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  1. Charger set for 3s by accident ? Ive done that and had a low voltage warning. Try giving it a non balanced charge to get voltage up then revert to balance charging. Nick
  2. One of the benefits of never having kids, we get to spend on ourselves Nick
  3. Coupe, I prefer the lines which I think are classic, then there is the interior ! And we've the Z for sunny days. Nick
  4. For me it's 1:1 cars, still got my MG midget which was my first car at 17 (more years ago than I care to think about) BMW Z3 , Audi TT MK1 . Then there is Guitars, mainly Gibson electrics. And over the last couple of years i have gotten into Airsoft. For those not familiar it's a combat sport related to paintball. Great fun and good excersise , and you get to shoot your mates ! I actually find that stripping and building many of the guns is quite similar to working on the RC stuff. Nick
  5. If all else fails you should be able to get them from a local Fasteners supplier or ebay will have loads. The first '3' relates to M3 thread , so the 3 x 32 is a 32 mm M3 with counter sunk head etc. Nick
  6. A mate at school got a Scorpion when they originally came out (1980 something) . I remember being impressed with it , obviously not a patch on my Sand Scorcher but very good. All joking aside, I do recall it being pretty good so I dont think you will be dissapointed with one. Nick
  7. What an amazing build, looks truly stunning so far ! But I do wish Tamiya wouldn't insist on putting 4WD chassis under classic 911's Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming !
  8. I always used to get mine from Maplin, but that's no longer possible. Did buy a load on line a couple of years ago. Suggest doing a google or looking at ebay.
  9. For the neatest result it's going to be lots of drilling and LEDs. That way all the wires etc are hidden inside the trailer. Nick
  10. Are you always balance charging your lipo ?
  11. I painted the complete chasis of my Volvo in red. Came out ok. Bit of a faff though TBH, not sure I'd bother doing it again. Nick
  12. The mFC runs significantly slower than a stand alone ESC so that is normal, makes it a bit more 'scale'. There is also a funtion in the MFC where speed is affected by the 5th wheel coupling , but I cant remember if there is more or less power once a trailer is connected . Probably says in the MFC instruction manual. Nick
  13. Any system with ratchet trims should work ok. Programable ones with 'click' trims can work too with a bit of programing. Have you recharged the battery ? sounds like it is just low on juice. What battery and what capacity are you using ? Nick
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