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    Programming does not program rotation. Try swapping motor leads and playing with transmitter reverse. Are you running brushed or brushless?
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my new teu-104bk esc. I just bought a Stadium Thunder rere with that esc. I built the model, put the esc, also external bec, calibrated it. I know how to do that, because I have a lot of tamiya escs. It was running ok on the bench, but with some sporadic actions, similar to power cutting on receiver. When running with car lifted in air, it worked nice, but under load with tires on the tarmac, car seemed to shoot uncontrollably for a second after harder throttle press. After a few stronger accelerations and burnouts esc stopped working. It receives the rx signal by flashing led, also motor beeps when turning on or calibrating, but throttle input does not spin motor anymore. Please help. Anyone had similar problem? Thank you.
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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Hello everyone, I just registered to this forum. Been reading it for awhile. I am Mindaugas from Lithuania. I am an architect. My passion is scale modelling (planes and tanks), RC cars, planes (fpv) and I love cycling and do that daily. Tamiya is my favorite brand, I have lots of Tamiya scale and controlled models, paints, accessories, etc. Today I finished this model: TT-02B MS. I bought it because of the beautiful body. This model will not be able to compete in Mod 4wd, so probably will become a shelf queen