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  1. I’ve got the same issue at times with my Kyosho USA-1 and the Kyosho rebrand Hobbywing esc in it. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s murder to get the reverse right. I’ve recalibrated it a couple of times and it goes away for a pack or two then comes back. if it was a thoroughbred Hobbywing I’d update the firmware but not sure I can with a rebrand. Annoying as it is I never remember about it until I take the truck out. I must try another radio as in my case I feel it’s not priming properly on startup.
  2. @BuggyDad and @markbt73 something like this?(forgive the backwards paddles)
  3. I am always hoping that Tamiya do a Juggernaut of some flavour, be it in a new iteration or a re-re Jugg 2. I’d say the market would lap it up just now as I think there’s still a fairly strong retro racing scene in the states and a Jugg would be appreciated and possibly add some spice to a sea of Clods. Loads of other buyers would be at the ready too for scalers and bashers.
  4. Another wicked build @Mad Ax! I’ve been weighing up getting one of those 2 speed boxes for a 2wd SCX10 Proline Baja build I’ve started. Do you think it is strong enough for that kinda scenario?
  5. I wasn't fussed on the taillights of the Blazer, seemed like they could be a bit better so I grabbed some AmPro ones. What a difference! I also took a chance on the Boom Racing Kudu light kit for their BRX models. Very cool unit with plenty of options and since i got the one for the old Land Rover they were nice and warm. I got that test fitted and its pretty much exactly what i wanted from a light kit, it controls all the spots, has hazards, control of wether indicators are working or not and brake/reverse. Here's a comparison of the rear lights once I'd painted them. They are pretty good. Cut out the body to fit them up. Test fitted and looking miles better. So I didn't do any more with the lights as I'm still deciding where the box should sit and then i can do the routing and glue the rear lights in. I'm gonna order a crimper and plugs so its a bit tidier, its a rats nest just now. So I designed and printed a basic tow hook mount and bought the RC4WD anti wrap bar and got those fitted. I also put more leafs back on to stiffen things up. In October I did the family birthday and xmas shopping and helped the Mrs by ordering her gift to me with no consultation, brave but she was cool about it. So xmas came and the gift was built. So now i need something to sit on there. Enter my trusty Wild One that's been my runner for about 7 years. It needs a bit of a revamp. After a wee revamp with a mix of styrene, FAV/Shark Mouth parts and a £5 Knight Customs engine we have a start. I also threw on my Scortched parts slot mags and some slicks. I'll get some paint on it once the weather better. I printed some bits to fill out the bed and prototyped a tyre rack. Added some AliExpress ratchet straps and it seems the garage is a hair too small now😂 So I redid the tyre rack in CDS pipe and now waiting for the time to get it fixed together with more than magnets. I'm also making a battery box from some styrene and it'll give me somewhere to put the straps when there's no load. I'm also messing with the leaf spring mounts to swap the shackles from the outsides to being on a pivot in the centre, that way I won't end up with all the load on one axle. I'll add better pics of that another time when its closer to finished as I'm still messing with spacing and height. I've dropped the whole thing by 11mm so far, not sure i can do more and that may already be too much. Need a dry day and time to run it around the driveway and see if it functions properly.
  6. As someone who vaped on 18650 in parallel and series with custom built coils that were down at 0.1ohms(virtually a direct short) I’ve messed with the limits of 18650s a fair bit some years ago. I’d reckon that a 2s2p pack built from high quality, high discharge, IMR chemistry cells from the likes of Samsung or LG would handle something like a Quicrun 1060 and 540 silver can on some sensible driving(opposed to bashing etc) without too much trouble. I’ve had a cell discharge/vent when sat on the kitchen counter and I guess since it wasn’t a direct short that caused it, it was not a volatile situation, I actually never noticed it happen and only found out when it wouldn’t charge did I inspect the cell and realise it had signs of venting, albeit not the shotgun scenario. I believe it was a Samsung 25R, it’s a great model of battery, takes some serious abuse and has a 25A continuous/35A burst discharge. Two in parallel would handle about 65a. I’m nearly tempted to dig some out and throw a pack together and see what happens. Many Chinese RC come with 2s2p 18650 packs and I’ve not seen a wake of carnage from those, not that I’ve really gone looking but bad news travels fast This isn’t really meant to be a point of encouragement but only another point of view and sharing some experience.
  7. There’s this thread currently on the go that has a lot of info in it. Might be helpful.
  8. As always things change, I got my USA-1 a couple of years back.
  9. Great info @Saito2! There’s some other older stuff to be found with the Wayback Machine via the old ClodParts.com site that shut down some years ago.
  10. They delivered my Kyosho USA-1 for £5 when everyone else wanted £15-£50. I’d rate them for delivering here. Better than Wheelspin and Modelsport from that perspective.
  11. Oh yes, replaced it once a couple of years ago, not had any further issues. I put it down to it being a mix between me being only just back into the hobby when I built it and loads of hard driving. I can’t imagine the included ceramic grease being very helpful with the situation. It’s spent most of its drive time on beaches with various grades of sand so it’s well worn but still drives fine. I drove 3-4 packs thought it one afternoon walking around Loch an Eilein when we were on holiday in Aviemore, no issues whatsoever. It’s been the “holiday car” for me, always in the car boot when we go away anywhere.
  12. ‘24 may be an expensive year for me😂
  13. Yeah @Kpowell911, I reckon it would’ve been 5deg tops when @alvinlwh was down there. The Traxxas stuff does well in the cold from what I see but nothing is foolproof in low temps. I run my Clods in the snow and sometimes my Mad Force but nothing else and even then it’s only the Clod that I feel can take a hammering. On a side note, those X-maxx/XRT are soooo tempting! Really a top basher.
  14. It’s been my go to buggy since 2016 when I got it. I love it!! I haven’t really looked at getting another buggy as it’s exactly what I want. Great on most surfaces, beach, dirt, street etc and I don’t feel the need to hop it up. It’s on the bench getting a refresh at the moment though as it’s just getting cosmetically tired.
  15. My gut says the Maverick wont handle our skatepark and temperature combination that much better than the FTX did. My advice would be increase your budget for initial purchase and then buy less hop-ups/replacement bits later and you’ll have spent as much. Any Arrma basher will be the perfect thing for your purpose. Or the AE MT10, that thing takes a beating. I’m not Traxxas fan by any stretch but they are one of the better manufacturers for what you wanna do……. I plan on replacing my ECX Torment with a MT10 this year sometime. The Torment is a virtually bulletproof basher with some RPM arms and Traxxas turnbuckles, it’s the only car that can finish my batteries without breaking first(when at the skatepark). Alas it’s getting old and I fancy some 4WD action, the Torment can be retired to beach basher. Or for something that’s not 1/8 labelled as 1/10 try the Hyper Go 1/16 monster, it takes a beating as well.
  16. Good shout @alvinlwh braid is awesome, I use it the whole time. I find it works better when I run a flux pen on it first, cleans the areas a lot faster.
  17. There is the option of grabbing a second hand Traxxas EVX2 esc, I’ve been using those in my Clods for years. Maybe not everyone’s favourite but have served me well on beaches and in the snow and never failed yet.
  18. ad456

