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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've added Tamiya AW grease with little to no change in what I'm seeing with the front tries free spinning. I have about 20 different RC vehicles, but this car is only my 4th street car. Of those it's the only front motor FWD kit that I have. I'm also not new the oddities and quirks that a Tamiya kit can be bring, but it still comes as a surprise/shock that this is considered "standard" behavior of these kind of cars. The amount of wheel spin just seems overly excessive. It just doesn't seem "right" to me. That said I'm willing to continue to put in time, and money if needed, in order to at least reduce the amount of wheel spin I'm seeing. Other than just putting in thicker grease in the diff (it seems stiff enough with the AW grease) are there any other suggestions to minimize the wheel spin? Would adding weights to the front help at all? Maybe a sway bar or stability set (Tamiya 54239)?
  2. I've used both the stock silver can as well as a 15t brushed motor and this behavior occurred with both motors. I was going to put in a brushless motor, but I don't see much of a point until I get this issue buttoned up.
  3. I thought about this too. I had completed a build after the M05 and used up all my AW grease. Looks like I'll need to get some more.
  4. Primarily on the road in front of my house so it's not treated like a track would be, but it's a fairly smooth road.
  5. Hello, I'm a long time lurker here on the forums, but this is my first post. I'm hoping I can get some assistance on an issue I'm having with my new M05. I recently completed the built and everything went smooth. I took it out for the maiden run and noticed what sounded like something in the gears was free spinning under initial acceleration and powering through a turn. After some troubleshooting (I took the car apart and checked all of the gears) I determined that the issue was actually that the car just wasn't getting any traction under acceleration. The front tires just spin no matter the surface (I've run the car on asphalt, hardwood floors and thick carpet). Besides the stock tires that came with the car I've also tried Tamiyas slick tires and rally tires and no matter what I do or what surface I run the car on the front tires just can't get any traction. This is my only front wheel drive car (I have several all wheel drive cars) and I'm perplexed as to what I can do to resolve this. I've googled this issue and I'm not really finding anything. I would like to know if this is typical for the M05 or if I actually did something wrong during the build. Maybe I've evaluated the issue wrong and there is indeed something wrong internally with the gears. If this is typical behavior of the M05 does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to resolve this issue? Any assistance from those here that own/have owned a M05 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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