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  1. This is just awesome ! great build .
  2. The wheels are always the first thing I put together whatever I'm building. Don't know why just always is. Those wheels look great , I actually think the 6 spoke design looks better .
  3. The build is looking amazing ! Can't help wishing that Tamiya would stop putting 4wd chassis in things that are 2wd though
  4. Yep, still got my original Sand scorcher and still run it on occasion . It's got a monster beetle body on it which I fitted when the M/B first came out. The original body was in a very bad way as I ran it hard back then.
  5. My Sand Scorcher got driven very hard back when I first got it back in the early 80's. Handbrake turns (full forward to instant full reverse with steering hard over) , rolled it several times , flat out over sleeping police men to see how far it would jump. Went through several sets of the original brass U/J's and replaced the front arm pivots, not to mention umpteen bumpers. Even drove it into a pond once to see how good the waterproofing was . It's been rebuilt a few times, but still going strong.
  6. And panel in place, held by 2 sliding catches at the top. Does yours not have the panel ?
  7. It shouldn't be ,there should be a removable panel on the rear of the cab.
  8. You dont need to remove the body to access the battery just the plate on the rear of the cab which is held by 2 sliding catches, takes seconds to unclip. You could add an extension for remote charging but hardly seems worth it TBH. Has someone glued the rear plate in place on yours ? Nick
  9. I painted the chasis of my Volvo when I built it. Just gave everything a good clean then used Halfords paints on it. Several years on and it's still fine. Nick
  10. 54 next birthday, still have and run my Sand Scorcher that I saved for and bought when I was 14 !
  11. It seems to me that there has been a move away from kit form R/Cs . When I first started there were only kits , and half the fun was building them and knowing how to fix them when you broke them. Kid's in general now seem not want to spend the time building. Not all by any means but lots. Although that may be just my persepsion
  12. When I first got my Sand scorcher back in about 82 or 83 slamming it into reverse and doing handbrake turns with it was the way to go. Mind you we also used to take speed bumps flat out to see how far we could jump !
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