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  1. Prices for these are creeping up. Personally I’d clean it up and keep it for yourself, you’ll never get another one. You could probably get £200 easily I would have thought, maybe even more £250, because you’ve got the box, everything looks like it’s there, the 540 motor option mount. Even the rear tyres look like they have some tread left. Buy a modern buggy to have some fun with the kids, plus modern electronics so more reliable and less issues. And no need to stress about the occasional broken part.
  2. Got mine as a Christmas present from the wife. It looks great, it’s back to the old days of a well presented kit. It will be built.
  3. Not that I want to buy multiple kits, but every time I see those type of pictures, with piles of the same kit, I just think how much space have you got in your house !!!! At the end of the day some of us just want to try and buy the one kit, then there’s the kids who can afford to buy 6 of them. Personally I’m not interested in keeping something NIB, I think I’d rather sell it. All the kits I own will eventually get built, that’s the joy of this hobby for me. Yes I do get gutted when I don’t manage to get a model on a limited run, but that’s because I haven’t got the cash and that’s just the way it is. All that means is that my choices are models I really want and are more considered. And I’m happy with that.
  4. I’ve got of plenty of projects, I had the 45th anniversary Porsche 934 as my only present request, as my better half hasn’t asked for any more ideas, I’m assuming that’s sorted. My problem is finding the time to do anything. I’m lucky in that I’ve got 2 weeks booked off, but I always find at Christmas somehow my time just gets eaten away by tasks based around the big day !! Fingers crossed I get a few days to myself ?? A bit of an update on this, my wife goes into hospital next Monday for an operation, put those projects on hold, some things are more important.
  5. For tyres soak them in glycerin. As long as they aren’t too cracked, it really helps. Soak them in the glycerin for at least a week, turn the tyre over every day or two. Then when you take them out, leave them for a good week or so, to let the tyres dry off. Patience is the key.
  6. If they are re-releasing the Renault 5, I’m getting one this time. I’ll sort out the chassis and making it look good once I’ve got one. I was gutted to miss out last time and I’ll never get my hands on a vintage one. It’s a shame they don’t redo those early pan chassis’s.
  7. Fingers crossed I’m getting one this Christmas from the family. I know my wife had pre- orders with at least 2 companies. 🤞🤞
  8. I think that’s a fitting way to remember Shodog by. Peace and love to him and his family.
  9. Just got myself another old black end bell Mabuchi at the weekend. I think that’s 3 I’ve got in the last couple of months, all going into some vintage builds.
  10. Publishing. I design children’s books. Interesting thread, it’s interesting to see what people do, at the same time everyone has a common bond.
  11. Porsche 934 58001 XR311 Countach 58008 Celica LB Turbo 58009 Porsche 936 Cheetah Sand Rover Holiday Buggy Rough Rider - original and re- re Sand Scorcher Ford Ranger Blazing Blazer Toyoya Hi Lux original and truck man top body version FAV Wild One Brat HotShot Blackfoot Lancia 037 Ford Hi Lift I’m not saying which I’ve got multiples of, a gentleman never tells.
  12. Let’s face it if all you had was a trickle charger, so that meant charging your battery over night, then you wanted maximum driving time and that’s what the 380 motor gave you. It was great to get you started, I’m guessing many of us, of a certain age started with a toy grade rc car. So a 380 motor was a vast improvement.
  13. When I’m restoring my cars, where possible I try to get original screw bags. I like to keep as many original parts as possible, so if a screw is a total mess, it needs replacing. The original screws were a gold colour, they are now silver or black. So I’ll try to get originals. I think my point being, I agree on those little details.
  14. Nice thread. Mine would be; Sand Scorcher Sand Rover Hotshot But I don’t own any modern Tamiyas so I’m probably missing out on some great cars.
  15. But isn’t that what most of us want to do. Just run our favourite cars and have a bit of fun.
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