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  1. May I offer you my sincere condolences?
  2. It even comes with inverted gravity! Nice.
  3. I have a new Spektrum SLT3 + receiver for sale.
  4. Kimbrough servo savers! Thread can be closed, thanks
  5. Edding 8055 Outdoor Marker is what I use for tire writing.
  6. Nah man I'm cool. Not interested in your toy car hahaha...
  7. Because blind fanboys forgot to vote with their wallets.
  8. AFAIK they are using a wide range of different materials. The chassis on my WT-01 was made out of polycarbonate (I broke it twice). For the arms they've used a more flexible material.
  9. Besides things like hubs and CVDs (GPM) I broke the chassis where the front and back frames attach to the chassis. Twice. A major design flaw IMO. The way the servo is mounted is pathetic. My current monster basher is a modified SMT 10. I am 100% Tamiya free now and I am not looking back!
  10. The fact that people act as if sliced bread was new is hilarious. To me the LMT looks like a hideous version of the SMT10.
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