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  1. I would just leave the front one-way in but the diminished reverse drive is kinda infuriating.
  2. Thank you for such a detailed response. I’m gonna look at the gear diff option. Would it be a direct drop in and still work fine with the rear ball diff? I wouldn’t need to get gear diffs in back and front?
  3. This is the closest I can find...
  4. I’ve been trying to find the part number for the stock ball diff to replace the one-way in the front. Can’t find anything on searching. Parts of it, gear diff, one-way, coupling etc etc but nothing for the full Ball Diff set. That seems unlikely. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you! I’ve DLed the manual, will look it over and see what I can do
  6. I didn’t see any missing pins. The wheels spin in reverse when it’s in the air but as soon as they meet the slightest resistance, they stop. Spur keeps spinning.
  7. I just opened the rear diff and it’s a ball diff, everything looked fine, no wear in the bevel gears, all the balls inside the diff were there and fine. I did tighten down the diff screw through the center and put it back in and that seems to have solved the forward drive problem. I’m still getting little to no reverse drive. There is a blue aluminum one-way diff up front from the previous owner...
  8. Hello, glad to be a part of the community. I’ve almost finished my first Tamiya project in years and I’m having a problem with drive issues. I bought a super cheap but very clean used TB-03D to do a rally conversion (rally block tires and wheels, EVO III WRC body). I’m running a stock gearing of 64t Spur and 23t .06M pinion. I believe the previous owner installed a one way spool in the front because the car basically has FWD only and zero reverse. I get no wheel spin in the rear. I assume I have to tighten something in the diff or the drive shaft/spur, but no idea as this is my first Tamiya build in over 10 years. Any help/tips? Link to a short YouTube video of the problem:
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