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  1. Sand Rover from Beatties in Staines. Christmas 1983. It’s still my favourite Tamiya.
  2. Why not just clean it up. Maybe strip the chassis down, clean everything, give it a rebuild and see how you feel. If you then sell it at least you’ll get top dollar.
  3. Mad Ax, hilarious this made me really laugh, apart from it's true.
  4. That's a work of art / genius. I was thinking about doing a build involving a real mix up of parts. This is inspiration.
  5. I tried to keep things together by car. So I’d try to have all the parts to make a complete car in one box. That’s totally gone out the window over the years. I’ve tried getting hold of the original box for each car and storing related parts in those. But in some cases I’m using IKEA red and green storage boxes as well. I’m never going to buy a Toyota Hilux box. I have got all my screws and small parts in divided plastic containers. Still trying to a find a system that works.
  6. I wish as many of us have done over the years wished I'd never got rid ( let go due to parental pressure ) all of my cars. I let go of in order, Sand Rover, Ferrari 312, Ford Ranger, Porsche 935, Wild Willy. Of those the only one I have a hope of tracking down is the Wild Willy which one of my mates from school had the last time I caught up with him. Yes I will try to buy that back, it wasn't abused. Great thread.
  7. MadInventor, great thread. I guess we all think about the environment more which is a good thing. i guess the fact Tamiya use less packaging is a good thing, although I kind of miss the big boxes. But it makes total sense. I’m always aware that anything that gets produced is using up raw materials. I always prefer to try and fix something rather than throw it away and just go and buy a shiny new one. But in terms of our hobby I think that every time I buy something that could end up getting thrown away it’s in some small way recycling. I also try to reuse anything, including bags. I also hang onto plastic sprues in case I can use the plastic for a fix ? Al
  8. Apologies for being slightly off topic, in that I never raced. But my Hot Shot was brilliant to drive. I love that car and still have it after 30 + years. It was a real leap ahead in technology. I remember one friend bought a non Tamiya belt drive 4 wheel drive, it was awful. The Hot Shot just blew everything else away. in my neighbourhood at least. My previous cars were the Sand Rover, Ford Ranger ( just rolled a lot ) and various early models. The Hot Shot felt like a leap into the future or felt like it.
  9. Hi Ed, lovely car to be working on. If you are in the UK I've had success on ABS bodies using DeSolv It Graffiti Remover which you can get in B&Q and sometimes on line. I have noticed it's not always in stock at B&Q, so it's a case of checking stock. Some one also recommended a product called Graffiti Go from Tool Station. I've not tried this one personally. I know a lot of people use break fluid DOT 4. Never tried it, I think it's time consuming. Not that there's anything wrong with that. As long as you get the right result in the end. All the best, Al
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