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  1. ... And unpacked. At last I got a KBF. Need to get it ready for vacation.
  2. Universals and Ripped Tires for my Monster Racer. I do not not know if I was quite lucky getting them for a "street" price.
  3. Well. I liked the color of the BS wheels, the wheel style of the Egress, and the overall style of the Avante and I like Hop Ups. So I got my self the Avante BS and out came this ... An Avante inspired BS.
  4. Took my Cat XLS out for a spin ...
  5. Many thanks ! I will try that with my next order and resurrect the thread then.
  6. great! thanks! here you go with some measurements. I would like to use modern universals with pin mount for the wheel hub ...
  7. The splines on the shaft have stripped. If astute uses the same lengths (bones and wheel axles) than this article lists options. Which would be great.
  8. Hey, I managed to strip the universals, seems the wheel got a bit loose and so the wheelhub. . Are there any modern direct fit replacements out there ? will a CVD from a DT02 fit ? (Manta Ray, TopForce, ...) Many thanks
  9. on friday a big lot has arrived and I am so happy. A runner and a KC in parts supposed to be almost complete, NIB Body and lots of spares. Gonna build the KC in the winter ...
  10. thanks everyone !! and I am definitely going to search the chinese market. thanks for this satisfying task. What could be better than searching for new bits and pieces to advance your RC.
  11. I just like the look of may sand scorcher ....
  12. better taking a shot without. ( and I need new windows)
  13. and the result. (I was once driving on a windy day at the beach and got the windows sandblasted for that.)
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