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  1. Tower has the Top Force Evo for pre-order now at $399. With a coupon it's close to $300 with free shipping.
  2. What are the options to replace the Fighting Buggy rear axle shafts with something different? I used the thread locker on the little allen set screws that go into the universal joints, but they still keep getting loose and then the axle falls out. I remember this happening on my Super Champ back in the 80's and I always ended up stripping the allen screws trying to get them tighter... I bought these axle shafts that are a different design thinking they might work better, but they don't seem to fit with the lower control arms that come on the Fighting Buggy. Ideas?
  3. Changed the shocks on my Wild One and thought I would share the parts used since I had a hard time finding much online. Used the Gmade XD 75mm with the medium spring on the rear. http://www.gmade.net/xd-diaphragm-shock-75mm-2/ The bottom eyelet on the shock had to be reshaped just a bit with file to not bind on the lower control arm, but that wasn't much work. And the Gmade RSD 80mm on the front. http://www.gmade.net/rsd-shock-absorber-80mm/ The front was too stiff even with the softest Gmade springs so I ordered a set of springs from rc4wd and used the softest pair in the kit. https://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-90mm-Rock-Krawler-Shock-Spring-Assortment_p_4232.html 30wt oil with the middle valve in everything to start with and so far it feels fine.
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