    Scale Garage Build

    Thanks folks! @Mad Ax, might be worth looking in a second hand shop for an old table or something to repurpose or modify? My main 1/1 scale bench seldom doesn’t look like that!
  19. ad456

    Scale Garage Build

    @Mad Ax you should make one, you'd enjoy it a lot. See if ya can find a few square ft while yer doing yer big tidy-up. I got on and spent 6+hrs tidying up more of my stuff and racked some cars and got a bit more breathing room this week. So it turns out to be months for an update, not a real surprise. So i got the sides replaced and left the wood high incase i decided on a peaked roof. Then i decided i could cram more in if I put in a mezzanine level, so took a bit of play and prototyped it and it was too small. So I made a bigger one. And loaded stuff onto it. Kinda needs shelves or racks. So onto the MacBook and racking was designed and printed, pulled pork was had for eating and the boxes were reused. And racking was built and filled I also broke out the styrene and started a cabinet or shelf, depending on how lazy i am when i finish it. Printed a pillar drill and welding table and an army of bottles and drums. I decided a ladder to the mezzanine would use least space so started prototype that from kebab skewers. And made a guard rail last night when I'd finished most of the racking. Rearranged the bench and toolbox with more tiny screws and bit and bobs. The Chevrolet badge fell off the TF2 so that went one there too. I must do a pegboard on the bench at somepoint. And here's where the whole thing stands as of now. Definitely need to show some attention to the other side now as it's a bit sad. Must get a door decided on, look at windows and framing out the roof for proper kinda lights. And decide on walls as its seriously overdue!! Photopaper for boxes and printable decal paper are other things that are on my radar to look into.
  20. Looks very interesting!!!! £259 on Modelsport.
  21. I thought that it was SLA printed from what a few news sites were reporting. It’s likely why they haven’t got a load of spares available and also recommend that it’s for shelving and not really for running. EDIT: I’m wrong on this, they used SLA prints to make moulds from.
  22. Oof, Monster I don’t like the heart palpitations from that stuff.
  23. Yum, pure unadulterated ADHD hyperactivity in a bottle, there’s nothing better!!
  24. Nice! Always like to see some Jugg action!
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