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  1. Looks a beauty and yes similar memories for me seeing the Rough Rider and Ford Ranger at New Brighton as a kid and longing to have one
  2. Certainly would be moffman and save on the responsibility of looking after the box of bits which if I'm honest is starting to trouble me!
  3. Hi svnb Unsure of it's value so I'd be looking for offers, what do you think?
  4. Can’t be many of these around mk1 1980 NIB Ranger all complete and unused
  5. Building a replica sounds a good idea, I’m now curious about future investment potential, could you direct me to where I may find the thread where I could find more information on this? thanks
  6. Yup certainly feels that was a sense of needing to preserve what to me as a child was a dream and always want to have I don’t suppose it will ever be a design sought after classic but worth it to me and a few others
  7. Look at this beauty, can’t be many of these still remaining Question is should I build it?
  8. Hi anyone know what the E3 part is for on a Blackfoot Thanks
  9. Hmm that depends on condition and price, always room for another shelf
  10. After clear glass for my F150 Ranger Currently has Bigfoot smoked which just isn’t becoming of the great classic Anyone have a clear glass set for sale?
  11. Hi just received awesome F150 ranger from eBay but missed a battery cover for the tranny anyone have spare they could help me with please?
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