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  1. On 4/16/2020 at 10:19 AM, graemevw said:

    I drilled the top mount on the c hub out to 3mm and held the top arm ball on with a bolt. Hopefully it will reduce its tendency to crack. 

    That's I have done but I had also drilled inside the part to set a hex flat head screw. So the part was weaker after that mod.

    I won't do that again. I will use a button head screw.

  2. 12 hours ago, graemevw said:

    Hopefully this shows it well enough. I made a plate to mount the cranks to, which is then bolted to the upper piece. I then made a cross plate that puts the ball ends inline with the bottom arm pivots.


    Took a few little nips and tucks to the pieces i made to get it all into such a tight spot. Had to slightly round off the sharp edge on the chassis opening too to get a decent amount of steering lock.

    That's a nice job.

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  3. 13 hours ago, Gruntfuggly said:

    Some nice metal working skills there - must try something like that myself. I've been away from the scene for a couple of years, so catching up on those threads was fun.

    What happened to your steering mod - that looked very interesting?

    About the steering, I didn't go with this modification. Too complicated for now. I should rethink the place of the receiver and the ESC.

  4. 8 hours ago, rwordenjr said:

    Yep, those darn c hubs!!! Weak spot unfortunately 😢 you ordered the stock c hubs? I got the stock ones coming but also the dt02 ones I was telling you about 

    Yes I ordered the stock ones. I hope I won't regretted when I will see your modification! 😁

  5. 3 hours ago, Gruntfuggly said:

    Are your shock tower mounts home made? If so, they're very nicely done. If not, where did you get them? :D

    Anti roll bars definitely work for some cars - I had a Wild One which the front bar helped a lot. Not sure it will make a huge different for the Blitzer chassis though, but I see where glob365 is going with his. B) Looking very nice...

    Hi. I found them on ebay and I created adapters. Please check my post:

    Don't hesitate to get back to me if you have any question or cool ideas to upgrade a Blitzer.

  6. Hi guys,

    Hope everyone is going well.

    Some news about my Stadium Blitzer.

    1. I finaly reveived the parts that I needed. The DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft (53791 / OP-791) to replace the original that broke . They are are bit shorter than the original. So I added a spacer to the new Hard Joint Cup (new parts 53218 / OP-218). 

    2. I improved some settings, screws and the shock absorber mounts.

    3. I broke the linkage of the front uprights! That's my fault. Wrong idea. I used flat head screws set inside the linkage. So it put a lot of presure on the plastic part. I already ordered new ones and I won't do the same mistake. I will use button head screws.

    4. I bought a DT-03 stabilizer set. I have some ideas but if had already set anti-roll bars on a Blitzer, our advices are welcome.

    5. Put the on/off switch inside the car to avoid the dirt. I will put something to cover the hole in the tub.

    6. Cut the bumber and add a nice sticker inside. I always tought it was to big. Looks like the Tamiya Nissan Titan.

    If you have any idea to go futher in my Blitzer upgrades, don't hesitate to comment.

    Below some pictures.

    Have a great day and enjoy your Tamiya! Take care











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  7. On 12/27/2019 at 4:09 PM, Tbc68 said:

    Hi guys new to the game dying to get into it for ages but Bmx,s & bikes have got in the way,

    bought a resto blitzer beetle job and want to customise the heck out of it!

    can anyone help me with a few rookie questions?

    are the front & rear wheels the same size as the tyres are shot?


    Hi Tbc68, 

    I have made some modifications on my Blitzer Stadium. Please take a look if you are looking for idea. 

    Welcome to the Blitzer Club!







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    Hi everyone!


    End of October, my Blitzer hit a rock pretty fast and the result was bad (see picture). It was the end for this year (and the first snow was forecasted in November in Montreal).


    So I decided after that to rebuilt from scratch my Tamiya. The goal is to always improve it. I already ordered :

    - Tamiya 53791 DF-02 Universal Shaft

    - Tamiya 53218 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set

    - Rubber sealed bearing (blue)

    - Some Hex screws. No more regular Tamiya screws now

    - New aluminium hex drive 6.0 (black)

    - 2mm and 3mm epoxy sheet to replace some aluminium parts and for the rear shock mount


    I also fixed the small part under the gear case needed to fix the rear bumper. It was a self-tapping screw. Now it's a screw with nut. For that, I enlarged the existing hole (3 mm now) and insert a nut in a new hole just smaller than the nut. I used a soldering iron to melt the plastic by heating the nut and fixed it in the part (I hope it's clear. English is not my first language).


    I started to think of a new rear shock mount. I will be with more setting options to lower the car.


    I won't put back the long aluminium part that was supposed to strengthen the tub. The tub is losing his flexibility and that's put stress on the rest of the car. Seemed like a good idea but not in fact.


    I will post pictures with the new parts and the evolution of my Tamiya Blitzer Stadium 2020.


    Have a great holiday season!




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  9. 22 hours ago, Re-Bugged said:

    Those Tyres are 2.2 Proline Trenchers @glob356, they fit straight on the Blitzer rims.

     I’ve found them to be very good on all terrains I’ve been on and are hardly showing any wear at all. 

    The Dirt Hawg is also a popular choice. As are Schumacher ‘V’s. 

    I have a set of Proline Sand Paws on another set of rims too 😁



    Tks @Re-Bugged !

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