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  1. I like the sound of it. I've missed out on many of the competitions purely because I have nothing in that area, so this would give me and some other people a good chance to get a good entry in.
  2. For some reason I can't stop laughing at that. I love the stupid pictures companies put on their boxes. Nothing beats George Foreman's face though. Nothing strange in the post but I remember when I bought my Dagger from my mate last year, the shoe box of spares had half of an old RC transmitter in it. We had burnt the other half along with the car (cheap toy not Tamiya) a few years before.
  3. Good to see you guys haven't lost the fighting spirit. I've got to admit that I don't think I could hold in the anger if someone like that spoke to me like that. I like the idea of shouting something though, and then putting a disgusted look on your face and walking off. That is one advantage of nitros, it's difficult for people to see them as toys, but only thick people would see Tamiyas as kids toys.
  4. Congratulations! I guessed in the 3400's so miles away
  5. Looks very nice I've ordered one of these, I plan to blank out the sunroof and rear windows and create a Hard Top 90, then spray it in the same colours as the LRO 90. Well, before they crashed it... Maybe you should make the top part by cutting a block of MDF to size and laying the bars around it, then soldering them to make a rectangle box. Might make life a bit easier.
  6. Well today i ordered a new Defender body shell from Peter (RA1028) for 59 and i'm so chuffed about it So, what have you done today? Matt
  7. Thanks for the info I didn't expect it to be worth more than about 15-20 now the re-re's are out, maybe i should have sold it when i got it I still might sell it because i don't think i would really use a lunchbox, i would quickly get annoyed by the bounciness and rolling over. I alwasys think it would be nicer sitting on someone's runner instead of sitting on my shelf I might leave it for now, the 20 i would get can be easily found somewhere else Thanks again, Matt edit: woo, 700 posts!
  8. Hi I've had this old body for years, it was given to me by my uncle and it's just sat on my shelf. originally i was planning on getting a chassis and making it a runner, but it never happened and i don't really like the VLB truck that much So I've decided i might sell it to fund my Scale XC project in the near future. I'm just wondering if it's worth selling. As you can see from the pictures below, it's in pretty good condition, with only a few chips off the paint, and a small scuff on the front bumper. Everything is original, and the body is stamped C1987 inside as you can (just about) see. If it's popular, i'll put it up on the trade rooms or ebay, i think it could make a nice runner or, with a bit of work, a shelf queen. Now, to the pictures (Taken with my D40 )
  9. Really nice to see new people joining TC
  10. Very generous delivery man I suppose you don't really get the scale of them until you see them. Saying that now i know the wheels are about 1.9" they must be pretty darn big
  11. Is that the D3 that everyone is using? I didn't expect to see it on Maplin Thanks
  12. Just found this thread for the first time, looking fantastic. I love the brass roll cage, and i expect the roof rack will look very good too Are you soldering the roll bar to the rear roll hoop of are they staying seperate? And are there any special plans we don't know about yet? Another thing. Where do you all get these bodies from? I've been looking on ebay for a while, and in the subscriber trades, but i can never find one (same with the D3 bodies people are using). I would love to have my own project Land Rover too.
  13. Hi After being away for a while (again, must move the TC link on my browser so I can see it) I had a look around the Scale Builders and Land Rover Defender members' showrooms, and i am completely stunned by the creations Give yourselves a big pat on the back (or head, arm, leg... whichever you like) because they look so realistic. I'm particularly interested in the Land Rovers and the Merc G-Class models, some of them look real. I'm not going to embarrass people by putting names here, but if you haven't seen them, have a look... NOW! I just felt that i needed to make a thread to congratulate them, you've made me want to get my XC out again. I might even have to sell my Wild Dagger to fund some scale projects, so thank you for making me broke again Not sure what use it will be as a discussion thread now, but i'm not bothered Matt
  14. Wouldn't it be so much easier to buy white decal sheet and use a normal inkjet printer? maybe something like this (self adhesive, glossy and A4 size) Click Or the traditional waterslide decals, just on white paper Sorry if i missed something here and you don't want to use white paper.
  15. That looks perfect! The tyres suit it too, even though they aren't really Series LR style If you are thinking about getting some more realistic tyres for it, how about something like this. The wheel rims might need changing for cut down Hummer rims like you already have, but i think the tyres look more realistic for a series LR (they are much more narrow)
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