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  1. I tend to buy sizes I know I'm going to use a lot, like 1150 in bulk. I bought 100 last year and have been happily using since. I do not race, for context. Yes, they are likely to be the same thing from the same/similar factories but you pay for someone's QC and to have a reputable source to deal with. The convenience of not getting a dud every so often is part of the service that you pay the extra for. Any problems with an order or a product you can pick up the phone or send an email to Fast Eddy and they will likely sort you out. No such frills as seller coms or customer service with buying from a chinese distributor in my experience. If it were me, I'd go bulk.
  2. Thanks for the comments @XAMV83 I would love to see pictures of your truck. I will reply to2 your private message shortly too. I'll work on uploading my printed parts soon!
  3. Are we talking manual or CNC... or maybe a manual that can be converted down the line. I've had two bench top manual milling machines and can add some of my insight if needed. I had a basic cnc router but I ended up just doing only a few jobs before selling it on as it was too much of a hassle.
  4. I have mixed feelings having done small batch custom parts in this and other hobbies. If the seller is also the machinist, then parts are likely to come out cheaper, like the perhaps the original maker of these parts was. When I made things in house I took material cost plus time plus a small percentage on top (generally rounding up to a nicer number) I've had to approximate and extrapolate from breif Google searching. A CNC operator would be between 20-40 hourly rate, even with a relatively low material overhead, there's multiple parts and setups which will push the cost higher or, push the workers hourly rate lower to stay sensible. I think it's it's easy to remove the work that goes into a part Vs what it's actually for. Yes it's bling for a toy but it's someone's livelihood to sit there and cut the stock, code it all up, buy the tooling and run the program. If it is homebrew or a small operation I can see where they get the pricetag though I completely agree it is a high price point for the product itself. Even when you batch produce a load in one go to sit for stock, the time you took to make them doesn't go away. Factory workers would soon get very upset if they didn't paid for the time they worked till the products they produced were sold! If it's an outsourced product and the seller is just sending out the drawings (bought under licence) then he's likely not making much profit in exchange for not much work. Outsourcing will have material bought from the manufacturers contract holder (not the cheapest as you could do for yourself) plus tax, plus paying the time to the company (who then have to pay the machinist), paying again for QC, packing shipping and then sales tax on the lot. This adds up even if you curve around the local scene and go to China. Here you can dodge the labour laws and pay people pennys per hour but the shipping and potential import still add up. Also you can't make to order unless your customer is okay with a 5 week turnaround! The price is fair exchange for the work but not a fair exchange for the product. If you are doing them yourself out of passion alone and don't charge for your time, just for consumables and material then maybe you can spit a couple out for $100 before you get burnt out. However this lies with the seller to work out if an idea is profitable BEFORE you start selling them. I hope this doesn't come across as me being aggressive or defensive of something I ultimately have no stake in. I just thought I'd add in my perspective
  5. @topforcein I'm happy to make you a part
  6. I really like reading these stories, super pure and wholesome. My experience with Tamiya is perhaps less relevent as I came to Tamiya RC very late (I was 20 when I built my first kit - total man child I know!) But I'll stick my oar in anyway. The first Tamiya product I had was actually one of the twin motor gearboxes when I was maybe ten or eleven years old. I had been trying to make small robots out of toy cars and random bits from Maplin. I was slowly coming up to the hurdle of gearing, I just wasn't able to get enough torque out of small toy motors to move the chassis I made. Ad hoc arrangements with rubber bands and Lego pulleys just didn't cut it. And then this changed things! During one of my first real searches online (I was very late to the internet, this would have been around 2008) I managed to find the answer to all my problems at pocket money prices! I bought this and some wheels and was over the moon! I had such a happy time opening up the beautiful boxes with all the drawings and artwork and neat little instructions. It felt so alien and exciting, being the first thing I'd ever had ordered online, this was probably helped by the Japanese text! I can't say I've ever been a proper "tire sniffer" but this is as close bad I've ever got. After a while I had outgrown little plastic gearboxes and gotten more serious with robotics and the name of Tamiya just became synonymous with a fairly rubbish form of connector. This was until the RC bug bit after seeing the Trailfinder 2 and Traxxas Stampede of my then boss and I began looking at what to buy for myself. I had a few false starts but when I finally discovered the Tamiya catalogue... WOW. The variety and the heart of all the models was incredible. So much weirdness on display! Loads of different ideas and chassis and an absolute ton of gears I was so taken with the colour and overall fun of the Blitzer Beetle. Watching reviews on YouTube seemed to show the chassis was fairly capable too. I had a very happy time on my day off building the thing, day drinking and watching Mad Max. Everything went together like a dream even while being half cut! Running the thing was excellent. At work we used to rag our cars around the car park during smoke and lunch breaks - great fun! Super easy to drive and very strong. I miss those days! Still have it a few years down the line and I would never ever see it go!
