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  1. Here’s my Brat. I bought a beat up body which I’ve slowly been stripping the old paint from and fixing up. The chassis was a basket case, I think it was a frog, but you only knew because of the gears. I’ve now managed to get the original gears and the hardest bit to find was the original front body post. Everything is now cleaned up and the chassis is ready to be rebuilt. Cheers.
  2. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=108016&id=16781 Is this what you were thinking.
  3. I love these early kits. I’m still restoring mine.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. I’d say there’s a good market for the originals and also spare parts. I’m probably showing my age, but a lot of the modern kits don’t interest me. Each to there own and I can appreciate the way Tamiya keep moving forwards. But surely the retro, nostalgia, vintage market would be more than happy to buy these original kits.
  5. That’s interesting because the speed controller is not the one shown in the instructions or catalogues. The one pictured was used in the Cheetah and subsequent models. If that’s the speed controller that came in the kit is it another example of Tamiya swapping in parts over the life of a models production run.
  6. Very nice. I love these early kits. A joy to build and the bodies are beautiful.
  7. Holiday Buggy. The re-release Sand Rover was pretty awful, considering the starting point was an absolute classic.
  8. Lovely Golf, very nice. I don’t understand why they don’t re-release the originals.
  9. Cheers Mirrorman, it’s funny how much that chassis pic on the box looks like an early Tamiya design. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone got any photos of this car made up. The image on the box of the model looks like the first couple of Tamiya chassis, but the box art looks different. This kit fascinates me. Thanks.
  11. I can’t see why not for the Cheetah, they have brought back the chassis and only need to tweak the torsion bars. And if they wanted to I’m assuming they could re mould the body kit, unless something has happened to the moulds. But I’m with you on this one. Bring back the Cheetah.
  12. Why didn’t they do a proper re-release of the Sand Rover. They butchered the body. And the original chassis was just perfect simplicity. Don’t mess with perfection.
  13. The font on the long sticker needs adjusted to tighten it up. I think the kerning is our. I’d probably convert it into an artwork and pull it to the right length. Its well out.
  14. Nice one on keeping the original shell, it’s got life. Good idea to get a second body shell. Looks great.
  15. I’ve had some success with a product called Grafitti Go from Tool Station in the UK. Mixed results, but then I found the same with Desolv-it. I do find the plastic feels like it softens slightly while the substance is in contact. But then gardens up once cleaned off and left to dry.
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