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  1. Another pic of the GThommos specials...
  2. The re re has a ridiculous amount of flex everywhere, and it wasn't a bother for me.
  3. The brand new GTodd x-axis torsion bars are awesome, now available through Thommo.com. lol jk..
  4. Not even debatable that it reduces the (Y) flex by over 40% on the Y axis, the X axis flex is a non issue with the Super Astute.. Torsional flex from ball cups? My bad, i forgot to calculate that .001th of a inch.. This was just a mockup, all pointless X axis's have been secured..
  5. A simple way to reduce the flex in the front end, i actually found a better way but i'm just sourcing out the parts now.
  6. I used the 54505s in the front and rear. Its a bit much though.
  7. Thank you, good call, they do not fit. I've tried 1mm in the back and they still rub, 2mm fit fine. I believe 1.5mm spacers will work as well, i just do not have any to test it out.
  8. I'll try when i get back home, i haven't test fitted any rims yet..
  9. Its getting there, still waiting for a few more parts.
  10. If you did not already find out, they will fit perfectly.
  11. I actually bought two sets of rear dampers, there is no way they would fit up front without a taller shock tower. I'm using the taller Fyber Lite tower up front and its fine. I think someone mentioned that they had to use spacers up front to make them work with the stock tower. I also raised the rear shock tower, i think if i kept it in the stock location, i would have needed at least a 2mm spacer. The stock CVA shocks shouldn't need any internal spacer unless you're using different springs. I believe someone also mentioned that their front CVAs were bottoming out before the chassis touched, mine never bottomed out though..
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