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  1. I bought this earlier in the week, it's actually pretty good.
  2. Facebook can be a pain but as others have said use it with your rules and it's a useful platform. Instagram is the way forward for me, interesting hashtags to follow, people generally put up good photos and the comments are unobtrusive.
  3. "Man's best friend" is the term usually used by us Brits, so I guess "A dog is man's best friend" would read slightly better?
  4. I spent many happy hours at Wheels, it's all gone now, just like my local track Cocksmoors Woods. Where was the track by you, Wordsley?
  5. Today I built this, a 2020 S&M Steel Panther. A hand built USA made BMX frame I've ridden BMX since the early 80's and have a collection of bikes from then to present day. As nice as the old ones are they don't ride well when you're an adult carrying a few pounds, admittedly my days of big ballsy jumps are over but I wanted a nice bike that will probably see me out!
  6. My aim was for 3 runners, 4wd buggy, 2wd buggy & a 4wd touring car. I ended up with a TT02B, DN01 & TA03f. They buggies are cars I can run (crash) & not be to bothered about, the TA03 I'm not so sure about abusing it now so will probably look for something else. There are a couple of shelfers which I just like looking at but they have all run at some point.
  7. Best I could find was this, JC92300X92000 These people say they have it in stock, being an Aprilia owner I'm sceptical . https://www.apriliapartsonline.co.uk/aprilia/c.php?id=25763
  8. Now we're talking! Somewhere in our collection of well used scalextric cars is a lovely Arrows F1 car, SCX I think, managed to keep the kids away from it.
  9. Finished building my DN01 Zahhak, all working well (back garden shakedown). Managed to paint the body & wing, got this far with stickers then gave up before I had dragons stuck all over myself. I tried to take a photo outside, for once in the UK it's too sunny!
  10. After his passing, loads by Andrew Weatherall. It's no lie to say he had a big part to play in my teenage years.
  11. I feel your pain, this happened to me recently with an old can of smoke. I manged to clean it off with nail polish remover, it left a few areas cloudy but worked ok, there is some graffiti remover people have had good results with. Good luck!
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