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  1. That would be very cool and since they did the XR311 the chassis is available.
  2. King hauler bumper would do the job if you don't want to go down the route of modding your existing one.
  3. I've found it works well, used it on 1/16 tanks to rust exhausts etc and its holding up well despite being on there for years.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Deluxe-BD27-Model-Scenic-Rust-Kit-Realistic-Scale-Like-rust/392692362310?epid=1922819746&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5b6e49ec46:g:RtgAAOSwCuBcbWdy&enc=AQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkyMJZWL%2BqFSgQ3TOOe%2FNr7kQWEYPFMpn%2BqHrz%2FdIJFq5MC3WJqICso50InGrLPymS8daVvIo65OhNjs67SjQqJiiyLSTjJh0X5gjaMaBa2hWEWFfRihk8jxplqS8pHiAKExdPlWpozcbnbpcTCJK1Lb%2FEJgztbh8kQKx%2BbkzY%2FoPa0fXi8A7%2Blkz1s3pnpzeiQ3n4wb4NuvljIeoJ0hVtJM4PIZaaNp8vxI6h%2B8q171OLtoxwYnbIorPoA9ng7l04CRnH7nh6NpNj9Nqb3gSY1K6WKVrz8ao6D%2FZFPeNe541rtod0HOL3e0PR6I%2Bb4EwDL8uC3Km%2FG%2FpcoBqQWSy%2FUPnZ3itlnxcUgVlfUOK%2B3IKnGnxVhhfwrN2IeijkNrd3CIWIms%2FYkMRXiWbJWFPh34hvEcU2zEpKyHIURZs38xtlyDfka2hZVJy7Nd9bZb5%2BF3%2FuEQuLxfb6ctSfjZ1BI%2BeqEkPgaYy93OlGsLnmH3B9fQeMPLHpvniXVB9bhSOJYCfuzKUlyoWQtl0sMEDLDCUmXbggCaby1mVLsm0B9ARg0JXIXfmZ45uZZxZEaPhHOH%2F4MzGtzqqKlZGlK%2BlTi5l5mFeFmfSsLa%2FY6XmOSNJDExGv8oymcMdL%2FpuY9H6mlB16cuCpjuRnIwwcslAE0HUBUVCVn11sn3lhMWfx9O5WPpBiIZT%2F%2B9af5bOkCmGLbFwfgmtq4P1N0UVcToDc6e7kM2HuxcPXUpZ8aLbKdBoZu%2BcIjnkRgo07KFmcGSYL&checksum=392692362310fe95c018bfa948a19cdfa136d2ec11b9 try this, scenic rust. Works well on small areas of damage
  5. Leaving it unplugged will also put it into low power mode permanently, the MFC increases power when a trailer is coupled. As an interim you can remove the switch and join the wires so the MFC thinks the fifth wheel is active.
  6. It's supply and demand, if you don't like the price don't buy it. If everyone doesn't buy then the prices will drop but if people want it badly enough and do buy then that is setting the market price.
  7. Yes ....... Yes you do want a truck ! you can build it without the MFU and run it with a standard speed controller if you want and add light and sound later, there are cheaper options than the MFU. Do factor in though that you WILL need something for it to pull
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