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  1. ad456

    Scale Garage Build

    Thanks folks! @Mad Ax, might be worth looking in a second hand shop for an old table or something to repurpose or modify? My main 1/1 scale bench seldom doesn’t look like that!
  2. ad456

    Scale Garage Build

    @Mad Ax you should make one, you'd enjoy it a lot. See if ya can find a few square ft while yer doing yer big tidy-up. I got on and spent 6+hrs tidying up more of my stuff and racked some cars and got a bit more breathing room this week. So it turns out to be months for an update, not a real surprise. So i got the sides replaced and left the wood high incase i decided on a peaked roof. Then i decided i could cram more in if I put in a mezzanine level, so took a bit of play and prototyped it and it was too small. So I made a bigger one. And loaded stuff onto it. Kinda needs shelves or racks. So onto the MacBook and racking was designed and printed, pulled pork was had for eating and the boxes were reused. And racking was built and filled I also broke out the styrene and started a cabinet or shelf, depending on how lazy i am when i finish it. Printed a pillar drill and welding table and an army of bottles and drums. I decided a ladder to the mezzanine would use least space so started prototype that from kebab skewers. And made a guard rail last night when I'd finished most of the racking. Rearranged the bench and toolbox with more tiny screws and bit and bobs. The Chevrolet badge fell off the TF2 so that went one there too. I must do a pegboard on the bench at somepoint. And here's where the whole thing stands as of now. Definitely need to show some attention to the other side now as it's a bit sad. Must get a door decided on, look at windows and framing out the roof for proper kinda lights. And decide on walls as its seriously overdue!! Photopaper for boxes and printable decal paper are other things that are on my radar to look into.
  3. Looks very interesting!!!! £259 on Modelsport.
  4. I thought that it was SLA printed from what a few news sites were reporting. It’s likely why they haven’t got a load of spares available and also recommend that it’s for shelving and not really for running. EDIT: I’m wrong on this, they used SLA prints to make moulds from.
  5. Oof, Monster I don’t like the heart palpitations from that stuff.
  6. Yum, pure unadulterated ADHD hyperactivity in a bottle, there’s nothing better!!
  7. Yes they very much do!!
  8. Nice! Always like to see some Jugg action!
  9. nice one @Shergar, that scaleclub one looks interesting too. Now I’ve got me wee lad to bed now so had peace to go through what I’d been looking at. I’m pretty much after this recipe for functions or close. shared brake and rear lights reverse lights on/off for indicators as I don’t always want them going as I drive a curve/corner headlights that don’t go higher/on when I drive forward. Switchable hazard lights would be a bonus Extra channel for light bar is always good and if a channel is there to say, manage the system that can be handy Scale-man.de is the German one I couldn’t think of. Has some nice sounding controllers at various prices. Look like they have a few tricks all the way to winch controller included on one system. Haven’t looked at the docs yet though so don’t know all the functions. Pricing varies but no stock just now. The Boom Racing KUDU for the BRX02 models has 4 channels and I haven’t managed to look into the functions properly. I think it’s £50 or thereabouts which will be fine if it actually does what I want. There is another I found on eBay that I’ve not seen before, it uses a ribbon cable that can be detached for ease of body removal. I’m gonna look further and then maybe take a punt at £15 to see how it fares. The MyTrickRC one is the one I saw on the AmPro video and it looks good too, I must watch more videos on it too as it looks pretty good. It’s about $80 in various incarnations on Amain. I haven’t really finished properly looking around as I’m taking my time before ending up with more light systems that don’t work in a fashion I personally like or are just downright terrible. I’ve got 3 now and 1 will maybe useful for something and another is simply a disco box, the other skirts somewhere in between. I wanna spend a bit more, get something better but wary of ending up with more spares box fodder. If any of them turn out good I’d be buying a few for different cars.
  10. I’m eyeing up a few looking for much the same. I’ve seen the MyTrickRC one, Boom Racing have one for the BRX02 that looks like it’s most of the way there. What I’m finding out is that if you want good features it’ll cost 50-70 quid minimum. I’m not really against that price but haven’t jumped in yet as I want to absolutely certain before I part with money. I’ve looked at AmPro’s light series too and the MyTrickRC one is the best I’ve seen but not quite all I personally want, so my search/research continues. I found a Bierer(the 1/14 truck stuff) and another independent one in Germany but my German is not great in any fashion and they seemed complicated from the outset. I would happily go the Arduino route but my skills are not entirely up to that, I can wire it easy enough but some of the more advanced(to my skillset) coding pickles my head.
  11. A pogo pin magnetic bar would be good for that, it’s a system I’ve been looking into as the connectors only usually cost a couple of quid depending on amount of pins etc. I’ve noticed some newer light systems are coming with a ribbon cable that lets you use one connector for all the lights and is a lot easier to unplug. Another plan might be a hinged body mount, that way you don’t have to unplug anything (most of the time).
  12. @alvinlwh fair play, I see what ya mean, yeah. It definitely gets a lot worse when it’s on a forum/social media etc as tone can be very lost in the wording, I feel it happens with the way I say/write sometimes which has always led me to post way less than I want. I see it happening the other way too, folk get very sound advice but don’t wanna listen no matter how sound it is. Anyway, I’ll step out of this as I’ve not got anything more to add that’s on topic and don’t wanna derail.
  13. My baby Makita 10.8 has a speed control range that you can crawl the screw in when required. Very easy to overcook it if yer not used to power tool control though! It’s proving a saviour when my hands are having bad days which is becoming more often as I get older.
  14. I’ve got Mammoth axles which are the same as Jugg I’m pretty sure and they don’t bolt up, they need shimmed/replaced with Clod outdrives.
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