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  1. You're going to offend a lot people, but you're not wrong.
  2. Yup, just that one hole, all the other holes are in the right place. Just use the stock tower as a template, attach it to the new tower with a couple of screws/nuts, and proceed to drill. This will allow the body mount to be perfectly centered.
  3. I'm not sure if you need spacers to make the Hi Caps work, but you will need to drill a hole through that tower to use the stock body mount. You will also need to trim down a small portion of that tower to make the body mount fit flush. The brace does not come with countersunk holes to mount the rear shock assembly, you will need to countersink them. You might as well as get the rear tower while you're at it, Fibre-lyte is top quality.
  4. Jon Gillham. The Monster Beetle's fix is cheap and easy, MIP's diff is around $60 bucks. Hi-Caps will cost you more than that for the Super Astute. The Super Astute does not work well with silver cans, a stock Novafox will eat it up all day for lunch. A silver canned Grasshopper with bearings will eat up a stock Super Astute with a silver can, unless you're savvy enough to replace the kit's spur/pinion gears and find the proper ratio...
  5. It literately needs everything upgraded, it is pure garbage compared to any real race ready buggy in 1993.
  6. The re re has a ridiculous amount of flex everywhere, and it wasn't a bother for me.
  7. The brand new GTodd x-axis torsion bars are awesome, now available through Thommo.com. lol jk..
  8. Not even debatable that it reduces the (Y) flex by over 40% on the Y axis, the X axis flex is a non issue with the Super Astute.. Torsional flex from ball cups? My bad, i forgot to calculate that .001th of a inch.. This was just a mockup, all pointless X axis's have been secured..
  9. A simple way to reduce the flex in the front end, i actually found a better way but i'm just sourcing out the parts now.
  10. I used the 54505s in the front and rear. Its a bit much though.
  11. Thank you, good call, they do not fit. I've tried 1mm in the back and they still rub, 2mm fit fine. I believe 1.5mm spacers will work as well, i just do not have any to test it out.
  12. I'll try when i get back home, i haven't test fitted any rims yet..
  13. Its getting there, still waiting for a few more parts.
  14. If you did not already find out, they will fit perfectly.
  15. I actually bought two sets of rear dampers, there is no way they would fit up front without a taller shock tower. I'm using the taller Fyber Lite tower up front and its fine. I think someone mentioned that they had to use spacers up front to make them work with the stock tower. I also raised the rear shock tower, i think if i kept it in the stock location, i would have needed at least a 2mm spacer. The stock CVA shocks shouldn't need any internal spacer unless you're using different springs. I believe someone also mentioned that their front CVAs were bottoming out before the chassis touched, mine never bottomed out though..
  16. Big bores are plug in play, no spacers or shims needed.
  17. That is one of my all time favorites, mine had the optional 48P gear set. Cool build...
  18. According to Akira, these are not big bore threaded velvet shocks, they are just threaded red shocks, which is a little disappointing.
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