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  1. If I’m building an early car, first 100, I’d rather stick with the original tech. So I’d much rather put. 540 motor in, I’ve even started putting 380’s back in. I don’t think Tamiya cars are designed to handle ridiculous motors, I just don’t think that’s Tamiya’s thing. Just stick to what you want to do. For me I just like to keep it original and simple.
  2. Are you looking for the Ford Ranger F-150 body ? If so there are a few on eBay if you look up the Blackfoot. It won’t have Ford on the bonnet, but Shapeways go the letters.
  3. Just had a quick look on their website, they really don’t have much stock at the minute. They do have some nice looking stuff though.
  4. My first thought was 3D printed parts for vintage models, but I don’t think so !!! That’s not Tamiya’s thing.
  5. Hi, this is all a bit late, but the pinion issue on to the 380 motor is resolved by adding some brass tube onto the motors spindle and then put the pinion on, tightened by a grub screw. That is how Tamiya supplied it in the original kit. It's always great to see a good Sand Rover resto. Nice work.
  6. He must be a good customer. 👍
  7. I spent this weekend rebuilding my childhood Hotshot. It was very dusty and very dirty. But this is long overdue.
  8. Sorry what I mean is they are happy to sell the clear body set as well as supply the pre painted one in the kit. Let’s face it a lot of people who bought the Mk2 Escort will all be buying a clear body set so the can do a colour scheme of their own choosing.
  9. I think they are supplying pre painted bodies so people new to the hobby get a quicker finished result. It also means they can sell more body sets to the good folk who like to actually paint a car to their own choosing. It’s a win, win for Tamiya I’d say.
  10. It’s always good to see something different. I can appreciate some cars are fairly specific, if you’re making a specific version of a real model. But even the Tamiya catalogues and the instructions usually say you can paint in what ever colours you want. It would be really boring see everyone do the same thing. It’s seeing someone doing something different that inspires ideas.
  11. Built this yesterday. It will be a Countach when it’s finished, I know technically it’s the wrong wheels and tyres for the chassis, but I think this looks better. Still a lot of body work to go, but will hopefully look stunning.
  12. I agree, I’ve found it useful for selling stuff as well. But as you say, I’ve dealt with some people with amazing collections you could only dream of, but they have really helped out with parts to restore a car and a lot cheaper than eBay. Personally I don’t use eBay half as much, these days. The Facebook sites have been much better. I’m just happy to get that part which moves on a project.
  13. You should just need the E tree for parts. But I’m assuming you’ve got a complete original. You can re. use the G4 parts from original.
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