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  1. I’ve developed a habit of buying bits of cars. Say a quarter or a half. I guess cars that have been abused or stripped down. I then spend ages finding all the missing bits to restore. Bringing back the bits that have gone and restoring what was left. I hope that makes sense. As a result I get a bit fixated on certain cars. So mostly Cheetahs, XR311’s, Sand Rover’s, SRB’s and most recently 3 speeds the Toyota Hilux and Blazer. Ive just recently picked up a Porsche 934 body well most of it. I think I’m in real trouble now ???But I think the common thread is returning something back to what it should be..
  2. Wet and dry it. Give it another gentle coat. Leave it for a couple of days. Just don’t rush. We spend years collecting parts or waiting for a particular model. Just don’t stress it.
  3. I’d love a 959, but every one says how the shell was an issue. Its a shame Tamiya don’t really seem to talk back to the paying public / addicts. Just let the people know what could be re-released and what will never see the light of day again. Certain cars I’d love to own, but seriously wouldn’t pay some of the money people ask. Purely because it’s just not right when I could probably help a charity do far more with that kind of cash. Just feels morally wrong to me. I blame my parents for my up bringing.
  4. Is there anything to stop Tamiya re- releasing any car ? Okay so they probably wouldn’t blow mould the 959 body, but they could still make one.
  5. I’d just be happy if they did a complete re-release of the original one, regardless of its faults and the fact technology has moved on. Just totally original.
  6. The original Hot Shot had white wheels, never gold. They came with the Hot Shot2. What I find funny with all of these debates and discussions is that with such a dedicated fan base and supporters of a company, that company does not seem to talk back to the people keeping it in business. And let’s face it a tough business to keep going in this age of PlayStations and Xboxes.
  7. The early catalogues are what you need. They had lists of the spares and which model they went with. I’ve got the first four. I could scan the spares listings at the back and send them to you.
  8. Sand Rover from Beatties in Staines. Christmas 1983. It’s still my favourite Tamiya.
  9. Why not just clean it up. Maybe strip the chassis down, clean everything, give it a rebuild and see how you feel. If you then sell it at least you’ll get top dollar.
  10. Mad Ax, hilarious this made me really laugh, apart from it's true.
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