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  1. Publishing. I design children’s books. Interesting thread, it’s interesting to see what people do, at the same time everyone has a common bond.
  2. Porsche 934 58001 XR311 Countach 58008 Celica LB Turbo 58009 Porsche 936 Cheetah Sand Rover Holiday Buggy Rough Rider - original and re- re Sand Scorcher Ford Ranger Blazing Blazer Toyoya Hi Lux original and truck man top body version FAV Wild One Brat HotShot Blackfoot Lancia 037 Ford Hi Lift I’m not saying which I’ve got multiples of, a gentleman never tells.
  3. Let’s face it if all you had was a trickle charger, so that meant charging your battery over night, then you wanted maximum driving time and that’s what the 380 motor gave you. It was great to get you started, I’m guessing many of us, of a certain age started with a toy grade rc car. So a 380 motor was a vast improvement.
  4. When I’m restoring my cars, where possible I try to get original screw bags. I like to keep as many original parts as possible, so if a screw is a total mess, it needs replacing. The original screws were a gold colour, they are now silver or black. So I’ll try to get originals. I think my point being, I agree on those little details.
  5. Nice thread. Mine would be; Sand Scorcher Sand Rover Hotshot But I don’t own any modern Tamiyas so I’m probably missing out on some great cars.
  6. But isn’t that what most of us want to do. Just run our favourite cars and have a bit of fun.
  7. I just did a count up and I have 30. If I hadn’t checked, I’d have told you I only had 20. These guys just multiply !!!!
  8. If I’m building an early car, first 100, I’d rather stick with the original tech. So I’d much rather put. 540 motor in, I’ve even started putting 380’s back in. I don’t think Tamiya cars are designed to handle ridiculous motors, I just don’t think that’s Tamiya’s thing. Just stick to what you want to do. For me I just like to keep it original and simple.
  9. Are you looking for the Ford Ranger F-150 body ? If so there are a few on eBay if you look up the Blackfoot. It won’t have Ford on the bonnet, but Shapeways go the letters.
  10. Just had a quick look on their website, they really don’t have much stock at the minute. They do have some nice looking stuff though.
  11. My first thought was 3D printed parts for vintage models, but I don’t think so !!! That’s not Tamiya’s thing.
  12. Hi, this is all a bit late, but the pinion issue on to the 380 motor is resolved by adding some brass tube onto the motors spindle and then put the pinion on, tightened by a grub screw. That is how Tamiya supplied it in the original kit. It's always great to see a good Sand Rover resto. Nice work.
  13. He must be a good customer. 👍
  14. I spent this weekend rebuilding my childhood Hotshot. It was very dusty and very dirty. But this is long overdue.
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