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  1. Hi @rwordenjr, Please check the photo of the Stadium front. For the rear, it's custom due to the shock mount.
  2. Hi rwordenjr, I have some trouble with my original one too. I ordered Tamiya #51000. It's a strong one. Take care. Glob356
  3. That's I have done but I had also drilled inside the part to set a hex flat head screw. So the part was weaker after that mod. I won't do that again. I will use a button head screw.
  4. About the steering, I didn't go with this modification. Too complicated for now. I should rethink the place of the receiver and the ESC.
  5. Yes I ordered the stock ones. I hope I won't regretted when I will see your modification! 😁
  6. Hi. I found them on ebay and I created adapters. Please check my post: Don't hesitate to get back to me if you have any question or cool ideas to upgrade a Blitzer.
  7. Also, I can see that modifed the steering. What steering set did you use? Could you please post some pictures? I have some ideas but never really succeed. Tks
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