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  1. All 540 motors will fit without any hassle. However I wouldn't go more than 17.5t really as while the Falcon gearbox is pretty robust, the dogbones and fragile uprights/front wishbones might quickly become dust! I like speed passion motors, Novak and the generic ebay bluebottle motors. ESC's are also likely a pretty easy fit, most will fit on the MSC mount with a bit of double sided foam. I actually rate the TBLE-02s ESC pretty well as a sensored only brushless controller. I made a mount that fits where the MSC servo goes, hear you can see it in place on my Falcon https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4350665
  2. Zortrax m200 and m300. Casually liberated from my old r&d lab
  3. @rwordenjr I have designed & printed the front bulkhead (which now takes a top force bumper) front uprights, front wishbones and bell crank steering mechanism. There is also a printed servo cap to spoof the casual observer into thinking it's got an MSC. I've also drawn up the rear uprights and CNC milled them out of aluminium. I had aluminium front uprights too but sold them all on out of necessity.
  4. Yes it's humming away as we type. For curiosities sake I popped the part into shapeways, it's £100-800 + shipping depending on material and detail. Maybe if your mate ever needs an upgrade
  5. I drew and printed some shock towers for a WT01 because the stock ones are dreadful. A monster truck with 15mm of travel is really unacceptable - friction dampers too
  6. I can help in ABS, HIPS or PETG. Let me know.
  7. AliExpress is generally pretty good, I prefer it over banggood although BG is more setup for toys and hobby stuff on the whole. I've had lots of gearbox, motors and hubmotor stuff from AliExpress. It's always a laugh when the seller has clearly just come into a lot and want to move it on, the description is like "look, it's a motor and it turns freely, we don't know anything about it other than that but its $15 you figure it out"
  8. Not all 3d printed parts are created equal, to sum it up. Laser sintered nylon behaves a lot differently compared to filament extruded PLA. Even parts in the same material printed in different orientations will behave differently (more true for fdm) What parts are you using?
  9. First RC part in ages! Winger body and wing. Has some paint on it but its easy to remove
  10. I feel I have too much but I am content with what they all give me. I have plans for an ideal collection when I have the space but I think it's realistic! I have a good deal of the Falcon family (the blitzers) and the oddball cousin of the FXT which I'm happy to bumble around with. The blitzer beetle was my first Tamiya and first kit ever - that's never going anywhere and is the cornerstone of my slight obsession with the clicky clacky moulded ABS everything of Tamiya. Past that it all gets a little random, I have my pair of 4wd buggies. The first being the Mock Force which is a manta ray with a carbon fibre chassis and a lot of the bells and whistles of a top force. This is by far the most complete and useable out of everything I own and it probably gets run the most. Second is the Doomerang which is a boomerang with a carbon chassis (home made this time) and lots of delicate fiddly ricer mods. It's a bit more delicate and doesn't really have the suspension travel for non track running. I have a 3 racing ex real crawler chassis that waxes and wanes in interest and a long haul Ta02sw restoration project. As Covid has decimated what little social interaction I have so there's no real chance for me start racing an M chassis I've packed that off and have bought something stupid and outlandish instead. I've fancied a monster truck since trying out a Traxxas Stampede and so I'm just waiting for a Twin Detonator to arrive and I can have a crack at that. I'm looking forward to designing a chassis and maybe open sourcing it if there's any interest! The only other things I really would really desire are: Vanquish - very cool buggy I would like to see in bright gun metal TR-15T nitro stadium truck, need I say more? Hotshot - though this itch is mostly scratched with my boomerang I have some ideas for cool visuals with the cage and body Rc10 or rc10t they seem to be the holy grail for many and I feel like I'm missing out
  11. Preach mate! I did retail from 15 to 18, part time for a year while I was in school and then for a couple years full time till I got into engineering. It was an absolutely soul sucking experience and poor management coupled with insane customers was a real eye opener for the human race. I think some countries have mandatory military service, maybe there should be mandatory retail too. Might limit the public meltdowns from grown men and women when they can't return their 5 year old toaster To be fair, personally I'd do it all again but only because I ended up dating and then marrying my supervisor I will slightly clarify my stance, I sort of don't mind really abrupt service or zero small talk so long as its equal. I also understand that any store has regulars which keep it afloat and you need to keep them sweet but really engaging the person coming in behind me while not even greeting me or any of the subsequent people who came in doesn't create the nicest atmosphere. I tend not to stay in bars if the tender serves his regulars first over people waiting in the queue for the same reason.
  12. I live on the south coast, and while we have a hobby shop with a moderate selection of Tamiya (and some really decent car junk bins) I'm always a little put off by the staff. They never seem completely happy with me being there. I think because they are mainly planes, trains and toy sales and so are geared towards older gentlemen coming in with a handwritten list of what they want, handing it over to someone to collect all the bits and tell them the total. "Some balsa, a hinge, two servos and tape? That'll be £119.99 please and thank you" It used to be close enough that my boss & could nip in for a lunch break every so often. He went in wanting just a regular standard sized servo and they just sort of pointed him to the Savox rack and immediately walked away. Actually buying a full kit from them was like self service at a supermarket. Take it to the counter, pay and go without any attempt at chat or even upselling paint, batteries etc. I try and support it when I can out of obligation to keep physical businesses going but sometimes I question why bother paying the premium?
  13. @Toolmaker72 Don't know if you're UK but rear tires are readily available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAMIYA-Falcon-Thunder-Shot-Fire-Dragon-Terra-Scorcher-9805183-50344-Tyres-Tires/333216151652?epid=24022106345&hash=item4d953af864:g:SlcAAOSwrExc8ClI I have some brand new fronts I can sell you, they're currently mounted on yellow falcon fronts but they aren't glued.
  14. You can try and heat the lot and get it loose that ways, occasionally I have used some localised freezing (air duster turned upside down) too
  15. To be fair I ran a cheap import boring head in both a bench top mill and a mini Bridgeport clone and always dreaded it until I changed tooling and it's a dream now. Carbide inserts are night and day to the brazed carbide nightmares I was using. I keep meaning to get a better grinding wheel so I can improve my brazed tools.
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