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  1. dave.723

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    And one for my sons ... . You always have to be fair ... . But they already noticed that one inside looks much better. Hehe.
  2. Hi there, I got a couple of re re racers (2 and 4wd) and they are all equipped with silver cans. We run them in the backyard to have fun. The track, if you can call it like that. :-), is rather short with tight corners so the speed is ok and breakages are rare. I am currently working to find kinda similar gear ratio for all of them. So they are all even. But the next thing would be to compare them to a modern buggy. And that's what it is about. Can you run today's buggies with a silver can? I hope the question is not too awkward. :-) in terms of weight and gear ratio? Are modern cars heavier? Are the rpms of a silver can just too low? my cars are about 1250g +-100g. With motor and electronics w/o battery. My favorite so far would be a CAT L1 cause I just like the lookes. Or maybe an xray. What are your opinions? Is someone in the same boat? Lol. Many thanks Dave My "Racers": Egress, Avante, Scorpion, Optima Turbo, CAT XLS, RC10 classic.
  3. dave.723

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Well, I ordered a turbo and a cage let's find out. ­čśü
  4. dave.723

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Hi there, I was wondering if the javelin roll cage will fit? It is listed in the options parts on the kyosho site ... Thanks David
  5. dave.723

    Wild One at the beach

    Oh man. Those dunes. This buggy. In my point of view there is nothing more fun and forgiving than bashing through the dunes.
  6. I always liked the look of the BB. And now there is a roller for sale close to my place. Seems to be complete with the body painted with fresh unapplied decal set. He is asking for 1800 Euro. To me it sounds like a lot. Is this the price? It seems to be for sale quite a long time. Seems not so easy to find someone pay that money .... What are your opinions? Thanks Dave
  7. dave.723

    TA-02 SW wiggles / not going straight

    Yesterday night I had the time to go out and test the toe out setting. Went to an underground parking. And I have to say it is much better to drive. the back still wiggles a bit. But much better. Gonna do the ball end turnbuckles as soon as I make my next order ... Many Thanks David
  8. dave.723

    TA-02 SW wiggles / not going straight

    Thanks. There is no servosaver installed.
  9. dave.723

    TA-02 SW wiggles / not going straight

    thanks for your replies. My definition for wiggly: If I go straight the car drives in sort of a sinus curve. Left right left right. Sometimes it sheers out into one direction. I would say the tail and the front wiggles. So far I did toe out the front slightly but haven't had the time to test it. I am a bit astonished that the ball end links are not included in the kit since so many upgrades already are and those links really look so unworthy. Using those washers to reduce the play. On a 40 anniversary release. Anyway. I am biased getting an alignment tool yet. I am not a racer. I like those old cars they do not have to be perfect. But going straight - hey. I also have a DF-01 (Rally Lancer) which goes straight. Now let's see if that toe out helps ... David
  10. Hi Everyone, I have just finished my J├Ągermeister TA-02 SW and took it out for a test drive. The car is nice to drive and I like the pendulum effect when letting the gas of and going into a corner. BUT the car is not driving straight - it wiggles when you drive a straight line. At first glance I would say the upper arms on the suspension have to much play and should be replaced with ball ends rods ... But I do not know if that is really the cause. I hope some one could help me to fix this. Many thanks! David
  11. dave.723

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Brilliant. Or go lawn mowing at your parents....
  12. dave.723

    Top Force help and advice

    Hi there ! Nice thread as I am also in the prep of a TF build. I just missed a chance to get hi-caps. And I think there must be other options available out there. I read kyosho are making good shocks. I read about gold and velvet shocks but do not really know from what time they are or if they fit and where to get them. Would be interesting if someone knows more about shock options ... Thanks David
  13. dave.723

    Re-re-re Avante Black Special

    Nice. We want to see the wheels.
  14. dave.723

    Avante 2011 -Really love this car

    Very nice Car. Can't decide If I should get one. But I am under pressure the BS is comming. ****. Or the egress? ****. What is your wheel tire Combo you are running in the Pics. I think of you Change the wheel tire away from the original a Bit of the Magic gets Lost ... But I Like those ... Regards david