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  1. Wired up a £13 sensored ESC in my Manta Ray and shortened the servo wires. Nothing super exciting but it now moves under its own power - cue getting in trouble for tire tracks on the kitchen lino
  2. Honestly it's a coin toss between the Falcon + Stadium Blitzer for tamiya's own Falcon by a nose. I think the 959 just edges out the 5 turbo for me in terms of real world livery.
  3. Just a bit of a backlog on Falcon stuff, still very much a work in progress. I'm a bit of a sucker for all things blitzer and when a couple of opportunities for restorations projects popped up I jumped at the chance to get my hands on a Falcon. This is where I started. It's a fixer upper! Someone had gone to town with black paint which was a bit of a pain but far from unsalvageable. There was a lot of play on most of the bushings and one side was almost completely locked up. Quite a bit of grime on the chassis! It all got a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner and a wipe down with some cleaning rags. Bearings were fitted in place of the bushings, not hugely exiting but the difference in play compared to bushings is always pleasing. Turns out those wheels WERE yellow after all It was at this point I started taking measurements, drawing and developing my own parts to replace some of the more hard to find/commonly broken parts Working on front suspension and rear. With the intent of making aluminium versions. Got to be careful with a harder material as you just move the failure point somewhere else! The rear shock towers were a much simpler part to reproduce and with some black anodising (left) you basically cannot tell it's not stock! I quite like the bare aluminium to be honest Kamtec and MCI to the rescue with a really rather lovely body shell and decals. I really do like the shape now I've seen it in the flesh and it feels really solid. For £14 I cannot complain. Not the best paintjob but it will be good enough to run with! A happy afternoon was spent decaling and finishing up these two bodies. I even did the drivers! Quite happy so far! Runner wheels and tires courtesy of Tony's Tamiya parts. The power system for this car will be either a Technigold or Technituned motor, 1060 ESC and most likely a 2s rounded hardcase lipo. I will be keeping the MSC and service in visual capacity. Lots still to do hope to be able to drive the car soon, although I might have to put RC projects to one side while things happen with my job. Thanks for reading!
  4. I painted my crawler body today. Red oxide primer plus good old tamiya metallic blue paint. I intentionally coated it 'badly' (honest!) to give it some rust and grime. I think it's rather effective. I found that the little plastic box my servo came in fitted a short 2s hardcase lipo really well so with a dash of red paint it became my rather bloated fuel cell i can nearly fit an interior now!
  5. I would be tempted to add in like a high voltage (12v ish, relative) 550 motor and perhaps add in an additional stage of reduction 3:1 crawler style planetary thing. That will give you the torque for sure. If that isn't enough and you need to go custom then I would suggest the motor and gearbox from a cordless drill. Super cheap and high torque!
  6. Slowly making headway on my Manta Ray, it's more mongrel top force now but I love it. I have a loose intention of taking it to a proper track someday, maybe it could keep up? Still on the list is a new lipo for it, turnbuckles, alu C hubs and universal joints. It all adds up worryingly fast! Long term project
  7. Hi, I want to know the best (strongest) way to join parts of a hard body together. Basically on a Blitzer Beetle (SS, MB etc) I want to join the nosecone to the main body, then try and fill and sand it so it appears seamless. I used the kit screws and super glue for my first one and it didn't not work but it eventually cracked and it feels like it's going to snap at the seam. Not sure if there's like super Epoxy or solvent weld stuff (I designed a product at work which is an Abs clam shell which is solvent welded together and it's watertight) or its best to king of melt it together with a bit of sprue and a soldering iron. Any thoughts appreciated, Cheers!
  8. Not the best picture here but you get the idea
  9. On a related note I was wanting to start a topic about boxes for boxes the other day! I keep my Bearhawk box in a large plastic box that is almost perfect size wise it's unreal. I've never been able to find one like it but maybe I'm not looking very hard! I have my Stadium Blitzer box cut and framed with its price stickers, dents and all. It was like that in the shop for months when I was looking at it and saving for it so thats got some meaning for me. I will be doing the same for my other boxes once I have somewhere to put them + can afford the frames!
