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  1. It came from Amazon of all places. The listing said is was the last one, and at that price I was very sceptical it would actually arrive!
  2. I saw that, that's what is cool about this place, I'm always learning! Got some connectors, just waiting for a more powerful soldering iron.
  3. Some interesting info here. As an occasional user of my cars I've just stuck with Tamiya connectors for convenience really, but even I've noticed how loose & hot the connectors can get, quickly. I might give some of the XT60 ones a try
  4. Have you done a build thread on this? I really like the look of that!
  5. I've worked in factories & heavy industry all of my life, I'm probably oblivious to any sort of "colourful" language. Sometimes need to remember that not every sentence needs an expletive!
  6. After using various names on forums over the years, I settled on the model of my little Aprilia. How it looks now. How it will look when finished. And a picture which showed the previous name, taken from the back cover from a Pop Will Eat Itself single, artwork courtesy of The Designers Republic. I changed it as some people took offence.😕
  7. Finished my mini re-furb on this DT-02 Kumamon. As bought from TC member Taffer. A nice used car, stock bulid apart from bearings. I've added a mix of new parts ( cva shocks +pinion for bigger motor) & stuff I had spare (wheels/tyres, & a torque tuned motor). The body has had a good polish, I think it has scrubbed up well.
  8. Dampers & pinion for my DT-02 Kumamon refresh. Not much compared to some of your projects but something to tinker with over Christmas. 🎄
  9. It was an experiment because the body had already been stickered & used, so with nothing to lose I polished it first with Farecla G3 then finished with Autofinese triple. The triple polish is awesome stuff, gives remarkable results on full size cars for minimal effort, my kind of product! Most big Halfords stock it.
  10. I experimented polishing my recently acquired Sand Rover/Kumamon body, I'm quite impressed with how it turned out. It might be that the red responds well against the blue re re Holiday buggies I've seen.
  11. This little thing turned up. Cheers taffer.
  12. Is the Kumamon DT-02 still available?
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