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  1. Do you think prices of vintage kits will continue to rise in the future, or when the current generation that grew up in the 80’s pass, there will be less interest in vintage Tamiya and prices will fall?
  2. If a rubber band comes with the vintage Hornet kit then that is what it must be, or left over from it. There is no other rubber bands to be found in the rest of the kit. This affected bag was inside the factory sealed parts box with the tape on the sides. I opened it as I plan to build the kit and wanted to make sure all the parts are there. I’m guessing there would be many sealed NIB parts boxes with the same issue and the owners would not know.
  3. This is very similar looking stuff inside a NIB vintage Fox body package I recently purchased as well. It is kind of a "crumble" of plastic or something. Anyone come across this thing before or know what it is? http://
  4. Definitely not the balloon. That's in another bag and in one piece.
  5. http:// http:// Hi. I bought a NIB vintage Hornet and one of the parts bags has this loose "stuff" all through it. I can't see any missing parts inside or anything deteriorated from what I can tell. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.
  6. Any tips on preserving the tires on our vintages? I have trialled some rubber conditioner called Gummi Pflege on some spare tires I had lying around. It looks great and gives the rubber moisture, but it leaves them permanently slippery. I'm not keen on making the tires slippery even though they will be only on the shelf. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  7. How long should I let each colour dry before overlapping with another colour?
  8. Ok thanks for that. So it’s either a slightly brighter blue, or a slightly darker silver. Which way to go. To minimise the effect I might even do 4 coats or more if there is paint left in the can. It’s only a small body.
  9. Hi. I'm painting up a new Fox polycarbonate body. I will start with the darkest colour, black for the roll bars. When I paint the next colour which will be dark blue and then silver for the roof section, will painting partially over the existing colour be noticeable on the outside at all? Will I still have my sharp edge lines of the colour underneath? If I paint the dark blue and then some silver over spray goes on a section of it, is there any issue there? Just want to make sure I don't stuff this up.
  10. Hi. That sounds reasonable. Is this a NIB?
  11. Hi. I’m looking to buy a Hornet. New in box or new built. Thanks.
  12. Hi. I’m looking to buy a Hotshot 2. New in box or new built. Thanks.
  13. Or just simply- is the vintage netting wire one strand or multiple (about 10) strands made to form 1? thanks.
  14. Can someone confirm if this is the correct enamel tie wire for the Super Shot netting and is identical wire to what came in the vintage kit? This wire has 3 strands twisted to form one strand. Each individual strand is made up of about 10 or more small strands. It’s not like normal tie wire that has one big strand. Is that how the vintage wire was? Thanks.
  15. I'm after a few vintage Tamiya 7.2V batteries with the red end caps for display purposes. They don't have to work but I want them new looking. Let me know what you have and we can work something out. Thanks.
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