheap knock offs. XT60 is absolutely perfect for this level of RC imo
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