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  1. All aluminium parts should be replace by carbon ones by the end of the year. Will see!
  2. Hi @Hobgoblin and @Juggular, Thank you both for your advices I'm using a Tamiya TEU-104BK as ESC on my Blitzer. I could try a 21T I guess. I add some pictures of my "modified" Blitzer Stadium. Glob356
  3. Hi, I want to buy a new brushed motor for my modified Blitzer Stadium. I wonder how many turns is best for the Blitzer? Tamiya silver can motor is 27T. Do I need a 21T, 23T? Thank you for your advice! Glob356
  4. Hi, Wires have been shortened. Receiver and ESC set in the car. Also, I want buy a new motor for my Blitzer. So do I have to buy a 21T or a 23T?
  5. Hi guys. Thank you for all your comments and advices. Will post more pictures soon.
  6. Hi! Long time no see. Some news about my modified Blitzer Stadium TRF . I tried to keep it with a vintage look. That's why I'm using aluminium instead carbon for my custom-made parts. What has been done the last few months? So I have 1. replaced screws by shafts and e-clips (thanks schuultzie51). 2. made a aluminium mount for the receiver and ESC. The goal is to be able to remove all electronics without have to double taped every time (and it looks really nice) 3. added a aluminium part to reinforce the chassis (low profile now) (and it looks nice too) 4. added cool TRF stickers 5. put in screws of good lenght where need it 6. changed the rear shock absorbers (waiting for the front) My next steps will be: - put back the electronics and cut the wires short and sweet - buy a GoolRC motor (21T or 23T). Advices are welcome. - buy a new metal gear servo (low profile) - put a new and nice body. Larger than the original maybe. - modified the bumper maybe (too big). Will see... Finally, if you have a sense of observation, you will have noticed that the engine cover is mounted upside down on my picture. See the Tamiya's logo. :-) Don't hesitate to comment. See you! Glob356 from Montreal
  7. My next mod on the Stadium: the steering.
  8. Hi Waterbok, Avante or Egress bushing (5 × 4 mm - see picture) could work but the high is 12mm. I could manage one at bottom and one at the top with something between those two bushings. I looked at some manuals but didn't these steering arms. Will figure out. Pictures show what I hope to achieve. Glob356
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