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  1. It will. I can recommend the SkyRC GC301.
  2. A gyro can improve the handling of 2WD cars tremendously. Especially at high speeds.
  3. The Axial SMT10 is a very versatile platform IMHO. The huge amount of aftermarket parts available means that you can really customize the look and feel of this great truck.
  4. Absima and Ghiant both offer metallic black lexan paints.
  5. Are you referring to the aluminium steering set (AE91392) from Team Associated?
  6. Try a hairdryer or heatgun on a low setting. Works wonders for me!
  7. I bet it was that stump I didn´t see because it was literally invisible. Yes, I am only going to use the gearbox shell. EDIT: ****, I have discovered further damage. Now I have to also replace both chassis which means I have to take the car fully apart. What a bummer... I am contemplating reinforcing the chassis the same way as the body by using glass fiber tape and Shoe Goo. At least in some crucial spots to keep the added weight low.
  8. A new gearbox is already on its way to me, can´t wait to replace it! Approx. 25 € plus shipping.
  9. Holy cow, look what I have just discovered! That explains the constantly popped out CVDs. Thanks Nobbi1977 for your reply, though.
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