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  1. Ah, forgot you said that indeed! Need more sleep I think.
  2. It’s the kinda arms you need an “arm reamer” for, couldn’t think of the tool earlier but it’d be handy if you build more buggies like that one. It seems like nice stiff plastic with a bit of flex when it’s needed.
  3. I think RC Everyday uses AK Rust Streaks to do his rust. He has a video on weathering bodies his way. Just search on his channel.
  4. @87lc2 thanks, I’ll get an axial box ordered up and see what I can come up with. Might even use some brass to even out the CoG. What motor do you run in the TXT? I was a bit wary of the size of those Michelin ones so I’ll hold off just now and see what looks right out of the rims and tyres I have already and see if the smaller size will look right I’ve been searching for a picture of a built chassis and can’t seem to find one so far to get a gauge of size for body/wheels etc.
  5. @alvinlwh, where’s the tyre swing at? That looks like Binscarth but no been there before. Looks like ripe MT bashing territory
  6. Cool, I've got the printer going just now or I'd just nip over. I'll shout ya some evening this week and we can take it down to the palaces or something
  7. @alvinlwh can give ya a look at my Pajero CC01 if you want? It's nothing special, silver can and 1060 but with 1.55" wheels. Might give ya an idea of whether it'd tick any boxes.
  8. Sooo, massive willpower failure and Rc Bitz will have one on the way as soon as Martin has them in. Rc4wd can be hit or miss indeed but hopefully it'll be the hit side of things. I'm likely to fab up what i need from delrin and alloy once the designs are prototyped in PLA on the printer, shouldn't be anything too complicated with any luck. Onto the tricky bit now, what running gear? Clod is the B plan i think as the TXT/Jugg will look way more scale. Not sure i want too use the original transmission as the thing is huge but i'm not great at gear ratio stuff so anyone have any ideas on an Axial or Rc4wd clone that would work and not kill the budget even more!? I'm looking at trying those Michelin MegaXBIB tyres and really fancy the Ignitor headlocks too and the body is yet to be decided. I want to make a decent effort at a scale build here but not to the point I'm scared to run it.
  9. Anyone seen this yet? Expensive but looks cool. I fancy one(so much I may be in the process of a preorder)for a TXT or Clod build. I know there’ll be a few thoughts here about this. Suggestions?
  10. Im late to the party on this and not sure if this would be the fault but I had a PowerHD 20kg on my Clod do this and used contact cleaner on the pot and it has been fine now for a couple of years. Not run often but ran hard when I do take the truck out for a spin.
  11. Yeah, not really scale like you say but bags of fun if you aren’t bothered by that. Mines now wearing a FO-XX body to see if that will hold up to the “over-excited stupidity mode” it puts me in
  12. I think I’d echo the general sentiment of everyone here, the Clod is easier to source parts for and has a charm and endless possibilities for modding but my Kyosho USA-1 has wrecked my interest in both for now as it’s jus plain nuts and is likely still not as good as an LMT.
  13. Yeah, that’ll probably be too much for the little motor. My 550 is a bit tatty but it’ll turn for a pack I’d imagine. I’ll text ya tomorrow when I’m over the road and drop it off.
  14. @alvinlwh I’ve got a spare 550 somewhere I think, won’t be in the best condition as it was the survivor from a pair in my basher clod but should work. I’ll have a look tomorrow and drop it past when I take the kid to his grandfolks. You can take the sleeve off a 550 and get a few extra rpm too! edit: were you at the KGS fields? That’ll be pretty rough on a 380 with lipo I’d have thought….
  15. The option kit only really would amount to another of the brainz esc, torx motor, the motor screws and another pinion. I’ve seen the same mention of an “option kit” but never a part number or the like so I’m wondering if it’s lost in translation of just having the option to do so.
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