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  1. Thanks Thaan I just picked up the last one they had in stock
  2. i have been trying to find one at a reasonable price the people who have them want alot more guess i'll just wait unless someone knows where to find one at a normal price
  3. i googled it and i seee different types come up any specific type i need ? im sorry im new at this
  4. whats a good wheel and tire combo mostly street driving for the avante i dont wana use the stock wheels and tires if i dont have to so im looking for some recommendations please
  5. Got it thanks good thing I held off on painting the driver I ordered the savox 1257 servo I hope it clears ok
  6. Should I buy a small Kimbrough servo saver?
  7. i just preordered the kits from horizon i'll just wait for the kit to come out thanks
  8. where can i find the carbon fiber steering bridge?
  9. im on there now i cant find the pa9 steering plate and also do u need 8 bearings for the steering setup? Are the bearings I need 5x8x2.5 for the steering 8 of them?
  10. to bad they didnt sell it as a kit i'll have to piece it together is there one place i can order everything i need for it? any links?
  11. Yea is the 2011 kit in going to be running 10.5 brushless I have a18teeth 0.6steel pinion coming I wasn't sure about the diff though
  12. Few quick questions on the build I'm running to the hobby shop today to pick up some paint for the build I herd people saying use different diff grease what grease should I pick up? Any other things I need during this build ide like to pick up everything today or if I need to order any upgrades for the avante or is it ready to rock outside the box?
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