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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Added to my future shopping list.
  2. I’d seen a couple of posts here and there showing them snapping occasionally. I’m just going to run it for now and see what happens. Come winter I’m going to strip and rebuild it, so may consider adding some adhesive then.
  3. Hi guys, looking for some help and if possible recommemdations for a brushless motor upgrade for my DT03 Neo Fighter. I want to stick with the stock Tamiya ESC (TBLE-02S). I have swapped the standard wheels and tyres for Blitzer wheels and Schumacher Vee2/Vee4 tyres front and rear and will be running a 17t steel pinion. I also already use lipo, I have a 2s Turnigy Nano-tech 6.0 hard case lipo (65-130c discharge), which incidentally fits snugly in the chassis if anyone needs something to fit theirs. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to motors and stuff , can anyone suggest a good motor on a modest budget? Was thinking something around the 13.5t mark, or what’s the equivalent in KV? Thanks in advance.
  4. Terrible pics sorry, I’m no photographer and only use my iPhone Here I’ve fitted the 3 racing driveshafts along with the Tamiya metal outdrives at the gearbox end and screwed it back together. Time will tell regarding their durability, but they’re certainly a lot more compact than the standard set up, giving a bit more clearance in the suspensions movement too.
  5. I’ll be honest I don’t know on the bridge pieces. I have read that the chassis can be a weak point, although I don’t intend to run mine particularly hard though. I think they will add a little strength and are an easy fit, for not a lot of money. I’ve added alloy front C hubs and uprights, again not so sure they help with anything other than a little strength and bling!! Motor wise, definitely brushless, but nothing too wild. I’m it fussed for blistering speed, plus with the big wheels and tyres, anything too tasty will lead to high motor temps and put more strain on the gears etc. Probably something 13.5t or there abouts and sticking with the 17t pinion.
  6. So...managed to get the rear end off to do the driveshafts and fit the alloy gearbox bridges.
  7. I think a brushless motor will be next on my list once I get this bout of modifications completed. Not sure what to go for though and whether to stick with the stock ESC or not
  8. I’m hoping motor temps don’t fair too badly. It’s more or less the same tyres ThunderDragonCy used on theirs, but my fronts are a different tread pattern. It has a Tamiya hop up motor, can’t remember if it’s sport or torque tuned version though , along with the stock 17t pinion. Runs the kit ESC and a 2s lipo.
  9. So, I finally have all the parts to carry out a few changes on my DT03 after taking much inspiration from @ThunderDragonCy‘s thread on his build. Nothing particularly fancy. Swapping out the from C hubs for alloy ones from Jazrider along with some GPM alloy Blitzer uprights to allow the use of Blitzer wheels all round. I also have an alloy servo mount to fit along with a Kimbrough servo saver to hopefully sharpen up the steering a little. I didn’t fancy the turnbuckle set hop up as I’m not too fussed for fine tuning the handling etc...yet anyway!! I’ll post more pics as I progress, but in the mean time...here’s it all set out on the operating...I mean kitchen table!!
  10. I really need to stop browsing eBay while work is quiet...only a few quid though.
  11. Looking good. I received some of the final pieces of the puzzle for mine at the weekend, so will hopefully have it on the operating table this week at some point. Ill post some pics in the build section, although it's more of a rebuild/revamp than an actual build itself. I hadn't bothered with the front or rear carbon shock towers, but keep looking at them wondering should I..Shouldn't I I bought the TRF201 (part number 54211) wing set to use on mine for something different. Going to leave them clear with some TRF decals sourced from eBay.
  12. Some front C hubs and the Blitzer uprights I’ve been waiting on for my DT03. Can finally look forward to some time at the kitchen table swapping all the parts I’ve amassed over!
  13. Hi @Seanster43, not sure about your pics posting the wrong way round as I'm pretty awful with stuff like that Good choice in model though. I have a DT03 also, but the Neo Fighter version which came with upgraded shocks and motor. I've currently been gathering parts for mine in order to change it a little after looking at @ThunderDragonCy's thread on here (well worth a read through!). There are a fair few parts interchangeable from other models depending on where you want to go with it. The gearbox is also identical to the earlier DT02 model. Happy building!
  14. Saturday morning delivery. Mix of eBay and Modelsport parts for my Neo Fighter.
  15. Hi again guys...back with another question!! So, some more parts have arrived for my planned DT03 refurb in the shape of some white Blitzer wheels along with some tyres and foams. Couldn’t resist chucking the tyres on the rims to see how they look, as you do. So the tyres are a bit of a fight to get on and once on, they are a very snug fit. The wheels also don’t have any air holes, so the tyres don’t really feel like they’d deform much under load. So...the question. Should I glue the tyres into the rims or not? If I use glue, do I go the whole hog and glue all the way around, or just spots at regular intervals? Once again, thanks in advance and thanks for looking!!
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