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  1. The Beetle Rally is only £10 more in the uk, same shop. I’ve only had a cursory glance through the manuals and excluding the body the MF01X looks like it has more parts. Where are you looking?
  2. Thanks, looks great. It looks a bright white until you frame the panel next to the driver then it comes across much more warm. It was a toss up between the Ts-7 rattle can or a different brand ready mixed for spray gun called racing white. I think I’ll risk the ready mix.
  3. Question for you both.. Is the white on the current Re-Re what other suppliers call racing white? a little off white that looks aged? I've seen a few models that look brilliant white and a few that are warmer. I didn't know what the recommended Tamiya colour comes out as. Could just be the lighting used as with white it can quite hard to tell unless they are next to each other, having a 'brilliant' white or titanium white base line to gauge its offishness.. (technical term)
  4. Update... cheaper than spoons @speedy_w_beans I had a brainwave.. I have an off-cut of polypipe, it’s a decent grade white abs perfect for the hard styrene body. I have about 1200mm so won’t even bother cutting it up. You can buy 3 metres of 30mm ish pipe for about £4 so can spray hundreds of samples and once finished it can be easily rubbed down and reused or re purposed as.. well.. a piece of pipe
  5. I’ve not seen much CAPS LOCK SHOUTING on this forum.. but perhaps I won’t mention spoons again in case it triggers anyone
  6. I have a mad bull and a sand scorcher to do, there aren’t any modelling shops around here but I can get spoons next day from Amazon. Ideally I’d find something to recycle.. must be something harder polystyrene laying around somewhere...
  7. I have a hand me down airbrush and was going to do some practice, thinning, mixing, masking, colour match and compatibility etc. And thought I’d get some plastic spoons for samples, they have a good shape, some have rims that might be useful for detailing. So I google spray painting spoons and read a random forum thread.. It’s a good reminder about what a really nice place this forum is. Have a read of this and see What you think, it starts off ok but gets really toxic. Reminds me of my work place... If anyone has any other ideas for spray testers let me know, or alternatively Feel free to destroy me for asking http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/130412-plastic-spoons-for-testing-paint/
  8. Sounds like one of those things where you wonder why it wasn’t like that in the first place
  9. No worries, I only have a tablet, as it has a built in camera it’s just a case of taking a pic and hitting the plus button. I imagine it’s a bit more of a task if you have to do multiple devices.
  10. Brake cleaner is normally pretty good for carbon fibre If its general grime, though if the resin system has oxidised It’s not going to go back to clear, I think you’d have to surface grind it and re seal..
  11. Do you have a pic of this set up? I’d love to see how it works.
  12. I assembled the one in a re-re sand scorcher and did find myself wondering if the designer of the saver and the entire linkage was on some sort of acid trip at the time.. the whole thing is bonkers It’s a bit like thinking I’d get better control with my chainsaw if I dangle it with some fishing rod. Still, I bought it for the looks anyhow I’ll do some background reading on the Kimbrough ones mentioned, see what it’s all about. One things for sure, If and when I buy my next project (I’d love to get into crawling) I know I won’t buy anything without asking here for recommendations first! As always thank you for the support and feedback!
  13. Staying off topic.. including @Carmine A I've only built a few Re-Re's and have no driving experience or history of how fragile servo's used to be.. But reading your posts It strikes me that the consensus is that servo's can be as powerful as you like (within reason) and there's no need for a servo saver provided your travel isn't exceeding the mechanical range of the steering. Here's my take on it.. Having thrown together some builds I've never actually thought to measure servo angle required, nor do I remember seeing it stated on the instructions (though if I'm honest I don't read 'every' word in instruction books ) I checked my cheap servo (£7 4kg).. It only states voltage, force and speed on it, there's no mention of angle.. Also I've never measured these. once all together I turn the wheel and the wheels go to end stops and nothing breaks.. I've got a reasonable radio, but I've only used this to trim the centre position.. I don't even know if it's possible to vary the end points, but even if it is.. I have now more than one car and would be too lazy to set up the servo every time. So.. do you think the purpose of a servo saver is now less about saving the servo and more about making sure the servo doesn't break the linkage/chassis if you have more servo angle than required? So really we should be picking a servo saver that is slightly less stiff than the linkage? (you'd think the kit designer would have factored this into the saver supplied but that's designers for you) This leads me to another stray thought... I have a more powerful servo in my Avante, It has a quick reaction time. I'm only ever driving on flat very short dry grass. If I snatch the steering as quick as I can the car will roll, too much grip I assume and too aggressive a turn. So.. I can adjust my handling to not be as aggressive or back off the throttle (driver skill based control) or alternatively you could select a servo by reaction speed effectively lower power so that at your fastest turn at top speed the steering will only turn at the surfaces grip allowable limit..(and snatch the steering to my hearts content) I'm sure the high end transmitters must allow programmable reaction speed? at the other end of the spectrum is my 4kg servo monster beetle, which will not roll at high speed cornering on the same surface, so perhaps I should be increasing the servo power till it does roll (or just before) to get a sharper turn out of it.. I might buy a Carmine A rated 35kg servo, stick this in the beetle and test this out.. see if she rolls. I know most of you already have all the answers, but as I'm just starting this hobby it helps to air my thoughts out loud and suck up all the feed back you helpful guys throw back!
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