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  1. Simply stunning build ! Hats off to you sir.
  2. Not going to happen, but I'd like a re re of the original Hilux
  3. That works really well ! looks great .
  4. Interestingly my King Tiger which I bought 30 something years ago , and which I spent hours making up the tracks on from seperate links and pins is still running those original tracks. And it's had lots of use over the years on all sorts of surfaces with no issues to date.
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FlyOlqVqbWd0%3Fsi%3DTk8qsRQLdj3Lld-K%26fbclid%3DIwAR1k-1m1Rxq2jOK87w3w1-ULeDyyRpehqDz_XD0oIvccih4h75dvoM5gkh4&h=AT1WUGCn2L_oQXEqBI8VyxVqygEls5Kj925ZDpLELsRwuZK-0j_LY5gLzG-8HAITJT1OMeKnyK_lgWhw4RVvpiS0IkVSPBtxsTXkg7ulfPz5_BLZRpAjGI4xab72TT_H3Z-N7GE3xaEk_V6qNtNlqQrZlLqfDJNV&__tn__=R&c[0]=AT0GCJt5YnT-hzad-79V6PJsnvpiSxqLpBBy3THIRAoYPJtppjup2rDT6AW4xT9SNY9VDSU-Wt46xGkBBKEIPX1XYs3VKCmYZLbRE6xA2rzWR0YQlKwQNw4ENP354ZT5pvp3juo9BWzcO8tMuACe1XoRCOAgtw56nrfan7aSqlZ5pR8_SsNX3_LURSPI2E5rQ6ayJqppeAwhvJ3k-W56cZfpoQhh Bit of Stratos action for everyone to enjoy
  6. I would expect brake cleaner to be ok on the O rings not sure about plastic. If in doubt stick to the WD40
  7. Great set of pictures , and an awesome looking walk.
  8. Sorry for your news. Have enjoyed your epic builds , truly amazing skills Sir.
  9. The Brat used the wheels originaly fitted to the Ford Ranger which used the sand scorcher / Rough Rider chasis. They have a different offset to the rear ones and have the openings for bearings. The Padala tracks on the Scorcher rear are a different size and wont fit on the Ranger / Brat rims. If you want 4 Sand Blasters then a full set of Brat or Ford Ranger wheels will do it
  10. If you can get the original mechanical one working then go for it. Yes electronic ones offer finer control , but nice to have the originality
  11. This is just awesome ! great build .
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