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  1. That’s not sad mate! I like doing my replicas.
  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your Matrixline. Are you doing something different or doing a reproduction of yours? (Even though it’s a Mk3)
  3. That’s gotta be a fun car? What do they have, 170bhp?
  4. It’s a Matrixline shell. It’s the only decent Focus Mk2 shell I could find. I’ve changed the spoiler from how it’s meant to be to how I like it. Luckily I’m not using those light decals .
  5. Well it’s coming along nicely. I absolutely love the paint. I did 2 coats of flake first (PS-53) and then several coats of black (PS-5) The pictures don’t do the colour of the flakes any favours but it’s probably going to be better in the sunshine. Anyway, here’s the pictures. At this point there was a little mishap. Don’t look if you’re squeamish. A slice right down to the bone and LOADS of blood so a trip to A&E was needed and they were fantastic. Nice bit of plastic surgery, x-rayed and all bandaged up in just 2 hours. All power to the NHS. I did this whilst cutting off the body posts with a brand new blade. What a stupid mistake. So I carried on anyway. The decals did a great job of hiding my terrible my masking/stripping. I had to adjust the roof spoiler as it wasn’t designed to be in that position or look like that. I smoked the windows and lights and fitted the light buckets painted on the back in silver. The masking on the fog lights is still on as I’m going the full 9 yards on this one and fitting LEDs. Back end ready for the big ‘ol exhaust tips and the front is getting an intercooler. I have to say that I’m glad I’m not using the tail light decals. They’re not a good match and pretty poor quality. Anyway, just mirrors, LEDs, exhaust and intercooler to go. Bod
  6. Hi, yes I’ve got the shell. I’m just looking for a (cheap) TT-01 or a TL-01 chassis now.
  7. Next and last car on the fleet is my sons Focus ST with the old JPS theme.
  8. Well I changed the lights. These look much better. And I got my 1:1 back from the paint detailers so here are the side by side pictures
  9. Pretty much done. I think I’ll take the dark window film off in the future and spray tint from the inside as the film is useless and bubbly. I also hate the front light decals so they’ll be off and done from inside. Other than that, with some optional extra mirrors and a shark fin all painted black, here she is. My 1:1 Lexus is being paint detailed this week and once it’s done I’ll do the side by side shot.
  10. I’ve had a chance to do a bit more on the Lexus in the last few days. As always there’s a special picture just for @Jason1145 More to follow soon. This needs to get done as there is much in the queue. Bod
  11. It is. It’s what shall I call a likeness of my wife’s work van.
  12. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t fit on a TL01😂
  13. I got a pair of TL01 chassis for the Lexus. The one with the running gear fitted was broken right across the front gearbox so I stripped it, cleaned everything and rebuilt it back up on the good chassis. Sourced some nice wheels from and tyres from the Republic. We’re good to go with the next shell. Good luck to the front splitter.
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