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  1. S-PCS you can't use two sport tuned motors (at least the tamiya ones). In the super clod the motors run in opposite directions so for it to operate properly they have to run at the same speed in both directions and they do not. Your only options are modifiable motors or zero timed ones. Here is a link for a equally good replacement: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/etronix-sport-tuned-modified-brushed-motor-27t/rc-car-products/366354
  2. You are so lucky! My super clod has been such a pain so far because it is nearly constantly faulty as I am running it on a brushless and 3s lipo setup which is kinda overkill. One blown esc and mangled gear later it seems okay though
  3. Blew my dual esc in my clodbuster when a grub screw got caught in the transmission. It started smoking but luckily all other components okay
  4. Any advice on stability mods for the clod? (To stop it pulling itself over and losing traction with the surface it's driving on)
  5. Christmas clod built Happy New year all!
  6. Ashicar


    Here are my ideas: Female tamiya to male deans adapter Overlander 60 watt car mini lipo charger Overlander lipo safe sack Overlander low profile 4500 mAH 3s lipo Please find the faults here with connectivity to my 860 esc! Thanks, Ashicar
  7. Ashicar


    @Juggular Couldn't I just use an adapter like this one: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=39232&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6JjgBRDbARIsANfu58HLriLXR-2wAss3IYcNeFHPcLaj_s1lo3K4wGHoLqTy3ZPm4mbu-MkaAqOJEALw_wcB Thanks, Ashicar
  8. Ashicar


    Which lipo do you use?
  9. Ashicar


    I am running two sport tuned etroniks 27 turn modifiable motors. Which lipo should I go for? 2,3 or 4s?
  10. Ashicar


    Apart from the wattage is there any difference between this charger and yours? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=425241 Just looking to save some money
  11. I am running a Super clod with a 860 dual brushed esc but wish to upgrade to a lipo. Any tips on what I will need? I am currently using tamiya connectors . I am particularly worried about the connectors and do not have a battery or lipo charger. Thanks, Ashicar
  12. Where do you buy your ocday ones from? Will they work with my setup?
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