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  1. @Saito2 Some of that sounds familiar, I taught some basic algebra to mine, just simple stuff like finding the value for ‘x’ in sums that make 10, we feed back on an online journal, the teacher said not to do that because its for later years (even though he could) and asked we focus on counting objects and recognising which of two sets is larger!... anyone ever offered a 4 year old choice of two hands of sweets one with more.. Pretty sure all 4 year olds have those skill already, it’s almost like they are teaching to the lowest ability for the age.. We need more work on writing though, he’s just never been interested in drawing and also being ambidexterous like me it took him a long time to show any hand preference, we kind of had to just pick one we thought he used more and force it.. so he’s a lefty now too... We have a gap too for music, don’t do enough of that.. How old’s your daughter? Is it the size of the guitar that’s the issue or the dexterity? I was wondering if we could get a 1/2 size for ours.. Oh, and games, we downloaded overcooked today..£6 it’s ridiculous.. basically running a kitchen trying to make soups and things with team work, he loves this but I get stressed... like a proper Gorden Ramsey...
  2. I’ might have a test for this... Wire both the lamps to the one transformer, I’m thinking in parallel, which might prevent both lamps from working if there is a circuit breaker being triggered in the transformer by one...
  3. Ok, I’ll have a last guess.. Could there be a thermally operated automatic circuit breaker in the transformer? Assuming there’s no manual switch, which could mean there is a mechanical defect in the housing, something making it draw more current, which is why the 7.2V battery works and the 12v doesn’t? No circuit breaker in the battery? So you might have to be stripping the fitting and looking for a short? Perhaps do some continuity checking of the wires and housing and switch assembly. I’m beginning to think this is the one...
  4. Ok, so the transformer works on lamp A but not B and the 7.2v battery works on A and B, and you have tried transformer on B with both polarity options and no light... so.. have you tried both bulbs (no housing) on the transformer? If so and it lights both there must be some electronics in the fitting that are reacting to either current or voltage levels, since the 7.2 v works would that point to over voltage? I’ll do a little googling on circuits that may be present in a DC device that aren’t in the transformer..
  5. Do you think it might not be voltage but current limited? The transformer isn’t high enough amps for some reason? Second possibility the device is polarity sensitive and something in the one transformer is incorrectly polarised? I did a quick google and it does say some types of lamp without a diode bridge will not work unless the polarity is correct. Hopefully someone on here that is an electrical electronics expert will chip in.. I’m just speculating
  6. I’m hoping they introduce a mechanics theme one week.. but so far its mostly pirates! Ooohhh, I wonder if pirating includes knock off versions of the Bruiser.... As well as structured learning, I’ve taught him to play lego batman and a retro version of Golden axe for those old enough to remember 16bit...
  7. I’ve not been active on the forum recently and have had no hobby time for months. I’m fortunate this time round in the UK lockdown that I’m able to work from home, but I’m also being a teacher to a 4 year old. So my typical day starts early and switches between teaching and working, by the time my kid is in bed, around 8pm I’m sooo tired.. I’m not moaning.. I’m really enjoying having more time with him to be a parent and I actually think it’s helping accelerate his academic skills.. but it would be nice to have a bit more me time... So.. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for bringing a little RC time into 4 year old lessons? We’re currently on an under the sea theme to RC cars are a bit hard to ‘mussel ’ in And... is anyone in the same boat and needs any help tips on things to do if their school isn’t particularly proactive with reception years? Perhaps we could use this thread to share tips? I’ve just seen on the news schools might not be back till after Easter. Here’s a picture of our craft project papier-mâché Octopus
  8. I kind of agree disagree with this.. They try too hard to be impartial which makes them write often conflicting viewpoints in an effort to be fair and unbiased.. Often giving airtime to totally baseless opinion.. This feeds in to validating those who have a more misguided approach to consuming news.. legitimising crackpot theories to be fair to those that hold them.. Also the news night style interview where the sole objective is to be aggressive confrontational and ‘catch someone out’ Common sense says there are things politicians either won’t or can’t answer in an interview, so spending 5 minutes shouting the same question at them and slamming them for being evasive isn’t actually good journalism. There are many more civilised ways of conducting an interview and highlighting when the government isn’t doing a good enough job... (my rant over) I should add.. that on the BBC news sites, the detailed analysis sections and not the headline pages is where you find more fact and less discussion...
