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  1. @toyolien I did exactly the same and hit the outside doorstep and instantly stripped the gears in a PowerHD 20kg servo, I wasnt driving all out either. Thankfully I could replace them and the servo lived on. I put some savers on after that.
  2. Yeah, Royal Mail does this when the stuff is coming to Orkney as we have a pretty restrictive service with the mail being flown to the island. No spray paints, lipos, gases etc. It makes for a tricky time.
  3. This is exactly how it's done. Most companies get an agreement that allows them to send them for a little more money, as for the rest of the public, I guess we aren't allowed. I heard of someone that got court action for repeatedly sending lithium batteries for phones through Special Delivery.
  4. I can definitely understand how @gkatz feels. Since I have moved over to lipo I have thoroughly enjoyed the power that it gives. And thats all. I run my cars less than ever due to the forward planning and post care that they now require making it virtually impossible to go out with a charged pack at 5 mins notice as I need an hour to charge prior and then have to put the battery back to storage after. For a 45min run on one model I need an hour(ish) to charge before i go and however long after to either charge or discharge back to storage when I get back. Many technologies are replaced with things that are touted as better but have major baggage attached to one stellar selling point. With my Nimh I could charge it when I liked, leave it and top it off before a run(usually 5 mins and ready) and I didn't get all upset about getting the absolute best from my battery as they did fine enough as I am more into enjoying driving than getting every last piece of performance out of the equipment. Nimh does really need a bit more care than I give them but they can live well without it. Batteries are like tyres, 100% a consumable item in my eyes. A 7 cell Nimh is about the best option here that is readily available, LiFe are another option but limited in availability and configuration sadly as they would probably be what I would run if they were more prevalent.
  5. I take the meat of them out with a scalpel score and snap method, then I trim closer with curved scissors and finally sand to clean up.
  6. It could be graded stock too, better ones go to the manufacturer willing to pay and the rest are sold off cheap. I read somewhere (maybe even on here) that the Reedy motors have an appropriate gauge wire on them for the wind whereas the cheaper ones just use the same wire across all the range.
  7. They used to be on Facebook at one time, that’s all I really know.
  8. @alvinlwh has our shooting club shut down? We certainly used to have one, I used to have to do paperwork for the competition shooters in my last job.
  9. I’ve got a 3040 and have never gotten too far underway with it. This is mainly due to time and too many other things going on around me. I’ve done one or two things over the years and it’s awesome to be able to cut delrin or alloy etc. There’s just as big a rabbit hole as the printing with speeds/feeds/materials/cutters etc if not deeper still. Table fixtures are the way that machines work instead of using homing points, I fitted end stops to my machine but never used them past the initial setup. The last thing I did was fit the zero sensor and I’d say it’s a worthy upgrade/feature, way less faff. Software will depend on what interface your chosen machine wants. I’ve got an old Mach 3 installation for sending code and used JS Cut for creating Gcode, I don’t know if that’s still a thing as it’s been a while. There’s likely better stuff available now. Not much was free when I was working with mine, must be 5 years ago now as I haven’t done anything with it since my lad was born. If you can find enough stuff to do with it then I have a very strong feeling you will enjoy it.
  10. Cracking build, great reliability update without losing any of what makes the Wild One great, well done man!
  11. That looks a wicked little machine dude!
  12. Nice one @Wooders28, I often wondered why it was called Blinky!
  13. So I have been chipping away at this and have nearly enough to post. I grabbed an AliExpress alloy fuel cell for a look. It's fine enough but the logo isn't the best, slightly rough threads but otherwise does the job. I swapped out the servo cable for some black cable I also rearranged the electronics and printed a bracket for a 10 pin pogo connector to save unplugging the connector for the light kit. It's not the most elegant but the lights stay on no matter how much I rattle the body and i can remove the body without knackering the light kit. I"m gonna run the bracket and see if it holds up before i do any tidying up on it. Now I'm left with a rats nest in the body to tidy up🤢. Gotta do some soldering on that as the front cables are all too short with the control box all the way at the back. I aslo grabbed some coloured hose to see if it was better for plug wires. It's not entirely to my taste but I have a roll of 22awg Kanthal wire that's got no purpose so I think I'll run that inside it to give shape to it and see what I think. It is a close colour match to the body. So I sucked it up and spent a few hours over the last few days doing the wiring. swapped out the magnet wires that I had on the spotlights as It was already looking like a weak point. I grabbed the Gorilla tape and strapped up the leads and got the rear lights glued in. I'm really glad i did the rear clusters as they just look so much better than the standard ones. Chuffed thats over as I can actually drive the flipping thing now!!
  14. Could you set it on something that the shaft and pin would clear(a bit of wood with a slot in it) and gently tap it out with a small hammer or something similar?
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