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  1. Unusually dry and calm day in the UK so managed a couple of coats of lacquer. 👍
  2. https://www.shopwilleatitself.com/ Get your credit card out!
  3. 😂 My kids don’t get it either! The good lady does let me display these.
  4. I finally managed to paint the base coats on my Sand scorcher, I need to tidy a few bits of overspray then lacquer.
  5. I’m a massive Designers Republic fan(TDR), mainly to do with my Pop will eat itself obsession, TDR did all of the PWEI artwork from the late 80’s to the present day. It shows my age when I get pleasure from reading record sleeves! Wipeout was just another thing I love about their work, I’ve even got a TDR swatch somewhere 😁.
  6. Car and workshop look uber clean, I'm jealous.
  7. The latest Volksworld has a couple of cracking Baja bugs in it.
  8. If you like the SD1. British car journalist, does lots on EV cars but loves a "barn find".
  9. These turned up yesterday. I’ve not had a chance to do anything with them, had this little fellow to build.
  10. I like the look of that colour scheme, have you done a build thread?
  11. Didn't some of those 250cc inline 4s have redlines near 20,000rpm?
  12. If you appreciate engineering, seeing the latest MotoGP bikes up close is something special. I own two bikes, only one is capable of cracking the ton/100mph, even then it needs the planets to align.
  13. Suzuki have got a selection of GP bikes on show from early Sheene bikes through to Joan Mir MotoGP bike, it's fantastic to see the evolution. Also got an RGV250 & RG500 road bikes showing off the heritage parts thing they're doing. Quieter crowds & a few less stands but still a good day. We walked around with our mythical budget, the latest Fireblade in the original colours was my pick.
  14. Went to motorbike show at the NEC Birmingham. It was a good day took the usual photos of GP bikes👍
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