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  1. Yeah, dual hunter/wild dagger/twin detonator family is a good shout, I have 3. Do well on multi surface running and lexan bodies last from the tumbles. I have mine in 2wd/4ws and other flavours. The mud blaster 2 is on the same chassis but 2wd and can still be found.
  2. My Wild One is my go-to car 90% of the time, I’m in the process of a rebuild at the moment as it’s had 5 yrs of negligent running. I’ve had it all over Scotland and can take most dirt, sand, short grass and rough tarmac in its stride without effort. I’ll give ya a drive if it once it’s all back together. It really handles well and the only issue is the gearbox though I’ve only replaced the gears once as I was driving it like an animal and had ceramic grease on the pot metal gears(won’t make that mistake again!) A torque tuned is plenty of punt but I’ve jus stuck a super stock RZ in it to see how that does. Mostly to make the motor area look more interesting. I have most of the parts to turn it into a FAV too, I’ll get on that when I get the mojo for painting. I also have a TT02 that really doesn’t get any love which you can try as well. It’s likely a bit too similar to the TT01 to justify. I haven’t tried any of the others so hopefully someone will weigh in on those.
  3. I tested mine in the same fashion, just on the bench with a silver can and it seemed to stop the can, wait and ramp up into reverse without me doing a double tap on reverse. I also checked it out on an RZ motor and had the same behaviour. I think there’s a brake of some sort happening but not the style we’re used to. I wouldn’t think that it would ruin the gearbox as I ran mine like a 2 year old would(brutal trigger happy) in my Blackfoot 3, Wild One and a TT02 with a Paradox 27t stock motor and they are all fine. I can find 5mins on Saturday to meet and lend ya one of mine to see if it’s different from yours if that’s any help? My feeling is it would probably be fine on the gearbox but not sure what model it’s for.
  4. I have one on my bench for my lathe and brush cutter and another one cast away into a tin of working stuff that I don’t like. I’ll go out in a minute and figure out what the situation is but I think it has brake. Righto, checked it out. It does indeed have some weird delayed reverse/no brake thing going on. That’ll be why I got annoyed with them and threw the in the tin. I replaced mine with wp1060 and what a lot more response I got. The autosport would likely be a nice tame esc for a old model to look after the gearbox a bit. Just wasn’t lively enough for me. Could be a drag brake till stop then reverse kicks in or some kind of programmed witchcraft
  5. That would be good but bad timing for me, would definitely like to see one of those though. I’ve got a busy couple of weeks on the go just now but will give ya a PM sometime and sort something out to meet. The old hospital car park is often pretty empty, a bit rough but big enough. The skatepark is a mostly nice flat tarmac and when the kids are in school it tends to be empty. I killed my ECX torments front shock in there last week jumping the rails on the banks.
  6. I usually run on the beaches, Dingieshowe, Inganess and Scapa if it’s quiet. I sometimes go up the KGS but not been in months. I barely go anywhere these days to run. Jus run them in the street and carpark next to the house. I think up Cuween Cairn would be decent for trails. The model club is more static and the big rigs I think. I met a guy in the Coop car park the said there’s a group on Facebook I think but I’m a kinda doing my own thing in the shed most of the time and not on social media.
  7. Yeah, I am on the island too. I just started emailing places to see what could get where. The one thing I haven’t found is someone to get motor spray here. 18650 are li-ion and it’s Lipo that RM don’t want so the 18650 get through. I used to get my vape batteries from Glasgow from a guy called Torchy through RM and they always got here. The KW1CK lads are good, we used them for IKEA.
  8. Yeah, I’ve had that a few times too, it’s typical of battery stuff sent this far north. It’s amazing how much small stuff they miss though. I’ve got 4 batteries in the shed here that came via the method I mentioned. That will be the list that general customers get. HobbyKing have a dangerous goods contract I believe. I thought mine would be destroyed until I tried it. Low and behold the came and now I have my clod on 3s. If you ever have hassle with tamiya spray paint to the island try wonderland models as they’ll send it with dpd.
  9. If you want a hassle free delivery for lipos to Orkney you should use HobbyKing as they deliver with ParcelForce through the local Royal Mail. The ParcelForce stuff comes over on Northlink unlike the mail which flies in. Works a treat!
  10. I had my mum make some double sided saltire flags for my mod clod with her sublimation printer and heat press on some polyester material. Gives that nice wavy way when your running around. If there’s a T-shirt printing company near you they might be able to print up whatever you wanted for a small fee. there’s a company in the states that do them but at $25 each plus vat/customs etc it seemed a bit much for me although they were really nice looking. If I figure out their name I’ll add it.
  11. Yes, I believe they are the same thing. I’d just check the parts numbers to be sure. You'd probably have to put them on back order with someone as they aren’t overly common though do turn up on ebay now and again. (There’s a set on eBay just now listed as juggernaut, txt 1&2)
  12. I think shoo-goo is the glue of choice for that. Double sided tape would work too, something quality like 3M VHB or Tesa do a lot of good double sided stuff.
  13. Is this due to everyone using 32dp instead of 0.8mod pinions? They are very close but I suspect there’s a difference in the tooth profile which over time will wear which is what the extra noise is when 32dp pinions are used to replace the original. Probably more powerful motors will make the situation worse leading to the gears needing replaced sooner. It’s a theory I’ve been mulling over for a while but can’t find a 0.8mod 13t pinion to see if I’m on the right track?
  14. A wild one update would be amazing, fingers crossed. It’s hands down the best looking buggy tied with the Fast Attack A comical version not so much.
  15. If I remember correctly the txt 1 and 2 have longer axles than the Clodbuster which is what JConcepts designed the tributes for. I think the general solutions are washers between the wheel and nut or buy clod shafts and fit them. Hopefully someone can correct me if I’m wrong.
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