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  1. Blazing Blazer HiLux Monster Racer 959 Top Force Evo Astute
  2. and i forgot to mention that it is the nr. 208 kit.
  3. Hej Everyone, my monster racer is still slipping and the transmission will soon fall apart. Now I got this chance to get my hands on a A&L tranny. My question are ... will it really fit the monster racer as it actually says for astute ? (I am running universals) will it hold up ? and how long will it last to rebuild the ball diff ? and are spares available to do that ? I am thinking running it on a 3000KV BL or something like a GT tuned. Many thanks David
  4. Hej, I stumpled across this site while searching for spareparts. does anyone have infos about it ? ordered something there ? there are some prices; almost too good to be true. And the shipping costs are zero after a certain amount - internationally. but i guess it is too good to be true - rule here. https://www.coonyomarket.com/ Thanks David
  5. those are not avante they have been painted to fit the rear shocks. I think those are the stock ones. and it is a rere. with a technigold motor. interesting. :-)
  6. Always wanted a W1. So I hit it ... . Liked the color scheme. And runs on a technigold motor with Avante Rear shocks ... 😁
  7. Almost done. Self-made cage for my VS4-10.
  8. On my TXT-1 wheelbase is a bit short but still ok. Might rub in full flex on the back. But could be set higher.
  9. Some measurments. Wheelbase: ~270 mm Overall Length: 440 mm Front Width: 195 mm Rear Width: 205 mm Stickers are on the outside and removable. Body is painted in white and the bed in black; backed with black. The number plate wings are black painted and glued on the body. Everything else you see are stickers. There are no stickers with stickers on it.
  10. thanks for the hint with the pics. I have reuploaded them. Should work now. Give me a day or so and I will get dimensions. I will also try it onto my TXT-1 - thanks for the tip.
  11. I could not resist and ordered an MST MTX with the Hilux Body. Cause I like the body design so much. Maybe not everyone knows but the MST MTX TH body is a quite a bit larger than the Tamiya one and so it does not really fit. The body post holes are in different places an the tires will rub probably. If anyone wants detailed specs - let me know. I was in a hurry so the kids wont see our new friend. I guess I will store it in the box till x-mas and then decide ... :-) (nope haven't run it yet; and I ordered the 4WD kit and sway bars) dave
  12. Thanks Ann3x for the great work !! My Monster Racer diff starts slipping again. And I wonder if there has been an update/info on the driveshaft length or longer outdrives so we could use it on the monster racer too. Many thanks Dave
  13. ... And unpacked. At last I got a KBF. Need to get it ready for vacation.
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