  9. Also my main source of internet news.. There’s a mixture of price increases due to unavoidable and unpredictable circumstances, like factories having to shut and ports being understaffed. Bottle necks of shipping routes and the closing of boarders to contain the virus, but there’s also those who are profiting from this situation, for example being able to delay containers then sending one for the price of 5 and maintaining the bottle neck to keep the prices high and not caring if the containers you delay are full of perishables.. Also deplorable behaviour of those involved in taking huge amounts of tax payers money to then overcharge for essential PPE and medication. Unfortunately, there is no real Karma and these evil people can and will happily get away with this.
  10. I bought nearly all of my kits from Tamico as they were often the best price and did great weekly offers. Unfortunately because of Brexit supporters the customs charges/import duties will now make ordering from the EU less attractive and I imagine for goods over £135 non viable. These are indeed sad times. Having ordered from Non EU countries in the past, I’m well aware how inept our customs and postal services are, inflated charges for processing orders and ‘misplacing’ packages altogether, not updating the customs status once charges are paid so the packages get sent back.. The Brexit promise of having more money in your pocket will be kind of true though... because you can’t justify spending it anymore!
  11. The reaction to Acetone should be far more severe in ABS, I’d do a timed chemical compatibility test, either submerge or apply a drop to each. Also, most (but not all) Nylon grades have a higher melt temperature than ABS, so it might be possible to test this if you have a thermostatically controlled heat gun. Nylon has a higher tensile strength, which is probably why it’s used more in mechanical parts like gears, so you could do some tensile load tests.. Finally... I have a friend with access to an SEM, so if you have a specific part in mind I can add it to his test list.
  12. I think I’m in the bridge period of this, as a graduate, I had little understanding of manufacturing and no CAD experience, so when releasing designs I’d spend the time talking to the machinists, programmers and assembly technicians so would rarely get any surprise phone calls (except for the odd missing dimension...) I also had the benefit of an office mate who didn’t go to uni, started as an apprentice in the machine shop so his and my skills and experience were from totally different ends of the spectrum and we complimented each other well. I find now, the new graduates are academically superior, straight A, 1st class honours etc.. but the selection process somehow always picks the really over confident ones who are very arrogant, they wouldn’t talk to the builders or machinists and only talk to the experienced engineers when they need digging out a hole.. You could say, they have to eat more humble pie than those naturally more humble
  13. This was definitely the case, the crux of it is that a German company was badging something designed and built overseas and wanted to bring it all home. I can kind of see why they would want this but at the same time, they couldn’t admit they didn’t have the skills and were doing it anyway.. it took them 2 years to finally realise it would be better to leave us alone than it would be to replicate what we do.. It makes me laugh each time you see a TV or film reference talk about Germany’s reputation for brilliant and reliable engineering, or Honda for efficiency and even the negative ones for poor quality manufacture in the Far East, the reality is a German brand engineering product could well have been designed in the UK, the Honda in the US and both are probably being mass produced in the Far East...
  14. Our colleagues in the mothership back in Germany did a weight saving exercise on one of our block castings, in their wisdom they reduced all the fillet sizes and even cut half the height off the crank caps, when they delivered the first off we unsurprisingly were able to sharpie all the crack here points before it was even built, and also unsurprisingly parts of the crank assy escaped and did some rather destructive laps of the Dyno. It should never have made it to build, but I guess we had to prove a point and ultimately it saved our jobs.. I think my job is safe now, but it wont be long before people that design things are replaced by people who can tell a computer to design things...
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