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  1. Fantastic information too thank you mokei
  2. That is insane ! I love the way that it doesn’t actually look right , I am fond of the ugly stuff 👍
  3. Has anyone seen the Indiana in the flesh? It looks awesome
  4. I can’t believe how good the yellow is! Really works in my opinion with the di , I’m waiting on a call from lhs to say when mine is in very excited , been thinking of red with hot shot decals?? What you guys think
  5. How’s the progress slyda, she running yet send some pics if so and how’s the gt running in it?
  6. Waiting on impact to arrive from lhs was going to be styled as a red hot shot but starting to think silver with egress decals ?? Any thoughts be appreciated
  7. Hey all while waiting for the impact to arrive from lhs been wondering how a silver impact would look with egress decals????any opinions? Also just arrived egress rims to go on optima mid custom project , very excited, cheers
  8. Gday mark, looks amazing! Just finished a hotshot in jps Ayrton senna style and turned out good, good fun mixing it up, are the impacts great to run?
  9. Oh yes I’m convinced! 👍thanks vodka , looks insane!!!
  10. Thanks heaps thunder, I’ve used mci for all my repro stuff and been super stoked with everything thanks again mate rgds dan
  11. Cheers mokei I will have a go and post some shots , I’ve just finished a hotshot in honor of Ayrton sennas which looks pretty cool
  12. Hey guys just wondering on opinions of a dark impact as a hotshot?? Always wanted to build an impact but styled with hotshot decals and red body of course, is this a mistake or do you think it could work? Any help/ advise appreciated, cheers
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