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  1. If it’s price, someone make an offer. Worst that can happen is I say no or we come to an agreement. As I stated before, it’s just sitting in a box. I’d like to see it go to a collector, because I don’t have anywhere to display it.
  2. Maybe my asking price is too high? Someone make me an offer. It’s been sitting in a box for years and will continue to do so. Maybe it’s because I’m a new member? Here’s my feedback from another forum I’m on, although I haven’t been that active on it lately. Give me some feedback. Won’t hurt my feelings lol.
  3. Lightly used TRF414X for sale. Number 80/150. I’m the original owner and have the box, build manual, and Dave Jun set-up sheet. I have all of the optional set-up parts. Springs, one-ways, and blue aluminum set-up wheels. It has some slight scratches on the bottom of the lower carbon chassis that have been sealed with CA. $1000 or best reasonable offer. Cash or PayPal
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