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  1. Built this yesterday. It will be a Countach when it’s finished, I know technically it’s the wrong wheels and tyres for the chassis, but I think this looks better. Still a lot of body work to go, but will hopefully look stunning.
  2. I agree, I’ve found it useful for selling stuff as well. But as you say, I’ve dealt with some people with amazing collections you could only dream of, but they have really helped out with parts to restore a car and a lot cheaper than eBay. Personally I don’t use eBay half as much, these days. The Facebook sites have been much better. I’m just happy to get that part which moves on a project.
  3. You should just need the E tree for parts. But I’m assuming you’ve got a complete original. You can re. use the G4 parts from original.
  4. It’s easy enough to convert the old XR311 chassis to metal torsion bars. I want to do the same for a Cheetah chassis, but the front bars won’t be right. I thought the front of the Cheetah was shorter ? If so hopefully that just means cutting the bars down.
  5. Let me know how you get on. If you need any message me.
  6. I’d say keep it. I’ve got cars stashed away in boxes, they may have a bit of a wait to be restored or built. But they are there for when I get round to it. The Blazing Blazer is a classic, Tamiya will never do anything like that again and as much as we all want a re- release, it won’t happen. I’d only sell that if I really had to, ie serious financial problems. If it really leaves you feeling cold then absolutely sell. I restored a Blackfoot recently, but I’m just not feeling the love so it will very likely be moved on. I hope none of us have helped you make a decision. You’ll do what feels right no doubt.
  7. Are the Bruiser head light lenses the same as the original Hilux ?
  8. Hi Busdriver, I have now added the Holiday Buggy to trades on here.
  9. Hi Busdriver, on Tamiya’s Spare Parts and Tamiya Legends Facebook site.
  10. As part of an on going clear our I posted a Holiday Buggy for sale and started putting together all the parts for a Cheetah chassis also to sell. I had to really, I bought a NIP Porsche 936 body set as well as an old Countach body and wheels yesterday.
  11. Hi Grizy, that would be spot on. Let me know what want for it ? Cheers Alan
  12. Hi, I’m after a chassis to put a Countach body on. So the CS chassis. A complete chassis or just parts, I don’t mind restoring it, but nothing broken. Ive got a few bits and bobs left over from my Celica Turbo build, so hence any bits you don’t need I would be interested in. Main parts I’ve after are chassis plate, mechanism deck, gear box, steering. Any help is much appreciated, thanks Alan
  13. I’m half full, up until the announcement.
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