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  1. Rickman2k

    Can someone paint my body?

    it's great that you got that and we understand how you'd like it to look the best it can but until you take the plunge and try it yourself you'll always be ********** ! Maybe you have a friend that has messed with one at least a little ? Then the both of you can do this learning experience ! Send pixs of your progress !
  2. Rickman2k

    Another Sand Scorcher Build Up

    a little better shot of the scoop and Bugeye ? Both were made from left over planes, a little balsa, some thin sheet aluminum and other stuff.
  3. Rickman2k

    Another Sand Scorcher Build Up

    pretty much down to batteries and charger to getting her going. She's a 36 year old girl, more new stuff than old it seems like now.
  4. Rickman2k

    Sand Scorcher steering upgrade

    looks flimsy, too many parts. but it looks neat other than that
  5. Rickman2k

    Another Sand Scorcher Build Up

    what are you guys using for window mesh ?
  6. Rickman2k

    What motor to get

    brushed, I had one tabed, I thought anyway, it was a black 27T
  7. Rickman2k

    What motor to get

    Will be needing a new motor for my Sand Scorcher pretty soon, I hope, what do I need to get ? My last one was the 540 Johnson. What's one with some balls ?
  8. Rickman2k

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    postman brought be a new RC case for my Sand Scorcher rebuild yesterday, it's so purdy ! Not a scratch on it !
  9. Rickman2k

    Another Sand Scorcher Build Up

    WoW, last post 7 years ago ? Well, I'm gonna make a post and see if anyone is still around (alive) on here. Ran across my old Superchamp chassis the other day, one I've had since 83, and started sprucing it up. Next thing I know I've got a new Beetle body and a RC case for it. Started looking around to see what I could find on the little guy and found this site. Next thing I know I'm moding the it, got rid of the rest of the hood then found this post were the front fenders had been clipped so guess what I just got thru doing ? Yep, clipped fenders on mine, and it looks so much better ! I hope there's still someone around here to talk to, later, Rick...............