  10. I'm curious as to why? It was going to be my first port of call to change out the motor - but maybe not!
  11. Great stuff! I've been keeping my eye out for one of these trucks as I think they're potentially a great platform
  12. I cut and painted a proline Beetle body for my 1/8 HPI stadium truck. Pretty happy with how it came out, I basically did the blitzer paintjob as a loose copy from an image search on my phone. I think it's made me quite confident in doing a 1/10 polycarb body for a Tamiya basher Still a lot of decaling to do and I need to find some 1/8 wheels that look blitzer-ish and paint them if I can't find the right colour.
  13. Darn Millennial reporting in UK based though, and from my point of view I would not like to be a person of my age in the states at the moment! (not just because I'd be barely able to drink in bars!) The big and the bad are always going to be (and always have been) present, but it seems the frenzy cycle of extreme greed has reached fever pitch. Owning most of the money isn't enough when you've owned most of it for years, the only logical step is to want it all. Then presumably find a way to embezzle money that doesn't exist. We keep forcing kids to go through the education system which I think is very wrong. Its a way to start your adult life at a net loss. From what I understand in the US you need to have some higher education or finish high school to even get the most basic of jobs or the dreaded unpaid internship. We're seeing the same here. When I tried to leave school they raised the leaving age to 17 which meant I had an extra year of constant trouble for playing truant to go to work. My wife and I (she's 6 years older) both essentially worked a minimum of 40 hours a week since we were 16, she was a manager in retail from 20 and I am an overpaid mechanical engineer (roughly double a minimum wage salary). We get by just fine now as we have no real money but no debt. Scrabbling to get enough for a deposit down for a house so we can stop playing the expensive rent game. If we had student loans/debt and I had a 'normal' job for a 22 year old I have no idea how we'd cope. We'd have to cut out avocado toast all together and that's unthinkable. Now that is being glib but its true. From what I can work out, people aren't really treated as adults until their early 20's in the US, then that's a very short period to get a high salary stable job, mortgage a house and buy that new motorbike on finance. For us, the one car we have is a tool, not a comfort. Its what my wife needs to get to work so she can get paid. It hasn't got time to be fun or that enjoyable. It has to be hammered back into shape, oiled and patched up and ready for service. It might be a 2009 fabia with 153k miles on it but its more like a soviet tank at this point. When it eventually dies from being run into the ground (any day now because its about to eat its own clutch) anything useful will be stripped and harvested and sold on then another sub £500 beater will get acquired to be patched until death again. I am completely behind somebody not wanting to own a car for the simple reason of insurance! The thousands of pound you'll want to shell out for a mighty 1.2l (plus paying for the actual car and the upkeep, which even if you do the work yourself and use scrappy parts isn't cheap) General cost of living has risen, which is fine and expected but the salaries and the opportunities haven't expanded at the same rate. Even if you want to play the money management card, when you've got nothing its hard to invest or save it. We looked at putting the bulk of our savings (+ safety net) into the highest interest savings account we could get, locked away for 3 years. We'd have made about £150 in interest after that point. We decided to try it anyway, the bank lost all of our savings as it took it out of one account, nailed it to a Frisbee and flung it over a rainbow. After a slight blistering complaint they replaced the funds and gave us a £100 credit as a sorry. Basically two years of 'investment' earnings. We didn't bother after that. It's all a bit of a weird culture and you have to pick out the bits that *everyone* goes through and what could be a legitimate problem. As the world changes, how you deal with it has to change too no matter how terrifying that is. I'm going to moan and grumble about the world not being how I'd like it to be and lament how easy it would be 30 years ago. I'd most likely be struggling with the same basic stuff just with better music on the radio. TL;DR with no debt and two working adults we still can't buy the cool car or motorbike. We care about cars but unfortunately we care more about paying the bills and saving for a deposit on a house. And the occasional bit of tamiya for me and lego for her of course.
  14. I think for most blitzer chassis it is a 13t pinion and a 15t. Brushed I tend to run a larger pinion and brushless the smaller just for an extra help on startup (even with sensors) Personally I don't really rate tamiya plugs at all but they're perfect for a silver can system - imo nothing more. I love xt60 connectors for anything upto about 60a and xt90 for anything over that.
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