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  1. Futura


    Bob is a legend, he liked a post of mine on Instagram, the wife didn't understand why I was running around like a lunatic!
  2. Futura


    Rare sight in the UK, my Haro Monocoque frame was built by Mountain cycle.
  3. Futura

    TA03F Recommission?

    I’d not really considered the spares problem with this, definitely something for me to think about. Appreciate your thoughts.👍
  4. Futura

    Help for an old newbie !

    That Citroen looks interesting.
  5. Futura

    M02L Beetle

    I'd completely forgot that I owned this, built during my cal look bug days.
  6. Futura

    TA03F Recommission?

    I dug this out recently, the chassis has been used with a different shell. Here is the body & chassis re-united after 20+years. Bog stock chassis complete with plastic bushes. Underside showing very little in the way of battle scars. I'm considering putting it into use, on the cheap! Bearings will be the first thing fitted and I have a spare TBLE-02S that could be used. It has an Acoms AS-12 servo fitted, will this do for a bit of car park bashing? Or bin & replace? Does anyone have an opinion on what motor to use, stick with the silver can or go hotter if these chassis can cope? Any opinions glady received. Ta.
  7. Futura

    Show us your TA03!

    I found the original shell for my TA03F today complete with 20 + years of dust! It's never been used as an Escort Cosworth shell sat on the chassis. A rare pic of a bog standard chassis, no ball bearings on this bad boy, still running on bushes.
  8. Futura

    F103 help

    Love the shell! I once spent an obscenely long time looking at the ex Senna MP4/8 at the Donnington Park motor museum, simple & stunningly beautiful imo.
  9. Futura

    Speedy's FGX EVO 2018 Build Thread

    Nice & simple, Sauber C12.
  10. Futura

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Some tyres for my Street/Sand Rover.
  11. I can see the pics, it looks like one of these?
  12. Futura

    Opinions please.

    I may have the £££ to buy a new kit in the near future. Having built various kits over the years I've decided on a DN-01 or XV-01 as possibilities. Having read a few build threads it seems they are more of a challenging kit to build and "nice" out of the box compared to my current TT-02B & DT-02. I know they are totally different formats but I'm wondering if anyone has both, or either and has any thoughts (good or bad) on them. When I do use my cars it's usually on rough dirt/gravel so I'm leaning towards the DN-01.
  13. It's stock apart from it now has a carbon end can, you can't re-pack the original so it was clogged. These have a 34 VHSB carb as standard, allegedly puts around 34HP at the crank, when it's working!
  14. I love a 2 stroke as well, my 1990 Aprilia AF1 125 Futura. High maintenance but very rewarding when it's on song.
  15. Wow, some of those prices! Hope someone can help you.