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  1. Painted a neo scorcher body for my tt02b.
  2. I've painted some bits cherry red today,it's definitely pink!
  3. Went hunting in the loft for old cans of PS paint, found this. Can of PS6 still wrapped up. What do I class it as, NOS, SIC (still in cellophane)?
  4. Put some shocks from my TT02B into my trusty Aldi ultrasonic bath, I'm impressed!
  5. Hmmm... Some ridiculously cheap prices there, pictures are grabbed from ebay. I searched for Tamiya TRF 201 & one of the white wheels pictures is from Tonys Tamiya ebay shop, others have the sellers watermark on them! Interesting stuff.
  6. I like this! The days of the 2wd kit cars giving the big boys a scare on tarmac rallies were great.
  7. That's a cool looking track set up, looks like you both had fun!
  8. Bearings & motor fitted, along with spare esc and radio gear. I'm interested to see how it behaves, the tyres are not cracked but they are rock hard. I shouldn't read too much into it as it's not really been run much, and not totally comparable, but it has a lot less slop in the steering /suspension than my tt02b. Enjoyed just messing about with it, so that's all that matters.
  9. Perhaps you could do it in the Jordan Buzzin Hornets style in the future?
  10. There is footage of Lewis driving RC cars, on Blue Peter I think(UK television show for kids). I think driving a turbo-hybrid F1 car might say otherwise! But I see where you are coming from RC wise. the only one I've seen was of the Racing Point drivers, I was not surprised by Lance Strolls driving...
  11. Spent an hour this afternoon fitting a bearing set and sport tuned motor. I’ve gone to a 20t pinion as per the kit instructions for sport tuned, kit standard was 14t. The tensioner has been backed right off, cheers WillyChang. I’m now looking for pics of this type of chassis for ideas where to place the electrics. Check out these wonderful bushes, now in the bin!
  12. Some stuff for my box kit standard TA03F.
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