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  1. So I have been restoring my 30 year old fox these last few months (new chasis, ESC, wheels, tires, a couple of suspension arms) and I finally thought I got it going. I have a 30 year old brushed Le Mans 240st (nothing fancy) and today when I took it out for a run it sounded like the gears were stripping. Sounded like someone driving a bad stick shift. How do I know if it’s the gears or drive shaft? When I turn the rear wheel there is about a 45 degree slack before the other wheel kicks in and turns the opposite way. Just bumped about the new issue!!
  2. Ha! Yes I am starting to realize that. What’s nice is I show my son what I am doing and it’s more of a project we do together. 😀
  3. Awesome stickers! Funny about the tires. Nice looking fox! So I finally just ordered the original stock wheels from tamiya. Which I can’t stand the gold plated look - maybe I’ll paint it. The tires are out of stock so I’ll probably wait for it as I am having a hard time finding right size tires elsewhere. I ordered the quicrun esc you mentioned, thanks! what weight shock oil do you recommend?
  4. One more question Juggular....if I go with the rear 12mm hex will I still be able to use the original rims? I see that the original plastic hub has 4 little points on it that settle into the rear rim. I see that the metal ones do not have those little nubs. would it be an issue?? Thanks.....The Fox is getting resurrected!!!
  5. Good tip on the alloy parts...they looked cool but I think the tamiya replacements may be a good option for now.As for my son I went with a traxxas slash and he loves it! I will drive the old man fox, lol Thanks for your help!
  6. Awesome thanks for the info! 240st is a 24 RPM, 22turn, 18T pinion....nothing too fancy but had more of a kick than the original 540 can and it still works! So now to some questions that show that I am clueless.......I understand where the rear 12mm hex goes on the drive shaft but not sure where the front hex adaptor with the bearing would go. On the front rims or the front drive shaft? what size wheels and tires do you suggest? I was going to just order the original from tamiya and stick with that. Also in regards the the esc.......I like the price point of the quicrun ESC but my and please correct me if I am wrong but with the ESC I would get rid of the MSC and speed control servo? What about the white resistors? And does it have a BEC capability? I took apart the gear box and everything looked fine....I just thought thorpe would have something better but I think I might just stay with what I have for now in terms of gearing. Thanks again
  7. Hi All! First timer here. I have dug up my tamiya fox from 1988. Still all original parts except for the motor I upgraded back then to a kyosho lemans 240st brushed. I am pretty clueless but want take it all apart and put it back together with some upgrades with my son. a few questions: 1. what wheel and tire options are there. I see there are alloy ones floating around 2.esc options for the fox, do I need to extend the wires to reach the rear motor 3. I have a cracked rear arm and see people with really cool alloy replacements, what are my options 4.motor upgrade options without killing the gears 5. can someone explain this whole thorpe thing to me 6.any other info would be great.
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