  7. I love the speed passion motors! Love the performance, though it's correct what they say above it's not cutting edge it's perfect for Tamiya cars. The bullet connections are the nicest of any motor and I'd buy them just for that. I have a 8.5t a 10.5t and a 13.5t. The 13.5t runs happily on a TBLE-02s on 2s.
  8. I think it hasn't been re released because the flaws would be too much of a hassle to fix and really unwise to just re produce. I also think it would be a lukewarm reception as the ones that love it (myself included) have to love it enough for those that despise it. It's very Marmite. Plus I think it is an unfortunate car to expect a modern user/child to want to drive. I think the Grasshoppers and Mad Bulls still very much hold up to being a fun driving experience for a 10 year old but I think a Falcon would have about 3 minutes of play before the uprights cease to be and the front bulkhead unceremoniously leaves this mortal coil. Also it would need a lot of moulds re tooled, yes the chassis tub has been around the block many times and been re released thrice but that's about the only thing the "Falcon Chassis" cars and the Falcon itself share. Maybe I'm wrong but as there is less of a back catalogue to re release Big T seem to be going for less releases but of higher end cars. Now, I really, genuinely like the Falcon and to contrast what I've said above I'll say some things I'd love to see on a potential rerelease: -Strengthened front, uprights and bulkheads. Please pay Ampro Engineering whatever he asks for the rights to his printed part designs and then injection mould them in the most durable ABS grade you have. -Drive shafts, potentially metal dogbones, preferably a CVD, even the traxxas/shumacher plastic cross shaft would be better. -Ball diff as a hop up! Linking up to my previous point that would be an excellent addition. Thorpe managed it back in the day, what's stopping us now? -Trailing arms that don't have a resting position that lets the driveshafts bind or fall out. Put a little restricting bump on the chassis if you have to. Please and thank you. - Quite literally any other bumper please. Hornet style is fine, anything's an improvement! - Keep the Falcon branding, following the VQS the fly in the ointment would be a re released.... FLCN? I would expect them to stick it out at, say a £189.99 RRP which shops have on offer for £149.99 constantly - Frog levels of pricing.
  9. Zero meaningful progress has been made with the Sad Bull/A07. I need to replace some parts on my printer and buy the right colour of filament to continue much further. Funny how all the little accessories like paint, sandpaper and time add up to way more than you think! I have been working away at my other, less neglected cars though. Basically a year after starting the body I finally got around to getting the details, such as chrome and glass for it. I will not be bothering with wing mirrors although I may print some, or rather design a negative I can cast some relatively hard but still supple polyurethane into. Neat project but very messy and potentially a huge ball ache. Still a ways to go but it is on the home stretch. You can see a little of my work on my Falcon here But since I have been working on it I will include it here too Pretty happy with how it's all coming together with the fake MSC servo being the steering servo via hidden bell crank linkage. The new front bulkhead which incorporates the steering setup is also working pretty well. I've added some braces made out of threaded rod and some rose joints and quite honestly it has really made a surprising difference. I have also carefully solvent welded some abs strip around the bulkhead mounts on the chassis tub as it was showing it's age as well as me cutting out a worrying chunk for the steering rack to clear. As I was taking the snaps of the Blitzer I plonked this up there as well and had this thought (copied from a FB post) "Is it just me or does the Falcon chassis work remarkably well as a budget Sand Scorcher type Baja beetle? Now pure speculation based upon boredom but the classic Tamiya beetle shell fits very well with the Falcon's suspension, wheelbase and rear slung motor and cage. I wonder if they had plans to make another vehicle on the Falcon chassis but the feedback from the suspension and uprights was too poor so it was scrapped. It's not totally outside the realms of possibility as the Bearhawk rose from the ashes of the phoenix (sorry, I mean Falcon) which then later became the Blitzer beetle with slight adjustments. Talking out of my ******* rather but it's a nice thought." Not too far off here, the width is fairly bang on! The back end is what sells it for me, it looks absolutely spot on with that motor and cage slung out the back! I might have to have an alt shell for my Falcon! One of the guys on the groups has requested some body mounts to plop a beetle on this chassis so I'll be drawing something up before too long! I can see this being my way to vicarious Sand Scorcher ownership! Oh and progress on my truck body has stalled somewhat as there is only a certain rate myself and my partner can consume ice lollys for the bed decoration
  10. No they're vacuum formed. If the wheelbase is all right then should he grand. They're easy to get a hold to double check anyway. Just meant they have a greater variety of bodies for their own kits which tend to be 1:12. They cater to many ranges
  11. Yes I've had a lada and a Nissan Cedric from kamtec, not the most sharp or detailed bodies but excellent value for money. Be mindful most of what they make is for 1:12 scale though!
  12. A little work on a part for the Falcon as it's easy to copy This holds the RX bat or the RX itself depending on how you wish to set up your electronics. This turned out quite well. I need to tweak one detail and it's good to go.
  13. Finally fitted the chrome and clear parts to my Blitzer Beetle. This has been on the go for nearly a year now!
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