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  1. The best of my Sand Rovers. It was my first Tamiya and still looks cool for such a simple car.
  2. I’ve tried a few different substances and I’ve found it really depends on the paint that has been applied that matters most. De-solv it Graffiti remover from B&Q and Graffiti Go from Tool Station have both worked for me, but with varying degrees of success, because you don’t know what paint type you are removing if it’s something you’ve got off eBay.
  3. Having been furloughed for June and needing a break from DIY, I spent a day putting one of my Sand Rovers together. A very satisfying day. I went through my spares picking the best parts to get this one as near perfect as possible. Just the body work to go, so hopefully this one will get finished. 🤞 Cheers Al
  4. Hobby craft plastic compartment boxes for the really small stuff. Take away tubs to split up kit parts, but then ideally stored inside the original kit box. I quite like the Ikea storage boxes, usually in the kids section, the big red ones and the shallow green ones. These are for body shells, tyres or cars were I don’t have an original box. And various brown boxes, usually with a car in waiting to be restored. Its basically pretty random at best.
  5. It’s just a clear plastic as far as I can tell, where as the original was a slightly smoked colour .
  6. Beatties in Staines. My parents got me a Sand Rover for Christmas 1983. Which I loved and is the car I bought on eBay 5 years ago to return to the hobby.
  7. All of my early 3 speeds Toyota Hilux ( still need a few bits ) and Blazing Blazer ( will probably never be completed ) are from buying up individual bits. All my SRB,s Mk1 Rough Rider is from bits, Sand Scorcher Mk2 is from bits. I think it makes more sense to buy something that is mostly complete to at least give you a platform. Financially at least. But if you are happy to wait and have some money to chuck around then I think anything is possible. It all ends up on eBay for sale at some point.
  8. Keep them, especially the early ones. They look great. I keep the spares in them.
  9. Acrylic art paint is slightly rubbery so will have so flex in it. Definitely want a Matt finish.
  10. I think it’s like looking behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Someone will always have more. More cars, more parts, more vintage parts. Be happy with what you have. Keep looking for what you want, it will turn up one day. Make connections. Most people are good. Ignore the idiots. Its a hobby and it should be fun.
  11. Sand Rover original Porsche 935 Ford 350 High Lift Lancia 037 in box waiting Rough Rider ( 2009 )in box waiting Again this is a fraction of what I have.
  12. Hi Saito, why not put a list on the site. If members want to put there name against a car at a pre-agreed price. Then heaven forbid, worst case scenario your wife has a list of people lined up to buy and prices already sorted. Its then just a case of posting them out. That way your wife gets more money. And you know they’ve gone to good homes. Hopefully none of the above will be necessary. Al
  13. I was very much tempted by this myself. But am holding off until it’s no longer available , so I can kick myself and regret it.
  14. You need time to yourself and an escape from the pressure of what is going on in the world right now. I think it’s good to have a creative out let, so why not buy a new kit. Before someone mentions board games or jigsaw puzzles.
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