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  1. Thanks guys that helps a lot. One more though. Even thought the wheels will flex, I really don’t like the yellow. What kind of paint would they need?
  2. Hi everyone, I’m a bit thick when it comes to different plastics and the correct paint. I know a clear body needs a PS paint and a Kamtec banger needs a TS paint but that’s really about it. So question, wheels, petrol cans etc on a Holiday Buggy. What plastics are they and what paint do I use? If the answer comes back say, acrylic, is that PS, TS, automotive car paint or what? I don’t know why but all the variables just seem to baffle me and I can never seem to get it. Any help appreciated. Bod
  3. That’s not sad mate! I like doing my replicas.
  4. I’m looking forward to seeing your Matrixline. Are you doing something different or doing a reproduction of yours? (Even though it’s a Mk3)
  5. That’s gotta be a fun car? What do they have, 170bhp?
  6. It’s a Matrixline shell. It’s the only decent Focus Mk2 shell I could find. I’ve changed the spoiler from how it’s meant to be to how I like it. Luckily I’m not using those light decals .
  7. Well it’s coming along nicely. I absolutely love the paint. I did 2 coats of flake first (PS-53) and then several coats of black (PS-5) The pictures don’t do the colour of the flakes any favours but it’s probably going to be better in the sunshine. Anyway, here’s the pictures. At this point there was a little mishap. Don’t look if you’re squeamish. A slice right down to the bone and LOADS of blood so a trip to A&E was needed and they were fantastic. Nice bit of plastic surgery, x-rayed and all bandaged up in just 2 hours. All power to the NHS. I did this whilst cutting off the body posts with a brand new blade. What a stupid mistake. So I carried on anyway. The decals did a great job of hiding my terrible my masking/stripping. I had to adjust the roof spoiler as it wasn’t designed to be in that position or look like that. I smoked the windows and lights and fitted the light buckets painted on the back in silver. The masking on the fog lights is still on as I’m going the full 9 yards on this one and fitting LEDs. Back end ready for the big ‘ol exhaust tips and the front is getting an intercooler. I have to say that I’m glad I’m not using the tail light decals. They’re not a good match and pretty poor quality. Anyway, just mirrors, LEDs, exhaust and intercooler to go. Bod
  8. Hi, yes I’ve got the shell. I’m just looking for a (cheap) TT-01 or a TL-01 chassis now.
  9. Next and last car on the fleet is my sons Focus ST with the old JPS theme.
  10. Well I changed the lights. These look much better. And I got my 1:1 back from the paint detailers so here are the side by side pictures
  11. Pretty much done. I think I’ll take the dark window film off in the future and spray tint from the inside as the film is useless and bubbly. I also hate the front light decals so they’ll be off and done from inside. Other than that, with some optional extra mirrors and a shark fin all painted black, here she is. My 1:1 Lexus is being paint detailed this week and once it’s done I’ll do the side by side shot.
  12. I’ve had a chance to do a bit more on the Lexus in the last few days. As always there’s a special picture just for @Jason1145 More to follow soon. This needs to get done as there is much in the queue. Bod
  13. It is. It’s what shall I call a likeness of my wife’s work van.
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